playground red pet non woven fabrics carpet

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Product Description:

1. Description of playground red pet non woven fabrics carpet

Exhibition carpet is also called Needle punched non woven carpet. It made of synthetic fiber by needle punched or weaving. The finished exhibition carpet is in cloth shape and the common width is 1-4 meters with length of 10 to 60 meters. It is divided into plain surface carpet, ribbed carpet, velour carpet, fire resistance carpet and carpet with film etc.

2. Features of playground red pet non woven fabrics carpet

Product can be customized;

With a complete set of imported production line and test equipments.

Good after-sale tracking and service.

Promptly delivery. small order is welcome.

3. Specifications of playground red pet non woven fabrics carpet

  • Material: Polyester (PET)

  • Width: Max 4m

  • Main Color: Red, blue, green, gray, yellow, brown, etc. ( Various colors available )

  • Style: Printed, plain, striped, brushed, jacquard, etc.

Raw Material:Polyester fiber or polypropylene fiber,Latex
Mass per unit:180g/sqm---800g/sqm
Size:Roll width1m--4m;length per roll 20m--60m,or customized size.
Color:Any color available
Rubber surface:single-sided, double-sided adhesive glue
MOQ:2000SQM per color.
Packing: in plastic film bag(keep away from moisture)
Delivery Time:about 25 days after we got the advance payment.

4. Images of Red Carpet for Wedding, Celebration, Lobby, Church

playground red pet non woven fabrics carpet

playground red pet non woven fabrics carpet

5. FAQ

1)   Are free samples available?

Yes. But express delivery cost is to be collected and we will pay it back after confirming the order.

2)  What about the lead time for mass production? 


Honestly, it depends on the order quantity and the season you place the order. Generally speaking, we suggest that you start inquiry two months before the date you would like to 

get the products at your country.


3)  What is your terms of delivery? 


We accept EXW, FOB, CIF, etc. You can choose the one which is the most convenient or cost effective for you.  

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Q:Which kind of carpet is good if it is cement floor and I do not want to decorate
The cheapest is polypropylene carpet.
Q:does anyone know the difference between bathroom rugs to kitchen rugs?
Bath rugs usually have a non-skid coating on the back so they don't slip when they are wet. They can be made of anything...I've had fuzzjy synthetic ones, looped cotton ones, a whole array of materials, but if they were designed for use in the bathroom, they had a non-skid backing on them. Kitchen rugs are often reversible. My favourite are the rag rugs, tightly woven colourful cotton rugs made from twisted rags, often in colour schemes (in my pair, the dominant colour is blue). They are durable, colourful, absorbent, easily washed in the machine, and release soil much better than nappy rugs. And they are dirt cheap...I have a pair in my kitchen that have been in use for more than 10 years and I paid less than $5 each for them in a place like WalMart or a dollar store. They are just now starting to fray a bit!
Q:Will our landlord replace our carpet?
If the landlord had a professional service do the restoring you will be OK with relaying the carpet with new pad. It is normal for a professional Restoration Company to be able to fix a flooded carpet. They will dry the carpet using fans. then the carpet will be treated for mold. Then it will be cleaned and reinstalled. If you had your own home and your own insurance company, this is what an insurance company does. If the landlord just had a handy man do the repair, ask for a professional restoration co to do the cleaning and installing. It is unusual for a professional company not to be able to save the carpet with only a clean water flooded.
Q:How to clean large-area carpet by myself at home ?
In addition to the use of vacuum cleaner, it is better to use the vacuum cleaner with steam to clean. carpet can thoroughly clean and mites and bacteriaby can be killed using steam after absorbing dust. Buying a steam cleaner which can clean regularly is much cheaper than professional cleaning.
Q:How to best remove the greasy dirt on the carpet?
Firstly, try to use cleaning agent firstly, use a brush to brush. If it not works, you only can use thinner to clean it. There are two things on the carpet can not be cleaned down: the coke and tea stain. It's easy to clean if it is greasy dirt.
Q:Why does my cat Nermal poops on the bathroom rug?
The rug backing has a chemical quite often that smells like pee to a cat. It's too subtle for humans to smell but it's very strong to a cat's nose, and some decide that it's ok to poop there because it already smells like the litter box. Even washing the rug won't affect the manufacturing smell that's on it.
Q:How to make a throw rug?
You The main page has a lot of different links to instructions for specific rug styles. Hope this helps.
Q:Carpet Buying Guide - Smart Buyer Guide With Carpet Buying Tips?
Carpet Buying Secrets by Laura Adams (also known as Insider Secrets to Buying Floor Covering) -- It's the best carpet buying guide I know and also the most current on tips and trends. I work as an Interior Designer, so buying carpets 'smartly' is part of my job. The reason I like this guide is because - (1) It addresses safe buying practices for both professionals and home owners, and (2) It tells you some little-known secrets about buying carpets that the store salesman might just forget to tell.. or may not want you to know about.
Q:what is vintage rugs?
Vintage rugs are most easily defined as those rugs or carpets produced from the 1920s through the 1970s. They represent the dramatic changes that took place in the arts following the First World War. Vintage rugs often showcase experimentation and innovation. For example, rugs produced in China during this period were influenced by the Art Deco rugs first produced in France.
Q:Is the water in the rental carpet shampoo-er really the dirt from my carpet?
If the waste tank is clean, then you fill it up with dirt, you bet. I've been cleaning carpets about 5 years now. At the rate things are going, I will have cleaned my 1,000,000th sq ft sometime in October. Since most of this is hot water extraction and I use about 1 gallon per 25-30 sq ft, I have already seen well over 30,000 gallons of waste water and it NEVER ceases to amaze me how much filth and odor is in the water. I rinse the waste tank out a little between each job and completely at the end of the day because the stench from the vacuum fan exhaust (which is very high on a commercial machine) absolutely will gag you. If I do a dog urine job, the rest of the day customers complain about the odor because it has only been rinsed a little. Carpets, rugs and other household textiles are great filters and they absorb so much. People with hardwood floors think this is cleaner, not true, same dirt, less to trap it. Your carpet is doing its job. I professionally clean carpet for several customers every 90 days due to their allergy problems. While you just cleaned your carpet, I guaranty if I went over it again, I'd get even more. Then again, if I did it last week, then again this week, it would still get a lot of dirt out. If you want to get better effectiveness in vacuuming, get a CRI certified Gold vacuum cleaner. This will make vacuuming more productive, vacuum every 2-3 days too.

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