Coal Silo, Coal Ash Silo, Mine Ash Silo, With Over 3000 Units Silo Under Use Till Now

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Coal Silo, Coal Ash Silo, Mine Ash Silo,  With Over 3000 Units Silo Under Use Till Now

Specification for Coal Ash Silo

Click the Model You Ned→50T60T80T100T150T200T300T500T
Silo Diameter3.0m3.0m3.0m3.0m3.3m4.5m4.5m6.0m
Silo Height5.7m7.1m9.5m12.0m24.7m19.5m25.8m23.3m
Total Silo Height12.0m13.4m15.6m18.0m29.0m25.2m29.5m28.8m
TypeWelded WholeBolt AssemblyBolt AssemblyBolt AssemblyBolt AssemblyBolt AssemblyBolt AssemblyBolt Assembly
UsageFor Concrete Batching Plant
ConfigurationStandardDe-dusting system, explosive-proof valve, valve, cement block breaker device, stairs, handrail, maintenance platform, cement loading pipe.
OptionalElectrical deduster, level indicator, loading filter device and vibrator
NOTEThe anti-explosive valve is dual-direction pressure adjustement function to assure safety;The block breaker device can assure smooth unloading of cement in silo.

Main Features

1-  latest model cement silo used for concrete batching plant is specially designed for export. It is with  features of high adaptation for long-distance container loading transportation, delivery cost saving, easy and fast on-site assembly and move and high safety etc.
2-  export cement silo has strong supporting adaptability. It can be customized designed and manufactured according to the model and height needs of the concrete batching plant and the screw conveyor.
3-   professional manufacturer on cement silo in China, and is fixed cement silo production company for China top concrete batching plant companies like Zhengzhou Shuigong, SANY, Zoomlion etc. We sincerely wish for long term cooperation with international users and traders. 



1-  Raw Materials. The silo body steel plate and support leg steel are all of national standard and from famous steel factory.
2-  Core Parameters of Steel Plate Thickness, Weight and Useful Volume of SRON Cement Silo

Body Thickness3mm-4mm-5.5mm3.5mm-4.5mm-6.5mm3.5mm-4.5mm-6.5mm
Support Legφ219*3.67mmφ219*4.25mmφ219*4.25mm
Useful Volume≥48m3≥65m3≥83m3


Coal Silo, Coal Ash Silo, Mine Ash Silo, With Over 3000 Units Silo Under Use Till Now

Coal Silo, Coal Ash Silo, Mine Ash Silo, With Over 3000 Units Silo Under Use Till Now

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