Printed Bamboo Carpet for Table , Chair and Bedroom

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Product Description:

Natural Hand Woven  Bamboo Carpet / Rug

Specification of Bamboo Carpet/Rug

1) 17 mm of the bamboo stick

2) material: 100% natural bamboo

3) border material:cotton

4) the width of the border: 4 CM

5) backside material: anti-slip material

6) size: 50 x 80cm , 100cm x 150cm  , 140 cm x 200cm , 160cm x230cm or other customed size

8) package: Poly-bag inside, carton or bag outside

9) payment:T/T or L/C

10)delivery: 20 days after we receive your order

11) MOQ:500 sqare metres

Description of Bamboo Carpet/Rug

This carpet is made of raw bamboo which is natual and healthy ,.It is made in good quality and well desiged. there arewe differnt size and color for you to choose, this product  is made by lacing together thin slice of bamboo  with durable nylon, cotton and tabric,these curtains add a rustic sence of nature into any room.

Pictures of Bamboo Carpet/Rug

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Q:spilled milk on my carpet ,milk went sour,?
Milk is an acid, and an alkaline material such as baking soda will neutralize the odor. Cover the stained area with baking soda, sprinkle with water, and leave the mixture there for a few hours or overnight, then sweep up the loose baking soda and vacuum up the rest.
Q:Why do I keep vacuuming up MY CARPET?!?!?!?
it sounds like the carpet has lots of loose fibres or u have been sold a bad patch of carpet. go ask the person who sold it to u tell them your problem or u might end up with a bald carpet with all the vacuuming Hope that's helpful
Q:How do you get dust out of a rug?
Washing rugs can trap the dust into the fibers. What you need to do is find a way to release the dust. There are several types of rug chemical cleaners that can do that, which you can find at Home Depot. You should also hang your rug outside and whack it several times with a stick to remove any dust trapped in the pad, but make sure to stand so you don't end up covered with dust.Then get a vacuum with a strong suction capability and run it over it several times.
Q:Black light carpet spots?
Q:how can i clean my shaggy pile rug?
You need to find a shag rake. This is what they used in the 60's when shag rugs first came out. Try a google search maybe they still make them
Q:Can pergo (laminate) flooring be placed over carpet?
Even with VERY thin carpet under Pergo, you won't be happy, the floor will feel very unstable and squishy when you walk on it, the boards will click and crackle, and you will void the warranty on the Pergo. I know it is trouble, especially if the old carpet is glued down, but do not do it. If you REALLY can't get the carpet up, you will have to put down another plywood sub-floor over the carpet, and then install the Pergo on that. Good Luck.
Q:How do I clean my car carpets?
try some washing powder- but don't use too much warm water- then lots of clean damp rags and lots of gentle elbow grease- you will see the muck come off
Q:My puppy ate part of my carpet?
Nothing in the carpet should be harmful to him, but the carpet being in him could potentially be harmful. Depending on how much and how big of chunks he ate, it could cause a gastrointestinal blockage. Additionally, if the carpet is stiff with any sharp edges (like on the bottom) it could potentially perforate internal organs as it digests. He may pass it on his own, but keep an eye on him. If he displays any sensitivity to touch to his belly, vomiting, unwillingness to eat or constipation, take him to the vet. I would also monitor his stool closely. First, make sure he's going regularly. Second, check the stool for fibers or pieces of the carpet to see if it's passed.
Q:should i put my bearded dragon on sand or cage carpet?
Sand is hard to keep clean as it holds in bacteria and serves as a breeding ground for bacteria. It is also a common cause of intestinal impaction. I use non--adhesive shelf liner. It's cheap, looks great (lots of colors and patterns), easy to clean.
Q:Rust stains on blue carpet?
Anyplace that sells carpet cleaning chemicals will sell rust remover for carpets. Its usually hydroflouric acid. Very simple to use.

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