PTFE woven aramid fiber packing

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PTFE woven aramid fiber packing

  • NamePTFE woven aramid fiber packing


  • Published2014-05-07 09:24:10

Detailed description

PTFE woven aramid fiber packing

PTFE as the main material. Has excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, sealing, lubrication is not high viscosity and good aging endurance. Long-term work at a temperature of -180 ℃ to +250 ℃, in addition to the molten metal and liquid sodium  fluoride,  the ability of all  other  chemicals, boiling water is not from the king of change. The following are not allowed pollution is mainly used for environmental sanitary conditions, corrosive and other demanding, high-speed lines, easy to wear and other conditions.

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Q:How to choose the gasket in the gear box?
Rubber based materials such as asbestos rubber mats can be selected, and sealant can be applied directly on the joint surface. This method is widely used in automobile transmission assembly
Q:What about the non asbestos gasket in Chinese market?
ASBESTOS FREE GASKET or NON ASBESTOS GASKET generally refers to 100% asbestos free gaskets in European and American countries. It should be said to Chinese can say "no asbestos gasket" or "non asbestos gasket", but in the China market some companies will contain a certain amount of asbestos gasket (5-20%) is called the non asbestos gasket, non asbestos gasket and 100% for non asbestos gasket.
Q:What is the function of the washer between the end cap and the case?
Buffer, the amount of thermal deformation reserved.
Q:Does the ASME B16.5 RF flange require a gasket?
Sealing gaskets need to be added to avoid leaks and other accidents!
Q:Does the diesel engine manufacturer seal the gasket in the gasket?
Rubber gasket usually add butter, paper gasket is generally not encrypted sealing glue, mainly to see the required sealing parts! High and low temperature working environment!
Q:Is there any difference between the inlet hose gasket and the gas?
There are still differences, water washers should consider health, excluding harmful substances; gas depends on what kind of gas gasket should be used oil resistant rubber.
Q:How to choose the gasket when installing the pressure gauge?
Measurement of oxygen pressure, can not use oil gasket gasket or organic compounds; measurement of acetylene pressure, do not use copper gasket. Because they all have the risk of explosion.
Q:What kind of gasket does flange have? What standard does it have?
Flange gasket categories include: asbestos rubber pad, metal pad, PTFE pad, rubber pad, metal winding pad and other varieties.Gasket standards include:JB/T87-94 mechanical department standardsJB/T88-94 mechanical department standardsJB/T89-94 mechanical department standardsGB2502-89 Marine StandardsHG20606-97 European standards for chemical industryA flange gasket is a product of two flanges that are placed between the two flanges and then bolted to the flange so that the flange does not leak.
Q:Imported washer, gasket, inch, JB982 combination washer, rubber gasket
Silicone rubber gasket is referred to as WMQ, silicone rubber has excellent resistance to high temperature performance, keep good elasticity in the temperature range of -70 DEG +260 DEG C, and has the advantages of ozone resistance, weather resistant, suitable for the thermal mechanical seal gasket.
Q:Gaskets / seals, where are those / manufacturers available?
Luohe days long seals Co., Ltd. produces all types of seals, the main products are:1 、 dustproof sealing ring: (single lip dustproof ring: FA and J super thin sealing ring, lips mouth dustproof ring: DHS, DKB, EU pneumatic dustproof ring)

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