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Powered by doosan,diesel generator power range 50-680kw 

ModelPOWER(KW)Engine ModelEngine Power
FKS-D5550 55 DB5854/59
FKS-D7064 70 D114677/85
FKS-D10092 100 D1146T108/117
FKS-D145132 145 P086TI-1149/164
FKS-D175160 175 P086TI177/199
FKS-D240220 240 P126TI241/272
FKS-D265240 265 P126TI-11265/294
FKS-D330300 330 P158LE-1327/362
FKS-D370320 370 P158LE363/414
FKS-D400360 400 DP158LC408/449
FKS-D460420 460 DP158LD464/510
FKS-D505460 505 P222LE-1512/553
FKS-D503456 503 DP188LA502/552
FKS-D525480 525 P222LE532/574
FKS-D550510 550 P222LE-S552/603
FKS-D559507 559 DP180LB556/612
FKS-D608550 608 DP222LB604/664
FKS-D664600 665 DP222LC657/723
FKS-D680620 680 DP222LA670/737

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Q:Why did the Japanese build Fukushima Nuclear Power Station right on Seaboard and with flawed Tsunami Protectio?
They know there would be tsunamis around the area, but they never expected the tsunamis of that magnitude. After the incident, the geographers dig the land and found there were tsunamis of that size about 700 years ago. It is difficult for ppl to predict the natural disasters that come in 700-year interval. They prepared for the earthquakes and tsunamis of the grade of every 70~300-year interval, but obviously, it wasn't enough for the preparation. Therefore, the gov. is asked the geographers to check the ground to find any sign of past disasters and to reassess the security measures. Obviously, the scientists have better methods to research the land compared to 30-40 years ago, so if any problem was found, the gov. says they would close up the power plants.
Q:If diesel engine generator stopped for long time, what the maintenance it needs?
First make sure the fuel is fresh periodically. Old fuel deteriorates makes it hard it start and run. Second check the oil see if it is clean, check the oil filter too. Third check the fuel filter, change once a year if not used because of bad / old fuel. Forth Check the out put of the engine / voltage / oil pressure / amperage / operating temperature / current fuses / transfer switches are working properly. Listen and make sure the engine is running smooth, no misses. Should be good to go then.
Q:how loud is a 5kw diesel generator?
not less than 50dbrunning up to 80db.very rough figures. If you have the money to spend they can be pretty quiet these days. And you can silence them more, even bury them if you do it right.
Q:Why don't more SUVs and Trucks have electric motors?
For most part, it has to do with reliability. A train runs on a set track, so no ups and downs and bumps and whatnot. Nothing under the tracks that'll come up and snag the bottom, that sort of thing. A truck on the other hand, do drive over things, and the wheels go up and down bazillion times, and all that. A truck's wheel hubs are designed to be as simple and robust as possible for maximum reliability. Adding a motor to the hub would decrease its ground clearance, decrease reliability, and if one of the motors fail the vehicle can't really run on the rest (assuming all wheels are powered) as it produces asymmetrical thrust. So you have to disconnect the matching one on the other side. The designers basically judged that currently, the technology cannot compensate enough for the advantages to outweigh the disadvantages. A while back, Ford was considering a system called gas-operated launch assist. Basically, it operates similar to the way a hybrid stores electricity generated from braking, and releases it back for acceleration. However, instead of doing battery/motor/generator, it uses a compressible gas as the energy storage medium. While driving and braking, gas is compressed into the the cylinder. When the start starts moving again, the gas is allowed to expand, adding a bit of oomph to the launch. Apparently, that idea didn't go anywhere, but it was interesting. And Dodge actually built a special hybrid Durango that only had the gas engine drive one set of wheels, and electricity drive the other set of wheels. It is much easier and cheaper to make than a regular hybrid, but apparently the traction control is giving them problems to coordinate between the two drivetrain systems. --- Kasey C, PC guru since Apple II days Borg Burgers: Have it our way. Yours is irrelevant.
Q:What are the legalities in Western Australia to feed fuel to a generator (diesel) from the vehicle fuel tank?
its depend upon the sector u going to invest
Q:How much can i get for this generator?
It would depend on who needs it. Check with any Rental places in your area that may have one. They may also be interested in buying it.
Q:Does anyone know about SDMO power generators?
I looked online and this company makes everything from small gas driven to large diesel driven. You say the code is for water in the fuel and if it's diesel water would ruin the injectors so it very well could not allow it to start for that reason. At a minion you need to tell us a little more. Did it shut its self down for the over heat or did it size and shut down? that is a good point to start with.
Q:What is the minimum and maximum load(%) for a diesel power generator interm of its capacity.?
For most generators there is no minimum load, as it can even be zero loaded. For the maximum load you will need to look at the manufacturers specifications. Do you have the make and model of the generator?
Q:Home Generator Trouble!!?
Either way you need to figure in the cost of the switchgear used to change over from utility power and backup power. Its best to get one unit to do the whole job.
Q:Why not go with clean diesel fuel? It is the most viable available solution right now.?
I'm not going to comment about hydrogen fuel cells, except to say that I think they'll be out of reach (unless and until they solve the platinum problem) but I've owned both a 2003 honda civic hybrid and a 2006 peugeot diesel (1.6 Litre HDi -- not sold in the USA). The diesel got 60 mpg. The hybrid started out at 55 and dropped to 46, even with careful driving. For hilly areas, hybrids are good on the downhill, annoying on the uphill. Diesels on the other hand, are very zippy. Until recently I thought that diesel was go, and that the only problem was that US wasn't mandating for the use of ultra low-sulphur the way that Europe is (see the wikipedia article below) But then I found the Union of Concerned Scientists report, which contains the following information Diesel vehicles can help a car travel 30 to more than 40 percent farther on a gallon of diesel fuel. However, this advantage is only partly due to the higher efficiency of diesel engines, which offer a 15 to 25 percent improvement over gasoline. The remaining increase is due to the fact that diesel fuel contains 13 percent more energy than a gallon of gasoline. so, unless we mandate that ALL new cars be super efficient (whether hybrid-gasoline, hybrid-diesel, plug-in electric, or veggie oil) , the cost factors are going to be very high. I think that, if the priority for ALL new car manufacturers was efficiency, then the economy of scale rule would mean that the retooling costs would be lower, and we could afford to have more highly processed fuel, or different types of engines. Lots to think about!

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