Heat Insulation Steel Silos Long Term Grain Storage

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Product Description:

Heat Insulation Steel Silos Long Term Grain Storage


Quick Information:

 --Material:Galvanized steel

 --Type:Heat insulation steel silo


 --Color:Can be do according to customer's requirement

 --Condition system:New

 --Pack:in 20-40'' container

 --Delivery time:about 60days

 --Place of Origin:China Mainland



1 Assembly type steel silos. 
2 Advanced heat insulation technology. 
3 Fast installation, low cost and less manpower. 

There are two kinds of steel silos( steel silo and heat insulation steel silo)

The two kinds of  silos with concrete flat foundation or hopper one for your options.

Pictures and Information for  heat insulation steel silos long term grain storage

Heat Insulation Steel Silos Long Term Grain Storage

Heat Insulation Steel Silos Long Term Grain Storage

Heat Insulation Steel Silos Long Term Grain Storage


--New solution for grain storage to replace traditional warehouse

--Low space occupation and high storage capacity

--Patented heat insulation technology to provide grain with safer storage


--Fast loading and unloading system to fill and empty the silo in short time

--Electric control to make the operation easier

--With GB/T 19001-2008 ——  ISO9001:2008 CERTIFACTE


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