Poultry Farming Silo for Animal Feed, Poultry Farming Equipment

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Product Description:

Poultry Farming Silo for Animal Feed, Poultry Farming Equipment

Assembly Paultry Farming Silo Advantage:

1-   We are  cooperative supplier of animal feed silo system for many famous livestock farm companies.

2-   High Precision and Standardization. All Parts and Accessories are Manufactured by the Most Reliable Team and Modern Standard Advanced Production Lines.

3-   Max Sealing and Solidity Performance

4-   Fast Assembling, Easy Maintenance, Easy Remove and Expandation

5-   Max Cost Value as We are in the Center Raw Materials Base and With Scale Effect

Application of Poultry Farming Silo

1- Can store grain seeds materials like soybean, rapeseeds, sunflower seeds, corn, rice, wheat etc

2- Can store food materials like feedstuffs, chicken feedmill, pig feedmill etc, wheat powder etc:

3- Used in farm harvest

Why Should You Choose Our Farming Silo:

1-    One of the Earliest Integral Solution Provider of Silo Storage System

2-    With the Most Reliable Project Design Technology Team

3-    We Work All Efforts Out to Guarantee the All-round Safety of Your Project.

4-   We Have the Biggest Cost Advantage and Supervision of Raw Materials Quality as We are Located at the   Galvanized Steel Production Base.

5-    With all over 3000 units silo projects under good operation till now

6-    From SRON, you can choose spiral folding and bolt assembly types silos and the best silo cost

7-   Have Strategical Cooperation with COFCO, YIHAI CHERRY China National Reserve etc. and Have Participated Several International Bank Projects.


Poultry Farming Silo for Animal Feed, Poultry Farming Equipment

Poultry Farming Silo for Animal Feed, Poultry Farming Equipment Poultry Farming Silo for Animal Feed, Poultry Farming Equipment

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