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TypeNameApplication Site
KVVCopper conductor PVC insulated & sheathed control cablePermanent installation indoors,in cable ditches or pipes
KVVPCopper conductor PVC insulated & sheathed copper wire braiding screened control cablePermanent installation indoors,in cable ditches or pipes where shielding is required
KVVP2Copper conductor PVC insulated & sheathed,control cable with copperl tape shieldPermanent installation indoors,in cable ditches or pipes where shielding is required
KVV22Copper conductor, PVC insulated & sheathed,control cable with steel tape armmouredPermanent installation indoors,in cable ditches ,pipes or underground be able to bear stronger outer mechanical force
KVVRCopper conductor, PVC insulated and sheathed flexible control cableIinstallation indoors where flexibility and movability are required
KVVRPCopper conductor, PVC insulated & sheathed, braiding screened flexible control cableIinstallation indoors where flexibility shielding and movability are required
ZR-KVVCopper conductor PVC insulated & sheathed,flame retardant control cableFor laying indoors, in trenched, in ducts and for fixed installation, the cable should be flame retardant
ZR-KVVP2Copper conductor PVC insulated & sheathed flame retardant control cable with steel tape shieldFor laying indoors, in trenched, in ducts and for fixed installation, the cable should be flameretardant
ZR-KVV2Copper conductor PVC insulated & sheathed  flame retardant control cable with steel tape armourFor laying indoors, in trenched, in ducts and underground, the cable should  be flame  retardant and able to bear beavier external mechanical force, and for fixed installation
ZR-KVVRCopper conductor PVC insulated & sheathed flame retardant flexible control cableFor laying indoors, and the cable should be flame retardant flexible and movable

The control cable are suitable for the wiring of electrical controlling equipments and instrument,monitoring and controlling return circuit,electrical protection and measurement in power distribution unit under the circumstance that the rated voltage is up to 450/750V AC.


The products can be produced according to the standard GB9330-1998,and the factory can also manufacture the cables in accordance with other standards.

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Q:Amp power cable vs. ground cable?
Typically, the only difference between a power cable and a ground cable is the color. If you have leftover power cable, go ahead and use it.
Q:Installing Power Supply for Computer, Cables questions?
It okorder.com/
Q:3 (WDZBN-YJV-4x240 + 1x120) cable how to interpret
Should be such a model it WDZB-YJV0.6 / 1kV4x240 + 1x120 power cable halogen-free low smoke flame retardant B grade refractory cross-linked polyethylene insulation - polyethylene jacket 0.6 / 1kV power cable, 4 core 240mm + 1 core 120mm copper Core cable.
Q:How to connect power cables back to the motherboard?
If your talking about the power cables from the power supply to the motherboard those are fairly straight forward. It is a 20 or, 24 pin connector. Usually along the edge opposite the external connections for the motherboard. Although, the placement really depends on the manufacturer and, could even be near the middle of the board. They are keyed and, you can not plug them in incorrectly. As long as you don't force them into the slot. If your speaking of the wires from the case to the motherboard that is a little more difficult. P3 and, P4 motherboards usually have a keyed connection that simply plugs in. Other boards have markings on each of the wires corresponding with it's connection. The one thing that is the same for every board is that the two black wires must be side by side. If you've never done it before you should have labeled each wire and, made a diagram of their placement. Your best hope short of taking your computer to the local shop is to try and, find diagrams for both your motherboard and, the case.
Q:acer aspire 5520g flashing lights, goes to battery power when power cable is plugged in?
How old is the laptop? Send it back now!!! Get yer money back! I've had an Acer laptop and my mate has two! All of them very, very problematic! Acers look not bad on paper (specs etc) but they are nothing but garbage! I HATE ACER!!!!! They shouldn't be allowed to sell the crap that they do!!!!
Q:I just bought a 47inch LCD 1080p flat panel T.V. I bought nothing extra for it what else do i need?
cable or direct TV you need a new converter box. I have cable and it is $5 a month more. Lady at work has Direct TV adn the box is $100 a year more. It has many more cable connections to the back to the Tv and does improve the quality and picture. Power strip option. You can but I do not..... Good luck.
Q:Can I use a power extension cable overseas?
Using your 220 extension cords and outlet strips on a lower voltage will not damage them or your devices, which of course will be receiving whatever voltage your cord is plugged into. You will need a transformer if any of your item(s) won't work at 100 volts. The same is not true for for running surge protected outlet strips intended for use at 120 volts in countries where the mains voltage is higher. Don
Q:Where can I find a 8-pin male to 8-pin male power cable?
confident, this is going to artwork merely fantastic, do exactly no longer assume a sturdy overclock with merely 4 pins as adversarial to eight. additionally determine you plug the 4 pin into holes a million,2,3 and four and not 5,6,7 and eight or there'll be issues lol
Q:If i buy a Ipod Touch in the USA or Indonesia can I use a power cable from Australia with it?
Quality okorder.com/
Q:My Acer laptop shuts down when I moved the power cable?
sensitive power supply connection i guess

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