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Description:PVC coated wire is produce by quality galvanized iron wire or black wire. PVC is the most popular plastic for coating wires, as it is relatively low in cost, resilient, fire retardant and possesses good insulating properties. PVC coated wire is not stick the pvc cloth on the wire,so there is some spaces between the pvc cloth and the wire.It is different from PVC glued wire.

Wire Materials: Black iron wire and galvanized iron wire.

Colors: dark green, black, white, blue, green and other colors. Different colors are available


Application:Mesh weaving(chain-link fence,gabion mesh),garden binding,and decorating,etc


Packing:5kg to 800kg coil packing,or according to customers' requirement.

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Q:Crossing dryer plug wires?
Red to black and black to red will make no difference to the dryer. The ground connection and the neutral connection must be in their correct positions. I suspect that you have another problem than the wire colors. Possibly a loose connection in the receptacle or in the terminal in the dryer. Call an appliance repair service, you may need some parts or a new unit.
Voice coil is another word for speaker.
Q:High voltage with small wire?
Assuming the wires aren't linked, and assuming the voltages are with appreciate to floor. There's no difference between the wires, or as a minimum there need not be any variations. What makes you factor there may be. Voltage is only a knowledge utilized to the wire, through batteries for example. When you have a 1.5 volt battery and a ninety volt battery (that you would be able to purchase these, but steeply-priced) both with the bad tied to floor. Now take 2 small pieces of copper wire, about an inch long. Lay each one on the constructive terminal of one of the crucial batteries. That meets your stipulations. Nothing happens to the wires.
Q:audi a4 amp wiring?
run okorder.com/
Q:Cigarette lighter wiring '93 ford escort?
i have a 1989 ford escort the wiring for all is the same red is hot black is ground maybe with a white stripe
Q:Wiring a bathroom fan help?
Red and black are both hot, white is neutral. Use black for fan and red for light or vice versa, depending on which switch you want to operate each one. Added - Have to hook up the white neutral wire to both the fan and the light, this creates the electrical circuit needed. You can attach all the white wires together with a wire nut.
Q:wiring for 1986 Monte Carlo radio?
I need wiring diagram for map sensor on 96 montecarlo
Q:3 wire switch and 2 wire motor?
a 3 phase motor has 3 windings whose centers are separated by 120° mechanically. The phases in a 3-phase system are separated by 120° electrically. The sum of the magnetic fields produced by these currents has a constant magnitude, and rotates the direction determined by connection of the phase wires. Arbitrarily giving ABC as one direction of rotation, then BAC = ACB = CBA reverses the rotation of the field in the motor, reversing its rotation.
Q:Speaker Wire Recommendation?
Silver is used in a number of video cables including those made by Monster Cable, but the cost increases greatly with these higher quality cables. To cite and example, a 4ft piece of Monster Cable with silver coated copper conductors runs $150.
Q:stove wiring?
dont even attempt to wire it up. call an appliance service and they can test the wires for current and properly wire it up.

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