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1 Material : 100% polyester
2 Pile height:3-5mm
3 Pile Weight:1600-2400/sq.mt
4 Good price and quality, best service

Detailed description:

Material: 100% polyester with grey/white back or cotton washable

  1. Pile height:3-5mm

  2. Pile Weight:1600-2400/sq.mt

  3. Back: White-grey back with latex adhensive .

  4. Any Design: Modern design, children design, traditional design, Persian design,etc. Can make according to customer’s artwork and colors. Colors better control within 6 colors per design.

  5. Size and shape: Max size is 70x140CM, can make size as per client’s requirement.  Shapes are rectangle, square, shape size, etc. Our standard sizes are: 40*60cm, 50*80cm, 60x90cm, 70x140cm.  1.75’X2.75’, 1.83’X2.83’, 2’X3’, 5’X8’, 8’X10’

  6. Lead time: about 30-45days which depend on the order quantity.

  7. MOQ: 500SQ.MT per order.

  8. Feature: cheap, soft and affordable.

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Q:What is difference in sizes of area and accent rugs ?
They come in all sizes, but as a general rule an area rug covers the center of the room usually just up to where the furniture sits around the sides.
Q:I need tips before installing carpet?
I don't know much, but I would install some sort of padding under the carpet - the floor people should do it with the installation of the carpet (if you purchase it from them). The company you purchase the carpet from should also know this. Good luck! PS - get a thickness of padding that goes with your carpet - plush carpet may need less padding. One thing things to consider - Is there enough height under my door to fit carpet and padding? (Or will I have to cut the door down?) Also, if you don't have a thin and hard carpet, then you will have to get a plastic-floor thing to roll your chair on (if you have a rolling char).
Q:How to make a throw rug?
Area rugs do much more than simply cover your floors. They offer both comfort and style, and with the right positioning, can alter the entire appearance of a room. Standard rectangular rugs provide both utility and elegance while circular and octagonal rugs add a unique look. There are a wide range of sizes and styles available in a variety of colors and patterns, so you're sure to find one perfectly suited to any room or living space in your home. Area rugs can be constructed from a number of different materials as well, giving you even more choices. Selecting the perfect area rug can be simple with the following questions: How large should your area rug be? What style is best suited to the room? What colors and patterns will help you achieve desired effects? What purpose will the area rug serve? What type of fiber is best? Find answers to them according to your room. Hope that helps!
Q:How can I stop my area rug from buckling up?
Buy some sticky velcro, works great!
Q:Is the water in the rental carpet shampoo-er really the dirt from my carpet?
ABSOLUTELY!!! I bought my own, the water is just as dirty! We vacuum. But we usually only clean the surface. My mom had a vacuum that had lights on it that told when the area you were going over was clean. She had dogs, high traffic. I don't know if that light ever went out. Most people vacuum the surface, the shampooer goes to the bottom where most of the dirt and sand goes.
Q:Carpet or Laminate?
Cheap laminate is a poor investment. Any laminate can be cold and noisy compared to carpet. Measure the room and make price comparisons when you have had quotes for both.
Q:How to get carpet replace in rental.?
Send him a certified letter with return receipt - this way you know he recieved it. Let him know that the carpet is starting to come up and that you consider it a safety hazard. Ask politely if he/she can replace the carpet. Look up landlord - tenant laws in your state, there may be specifications on when carpet needs to be replaced. This may be a time limit or if certain conditions are met (ie: coming loose, excessive tears/damage, etc.) If you can find something that states he has a responsibility to replace the carpet then include that in your letter. If you can't find anything specific according to your state laws then you'll just have to keep asking politely. If he takes no action and it IS his legal responsibility then the next step would be to send him another certified letter stating that he has (specify a time limit, I would say 30 days) to replace the carpet or you will replace it and withhold the amount from your rent. Check and see if this is legal in your state - it is in most.
Q:Geometry: Area Problem dealing with carpet?
None of them is the better bargain.. It's the same price per square foot of carpet for both.
Q:Kinds of durable carpet?
Carpet now is amost always stain resistant odor resistant. You would want almost a commercial grade carpet, a lot are very attractive. But carpet's gotten very expensive - hardwoods are actually about the same price or less. You might want to consider this alternative with kids pets.
Q:will carpet cleaners cause mold? my carpet is still a little damp 20 hours after spraying high traffic areas.?
Mold takes 3 days and warm temperatures to get started, they also require a food source. You should know that what you did was create a dirt/soil magnet with the soapy spray. All professionals will rinse the soap, called pre-spray, from the carpet fibers, using treated hot water and powerful vacuum extraction. Consider this a part of your education and do not repeat the attempted cleaning process that will end in dismal failure. A professional carpet using van mounted equipment and a rotary head cleaning machine, such as an RX20 or a Roto Vac 360, for best results and do this at least once a year.

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