Soybean Steel Silo Storage With High Capacity

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Product Description:

 Soybean Steel Silo Storage With High Capacity


Quick Information:

 --Material:Galvanized steel

 --Type:Heat insulation steel silo


Characteristics -

-Color:Can be do according to customer's requirement

 --Condition system:New

 --Pack:in 20-40'' container

 --Delivery time:about 60days

 --Place of Origin:China Mainland



Soybean Steel Silo Storage With High Capacity

Soybean Steel Silo Storage With High Capacity

Soybean Steel Silo Storage With High Capacity


--New solution for grain storage to replace traditional warehouse

--Low space occupation and high storage capacity

--Patented heat insulation technology to provide grain with safer storage

--Fast loading and unloading system to fill and empty the silo in short time

--Electric control to make the operation easier


-With GB/T 19001-2008 ——  ISO9001:2008 CERTIFACTE

--With great popularity all over world

-- provide one stop purchasing service to save your time, cost and energy

--strong faniance and logistics ability

--advanced technology support and policy permit

-- profession service team


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