Online UPS 20KVA 16KW

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Online UPS 20-80KVA

The HF33 20-80K series UPS is applicable to small and medium-sized data centers, network management center, computer rooms for enterprises, or able to provide solutions to conditions like voltage instantaneous drop-off or damping concussion, high-voltage pulse, voltage pulsation, surge voltage, harmonic distortion, and frequency fluctuation. HF33 20-80K series UPS provide customers safe and sound power supply.

Excellent performance in industrial environment protection
Just with the standard product, IP21 protection level (protecting the machine from the intrusion of solid material with the diameter
larger than 12mm or the water drops) is achieved. If a higher protection level is required, the optional dust-proof accessories can
help to increase the protection level in industrial environment and safeguard the ups security when operation in bad environment.

N+X parallel redundancy (battery share in the parallel mode
The maximum of the inbuilt parallel mode is 8 UPS without any other external accessories, which helps the customer to extend the
system capacity with low cost. N stands for the minimum amount of UPS in the load and X stands for the amount of redundant UPS
in the system. The bigger the number of X is, the higher the reliability of the system.The advanced controlling strategy decrease customer's investment by sharing battery group in the parallel redundancy mode.

Intelligent management of battery charging and discharging
The advanced battery intelligent charging technology enables the UPS's charger to rectify the charging parameter, and provide
the optimum charging modes in different environment, types and amounts of cells, and the using condition of the battery. The
scientific charging mode extends the battery's lifetime. The optional addition to charging units shortens battery charging time.

Front board operation and maintenance
The smart module design and front board design make the users operation more conveniently and easily.

Remote monitoring
Communication interfaces like RS232/RS485, Intelligent Slot of JingFuYuan Company are available for the realization of remote
management and monitoring.

High-efficient DSP chip
The digital Ti DSP controlling chip provides precise data processing capability with excellent performance in output and reliability.

Outstanding electric property
The efficiency of the machines is as high as 93% and reaches over 98% in the ECO mode, which can help reduce the power loss of UPS.Th factor that the technology of IGBT FM intelligent rectifier and inverter is used , the input power factor is as high as 0.99, and
the input current harmonic wave is as low as 3%,which makes the output voltage electric property more extraordinary.Powerful overload capacity: the ups can work normally up to 10 mins under the condition of 110-125% load and 1 minute in load of 125-150%. It also has the output short circuit protection capability.

MODELHF 3320LHF 3330LHF 3340LHF 3360LHF 3380L
Rated Power20KVA/16KW30KVA/24KW40KVA/32KW60KVA/48KW80KVA/64KW
Voltage 380/400/415VAC(-45%~+25%)
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power Factor>0.99
Voltage 380/400/415VAC(-15%~+15%)
Overload Capability<150%, normally running
Battery Voltage336/360/384VDC
Charging Current1-10A(setting by battery capacity)
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power Factor0.8
THD <2%(linear load); <4%(non-linear load)
Overload Capability<105% normally running;105%-125% 10min; 125%-150% 1min; 150% 1ms
WaveformPure Sine Wave
Transfer Time<10ms
CoolingFan Cooling
Communication InterfaceRS232,RS485,SNMP card, Dry Contact
Operating Temperature0-40
Humidity0-95% non-condensing
Altitude<4000m(derated 1% per 100m above 2000m)
Noise Level<50dB<60dB<65dB
Protection LevelIP20
Storage Temperature-25~55
Dimension(W×D×H mm)420×646×956470×714×1160600×800×1850
Specification is subject to change without prior notice.

