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Description:PVC coated wire is produce by quality galvanized iron wire or black wire. PVC is the most popular plastic for coating wires, as it is relatively low in cost, resilient, fire retardant and possesses good insulating properties. PVC coated wire is not stick the pvc cloth on the wire,so there is some spaces between the pvc cloth and the wire.It is different from PVC glued wire.

Wire Materials: Black iron wire and galvanized iron wire.

Colors: dark green, black, white, blue, green and other colors. Different colors are available


Application:Mesh weaving(chain-link fence,gabion mesh),garden binding,and decorating,etc


Packing:5kg to 800kg coil packing,or according to customers' requirement.

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Q:pocket bike wire help?
If there enough wire left on each side of the cut, say 1, then you could bear about 1/4 of the wire on each side and solder the wires back together making sure you are soldering the same wires together and wrap each soldered connection in electrical tape so they are not able to touch each other. Then a final wrap of tape around them both. If you are not up to soldering you could go to an auto parts shop and get a crimp connector to do the job, again bearing of wire is needed to get a contact through the cut area. If the cut is closer to the switch then there is no option but to replace the switch.....
Q:antenna wire/copper wire question?
Since high frequency electromagnetic waves travel at or near the surface of the wire, then the wire has no need to be solid copper, as there won't be any current flowing through the center anyway. Thus most antennas are hollow (to reduce weight). As the first responder said, sometimes antenna wire is formed from copper wire strands wrapped around a steel core. Steel is a relatively poor conductor, but since most or all of the current flows through the outside, this doesn't matter. The steel center provides strength, as steel is stronger than copper, and it is usually less expensive. But you can just use pure copper wire also; it shouldn't matter for most applications. If using a two conductor wire -- one ground and one for the signal in the same cable -- then keep in mind that a twisted pair is more resistant to outside noise:
Q:Rj-45 connector wiring?
You should terminaqte all 8 wires even when running at 100M 10M speeds are ok using just the 4, but at 100M, while the unused pairs do not carry a signal, they do help with attenuation.
Q:uses of chicken wire mesh?
Perhaps to make a chicken Coop
Q:i want litz wire?
www.okorder.com/ I am pretty sure you can get it here
Q:Where I can get paperclip wire.?
Paperclip okorder.com
Q:Magnet Wire, Bare Copper Wire, Or Enamel Copper Coated Wire?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Magnet Wire, Bare Copper Wire, Or Enamel Copper Coated Wire? Okay, magnet wire is coated with some red fancy insulation. Is that just an enamel? If so, enamel coated copper wire magnet wire would be the same thing. I want to build a loudspeaker. This what I need? Are the coils used in loudspeakers the same ones used in inductor...
Q:trailer wiring what the 7 wires for?
Don't know where the hell you got a SIX wire plug from? Standard plugs are usually 5 or 7 pin. However, to answer your question, providing that you use the same color codes as we do, yellow is for the left turn signal, green the right. White is the earth, red for brake lights, brown for tail lights, and black for reversing lights (if fitted). That leaves the blue one as a spare which can be used to power an interior/ exterior work light on the trailer. In Australia and NZ we only have the 5 or 7 pin plugs. They are made by either HELLA or NARVA and each companies male/female plugs are compatible with each other. Google either company and see what is available. Hope this helps. P.S. For the cost of a return airfare and cigarettes, I am willing to come over and wire your truck and trailer for you AND I'll bring a set of plugs for free.
Q:american wireing on power tools two wires rated 112 volts one white wire one black wire?
Henry is correct. The other answers are wrong.
Q:1999dodge stratus stereo wires?
its usually pretty easy if you look online just goodle it red is usually constant power yellow is usually switched power black is usually ground blue is usually for the rem wire the rest are speaker wires or are not used good luck

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