All-round Safety Poultry Feed Bins, Feed Silo Bins Used for Poultry Equipment

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Product Description:

 All-round Safety Poultry Feed Bins, Feed Silo Bins Used for Poultry Equipment


Application for All-round Safety Poultry Feed Bins

1- Can store grain seeds materials like soybean, rapeseeds, sunflower seeds, corn, rice, wheat etc

2- Can store food materials like feedstuffs, chicken feedmill, pig feedmill etc, wheat powder etc:

3- Used in farm harvest


Main Structure of All-round Safety Poultry Feed Bins

  • Condition: New

  • Capacity: 30-15000m3 poultry feed bins

  • Material: Steel

  • Dimension(L*W*H): As Per Size of poultry feed bins

  • Weight: As Per Size of poultry feed bins

  • Usage: poultry feed bins

  • Technology: China Leading,Germany

  • Silo Materials: Hot Galvanized Steel

  • Galvanized Coating: 275-600g/m2

  • Bottom Type: Flat or Hopper Type

  • Gas-tightness: Perfect Gas-tightness

  • Auxillary System:Drying,Cleaning,Dedusting,Lifting and Conveying

  • Monitoring System: Temperature and Moisture Supervision SIMENS PLC

  • Silo Life: 25-40 Years

  • Installation and Debugging: Engineers Sevice Overseas for poultry feed bins



Why should you choose us:

1-   We are  cooperative supplier of animal feed silo system for many famous livestock farm companies.

2-   High Precision and Standardization. All Parts and Accessories are Manufactured by the Most Reliable Team and Modern Standard Advanced Production Lines.

3-   Max Sealing and Solidity Performance

4-   Fast Assembling, Easy Maintenance, Easy Remove and Expandation

5-   Max Cost Value as We are in the Center Raw Materials Base and With Scale Effect




1-    One of the Earliest Integral Solution Provider of Silo Storage System

2-    With the Most Reliable Project Design Technology Team

3-    We Work All Efforts Out to Guarantee the All-round Safety of Your Project.

4-   We Have the Biggest Cost Advantage and Supervision of Raw Materials Quality as We are Located at the   Galvanized Steel Production Base.

5-    With all over 3000 units silo projects under good operation till now

6-    With us, you can choose spiral folding and bolt assembly types silos and the best silo cost

7-   Have Strategical Cooperation with COFCO, YIHAI CHERRY China National Reserve etc. and Have Participated Several International Bank Projects. 




All-round Safety Poultry Feed Bins, Feed Silo Bins Used for Poultry Equipment

All-round Safety Poultry Feed Bins, Feed Silo Bins Used for Poultry Equipment

All-round Safety Poultry Feed Bins, Feed Silo Bins Used for Poultry Equipment



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sounds like a feeder or a mini silo
Q:weight of a steel silo that is 80' tall and 22' diameter and 1/4 thick ?
If you have any question on steel silo, you can inquire Muyang which is professional in constructing silo project.

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