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Q:Installation method of UPS uninterrupted power supply
UPS (Uninterruptible Power System/Uninterruptible Power Supply), namely, uninterruptible power supply, the battery is (for maintenance free lead-acid batteries) connected with the host, the host through the inverter module circuit of the direct current into power system equipment. The utility model is mainly used for providing stable and uninterrupted power supply for a single computer, a computer network system or other power electronic equipment, such as an electromagnetic valve, a pressure transmitter, etc.. When the power input is normal, UPS electric voltage supplied to the load, the UPS is an AC power regulator, it is also the built-in battery; when the power interruption (outage), UPS immediately DC battery energy conversion method by zero switching inverter continue to supply 220V AC power to the load, the load to maintain normal working load and protection of software and hardware is not damaged. UPS devices are usually protected against high voltage or low voltage.
Q:What are the two cable sockets behind the UPS uninterruptible power supply?.
If the thunder is over voltage, it is possible to damage the power equipment through the wire / telephone line. Plug in / out plug on the UPS can provide some protection for the telephone line
Q:Is ups computer hardware or software?
Simply, if you put your UPS plug in the power socket, and then from the power output of UPS with computer (all other electrical equipment), when the power supply bureau after a power outage, this time your computer will not use electric power, but the brain use UPS to provide the storage of electricity for you. Say more simply, he is in order to prevent the use of power outages, but UPS can not long-term power supply equipment, he is like a storage battery, but also has a fixed capacity, when the power is used up, there will be no electricity. It's just convenient for you to do something after the blackout.
Q:What is the difference between inverters and UPS?
But because it is only one inverter current switching device, rarely used alone, the typical example is the vehicle power supply is an inverter, it takes 12 volt DC power from the car cigarette lighter, converted to 220 AC power for AC electrical appliances, such as notebook computer.
Q:Do you have the offline UPS?
UPS power supply is divided into online type, backup type and online interactive mode according to the working principle.1. backup type UPS: when the city power is normal, the power supply is directly supplied by the city to the load. When the power supply exceeds the scope of work or the power failure, the power supply is transformed into a battery by inverting the switch. The utility model is characterized in that the structure is simple, the volume is small, and the cost is low, but the input voltage range is narrow, the output voltage is stable, the precision is poor, and the switching time is also available, and the output waveform is generally Fang Bo2. line interactive UPS: in the normal electricity directly by electric power to the load when the power is low or high, through the UPS internal voltage regulator circuit voltage output, when power failure or abnormal, through the switch to battery powered inverter. Its characteristics are: wide input voltage range, low noise, small size and so on, but there is also switching time3. online UPS when power supply is normal, the rectifier provides DC voltage to the inverter by electricity from the inverter to provide AC power load, power anomaly in the city when the inverter powered by battery, the inverter always in working condition, ensure uninterrupted output. The utility model is characterized in that the utility model has the advantages of extremely wide input voltage range, no switching time, stable output voltage and high precision, and is especially suitable for occasions with high power supply requirements, but the cost is higher. At present, UPS with power greater than 3KVA is almost all online UPS.
Q:What's the difference between UPS and EPS?
EPS and UPS can provide two-way selection output power supply, UPS power supply to ensure the quality, is the choice of the inverter and EPS is preferred; in order to ensure energy saving, electricity is preferred. Of course there are differences in the design index of the rectifier / charger and inverter is on.
Q:Low voltage, computer restart UPS power can use it?
UPS (Uninterruptible, Power, System), that is, uninterruptible power supply, is a kind of energy storage device, inverter as the main component of constant voltage constant frequency uninterruptible power supply. Used primarily to provide uninterrupted power supply to a single computer, computer network system, or other power electronic equipment. When the power input is normal, UPS electric voltage supplied to the load, the UPS is an AC power regulator, it is also the built-in battery; when the power interruption (outage), UPS will immediately machine battery power through the inverter conversion method continue to supply 220V AC power to the load, the load to maintain normal working load and protection of software and hardware is not damaged. UPS devices usually provide protection against too large voltages and too low voltages.
Q:How to select the UPS power supply
If a single power supply capacity, can choose the corresponding battery and host. Single power supply can be divided into hot standby power supply and online power supply. The former uses city power normally, and UPS is used in power failure; the latter uses UPS directly, and when UPS fails, it uses city power. The single power supply can also be divided into single and double batteries, the former will decrease the standby power supply during the battery maintenance, the latter will fall by half at most, and the battery maintenance can be divided into automatic and manual maintenance.
Q:There are several ups
The characteristics of online is that the inverter has been in working condition, the switching time of the power supply is zero; the output voltage and frequency stability, UPS battery used in Hercules power quality requirements of very high, because there is no switching time delay, it is reliable; the online can improve the quality of power supply, so the price is relatively expensive.
Q:What is dynamic UPS?
According to its working principle, divided into dynamic (also known as rotary ROTATORY TYPE) and static (STATIC TYPE). The dynamic UPS is composed of an engine and a generator set. It drives the AC motor by AC electric drive, thus driving the coaxial AC generator and the inertia flywheel to rotate at the same speed, and the generator is supplied with power to the load. Disturbances due to inertia flywheel voltage for a short time after mutation interference of non response, to ensure the stability of the output voltage; power interruption by the inertia of the flywheel will be rated voltage power supply for another 5 seconds, due to the preservation of data information. Later developed into the internal combustion engine UPS system, but this kind of UPS is bulky, noisy and inefficient. It is not used very much at present. The most commonly used at present, the most commonly used UPS or static UPS, and now generally speaking of UPS is also refers to static UPS, but in concept, or should be clear.

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