5000t - 10000t Bolted Mental Maize Silos for Sale

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Product Description:

 5000t - 10000t Bolted Mental Maize Silos for Sale


Product Description


Steel Silo Bolt Structure

1. Silo Body

Include the wall plate, column, manhole, roof ladders and so on.


(1) wall plate

Our steel is hot galvanized, which makes it durable and weather resistant. Our advanced bolts with spherical washer and the resisting-worn rubber are used to ensure the tightness and using period.


(2) Column


The column, made by the Z-bar, is used to reinforce the silo body. It is connected by junction panels.


(3) Manhole and Roof Ladders


There are inspection door and ladders inside and outside the silo body. It is convenient and accessible for any maintenance work.


2. Roof

Roof is made up of radiated beam, roof cover board, tension ring, ventilator scoop, roof cap, etc.


A whole grain storage system

(the following drawing is designed by our sales, our engineer will finally give a design of your needed grain storage system in CAD format after determination )





The installation of silos can be carried out by 3 ways.


*If the client wants to install silos by themselves, we could offer detailed instruction, and give our quickest response to deal with any question in the process.

*We could also send our engineer to supervise the installation process. The client could find local workers for the installation work and our engineer will help them during the process.

*If the client needs, we could send our installation team for the whole installation issue.


(Silo wall plate)


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Hi That`s what I would use.
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Q:Why are there different silos?
For different uses and different locations. Here's a web site with more information.
Q:find minimum?
Let V = volume of silo V = volume of hemisphere + volume of cylinder Volume of hemisphere = (2/3)(pi)r^3 Volume of cylinder = (pi)r^2h where r = radius of cylinder = radius of hemisphere h = height of the cylinder Since V = 100, 100 = (2/3)(pi)r^3 + pi(r^2)h and solving for h h = (100/(pi*r^2)) - (2r/3) S = Surface area of silo = surface area of hemisphere + surface area of cylinder Surface area of hemisphere = 2(pi)r^2 Surface area of cylinder = pi(r^2) + 2(pi)rh Therefore, S = 2(pi)r^2 + pi(r^2) + 2(pi)rh since h = (100/(pi*r^2)) - (2r/3) and substituting it in the above equation, S = 2(pi)r^2 + pi(r^2) + 2(pi)r[100/(pi*r^2)) - (2r/3)] Simplifying the above, S = 2(pi)r^2 + [(pi)r^2 + 200/r - 2(pi)r^2/3] S = 2(pi)r^2 + [(1/3)(pi)r^2 + 200/r] Since cost of hemisphere is twice that of the cylinder, then C = cost = 2*2(pi)r^2 + 1*[(1/3)(pi)r^2 + 200/r] C = 4(pi)r^2 + (1/3(pi)r^2 + 200/r C = (13/3)(pi)r^2 + 200/r Differentiating C with respec to r, (dC/dr) = (26/3)(pi)r - 200/r^2 and setting (dC/dr) = 0 and solving for r, (26/3)(pi)r - 200/r^2 = 0 Simplifying the above, 26(pi)r^3 = 600 Solving for r, r = 1.94 meters Now, that r is known, h can be determined by using the above derived formula of h = (100/(pi*r^2)) - (2r/3) Substituting r = 1.94. h = 7.16 meters Dimensions of the silo are: r = 1.94 m h = 7.16 m CHECK: First check: V = (2/3)(pi)(1.94)^3 + pi(1.94)^2(7.16) V = 15.3 + 84.7 = 100 m (this checks with the original condition of the problem that the volume of the silo is fixed at 100 m^3). Second check: Take the second derivative of the original function, i.e., (d^2C/d^2r) = 400/r^3 and since the second derivative is positive (greater than zero), then it confirms that the calculated dimensions for r and h will indeed yield the minimum cost.
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interesting. I am going to put the center of the silo at 0,0. This puts the spot where the silo meets the barn wall (and where the goat is tethered) at (10,0) the total length of the rope is 20 pi feet (equal to the circumference of the silo) now the goat wants to get to some spot and it stretches the tether as far as it can go. The cord wraps around the silo for some distance and then stretches out straight for some other distance. The length of rope in contact with the silo we will say is 10 t. The position of the point where the rope starts to lose contact is (10 cos t, 10 sin t) the remaining rope has length (20pi - 10t), and the position of the goat is at (10 cos t - (20pi - 10t) sin t, 10 sin t + (20pi-10 t) cos t) or x = 10 cos t - (20pi - 10t) sin t y = 10 sin t + (20pi-10 t) cos t area = integral of x dy/dt dt = integral of y dx/dt dt dy/dt = 10 cos t - (20pi - 10 t) sin t - 10 cos t = - (20pi - 10 t) sin t A = ∫ (10 cos t - (20pi - 10t) sin t)(10 t - 20pi) sin t dt t = 0 to 2pi ∫ -10(20pi-10t) sin t cos t + (20pi - 10t)^2 sin^2 t) dt lets do this in pieces ∫-10(20pi-10t) sin t cos t integrate by parts u = 20 pi - 10 t dv = sin t cos t du = -10 v = -1/4 cos 2t 10{(20 pi - 10 t) (1/4)cos 2t +10 ∫10/4 cos 2t dt} 10{(20 pi - 10 t) (1/4)cos 2t - 10/8 sin 2t | [0,2pi]} -50 pi ∫ (20pi - 10t)^2 sin^2 t) dt integrate by parts u = (20pi - 10t)^2 dv = sin^2 t du = -20(20pi - 10t) v = 1/2 (t - sin t cos t) 1/2 (t - sin t cos t)(20pi - 10t)^2 | [0,2pi] = 0 +∫10(20pi - 10t)(t-sin t cos t) dt = ∫-10(20pi - 10t) sin t cos t + 10(20pi - 10 t) t dt = -50 pi +100 pi t^2 - 100/3 t^3 -100 pi + 400 pi^2 - 800 / 3 pi^3 But the goat can't get into the silo... - 100 pi -200pi + 400 pi^2 - 800/3 pi^3

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