Frequency Inverter 3 phase VFD VSD

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1.220V Single Phase Variable Frequency Drive 2.2KW
2.Advanced control technology
3.Easy to operate

    220V Single  Phase Variable Frequency Drive 2.2KW


CNBM  frequency  inverter is a high-quality, multi-function,

low-noise variable frequency drive which is designed, developed and manufactured according to international standards.

It can meet different needs of industrial conditions.

The inverter applies advanced control technology of space voltage vector PWM, with functions of constant voltage control, power-off restart, dead zone compensation, automatic torque compensation, online modification parameter, high-speed impulse input, simple PLC and traverse.

Product Name:CMAX-VCG15/P18.5T3 ~ CMAX-VCG18.5/P22T3


Textile: coarse spinner, spinning frame, wrap-knitting machine, loom, knitting machine, silk-spinning machine, etc.

Plastic: extruder, hauling machine, decorating machine, etc.

Pharmacy: mixer, roaster, etc.

Woodworking: engraving machine, sander, veneer peeling lathe, etc.

Papermaking: single type papermaking machine, etc.

Machine tool: non-core grinding machine, optical lens grinding machine, cutting mill, etc.

Printing: cloth-washing machine, dye vat, etc.

Cement: feeder, air blower, rotary furnace, mixer, crusher, etc

Fan and pump: kinds of fans, blowers and pumps


Input voltage
Input frequency
Output voltage
0~input voltage
Output frequency
Peripheral interface characteristics
Programmable digital input
4 switch input, 1 high-speed impulse input
Programmable analog input
AI1: 0~10V input
AI2: 0~10V input or 0~20mA input,
Programmable open collector
2 Output
(3.7kW and above: 1 Open collector output)
Relay Output
1 Output (3.7kW and above: 2 Relay output)
Analog output
2 Output, one is 0~10V,
another is 0~20mA or 0~10V
Display:5-digit 8-section LED (Red), 2 indicators; parameter setting: 8 keys (including multi-function hot key ), 1 potentiometer
Technical performance characteristics
Control mode
All digital space voltage vector SVPWM algorism
Overload capacity
G purpose: 150% rated current 60s
P purpose: 120% rated current 60s
Speed ratio
1: 100
Carrier frequency
Torque compensation
Linear, multi-point, 1.3th power, 1.7th  power, 2.0th power reduced torque; Compensation voltage range: automatic compensation and manual compensation 0.1~10%
Automatic voltage adjustment
It can automatically maintain output voltage constant when grid voltage fluctuates.
Automatic current adjustment
When the current is over current limit, under clocking automatically limits output current.
Function characteristics
Frequency setting mode
Keypad digital analog input, keypad potentiometer, impulse frequency, communication, multi-step speed and simple PLC, PID setting and so on, switch-over of setting modes.
Simple PLC,
multi-step speed control
16-step speed control
Special function
Traverse control, length control, time control
User-defined multi-function hot key
Protection function
Over-current, Over voltage, under-voltage, over-heat, phase failure, over-load and motor over-load
Working condition
Installation site
Indoor, altitude of less than 1km, dust free, non-corrosive gases, no direct sunlight
Application environment
-10°C~+40°C, 20~90%RH (no dew)
Less than 0.5g
Storage temperature
Installation type
Wall-mounted type, floor cabinet type
Cooling mode
Air-forced cooling

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Q:How does the frequency converter change the voltage and change the speed of the motor?
The inverter does not change the voltage to adjust the speed of the motor. Under the premise of constant voltage, the frequency of the alternating current is changed to adjust the speed of the motor. Typically, at the frequency of 50Hz, the synchronous speed of the quadrupole motor is 1500 rpm, and if the frequency is increased to 60Hz, the synchronous speed should be 1800 rpm; if it falls to 40Hz, the synchronous speed should be 1200 rpm. In the limited frequency range, the power is constant, the higher the speed, the smaller the torque, the lower the speed, the greater the torque. Formula for speed calculation (Rev / min):60 seconds * / log polar frequency. The middle pole of a pair is 2 poles of 1 pairs, i.e., the quadrupole motor is 2 pairs of magnetic poles.The frequency of the converter is stepless, continuous and adjustable, so the speed of the motor is continuously adjustable in a certain range.
Q:What is frequency conversion? What is the function of frequency converter?
Frequency conversion:1, the frequency conversion is to change the power supply frequency, thus adjust the load, play a role in reducing power consumption, reducing the loss and prolonging the service life of the equipment. Frequency conversion.2, the core of frequency conversion technology is frequency converter, through the power frequency conversion to achieve automatic adjustment of motor speed rate, the fixed frequency of 50Hz is changed to 30 - 130 Hz frequency. At the same time, the utility model makes the voltage range of the supply voltage reach 142 - 270V, and solves the problem that the voltage of the power grid is unstable, which influences the work of the electric appliance. The technique of alternating current control by changing the frequency of alternating current is called frequency conversion technology.
Q:How can the interference caused by frequency converter be solved?
A) PE inverter main circuit terminals (E, G) must be grounded, the motor can be grounded and the inverter with the common ground, but not with other equipment, must play ground pile, and the ground should take place far away from electrical equipment. At the same time, the cross-sectional area of the grounding wire of the converter shall be no less than 4mm2, and the length shall be within 20m.(b) in the ground wire of other electromechanical equipment, the protective earthing and the work earthing shall be separately provided with grounding electrodes, and finally shall be imported to the electrical position of the distribution cabinet. The shield of the control signal and the shielding of the main circuit wire shall also be separately provided with earth electrodes, and finally shall be incorporated into the electrical junction of the distribution cabinet.
Q:What are the possible causes of frequency hopping overload?
If the motor and inverter adapter, because the motor overload in inverter, this time is called the overload overload of the transducer, the current inverter rated current is compared; if the motor rated current is less than the rated current of inverter, the correct input motor nameplate and protection, the overload protection is often referred to as motor overload protection. Therefore, we must distinguish the specific circumstances of the current protection. Because of the overload point of the converter and the overcurrent point of the converter, the two protection alternates frequently.
Q:Synchronous operation of two inverters,
Two inverters with the same frequency and start signal, so that it can be synchronized; another way is to do in front of a given frequency inverter with potentiometer, given analog output signal of the first station to do second machines, it can be done simultaneously; but you have to say clearly what is what specific brand series in order to further clear the inverter parameters, otherwise only vague answers.
Q:Which country invented the inverter?
Since 1960s, thyristor and its upgrade products have been widely used in power electronic devices. But its speed performance is far from meeting the needs. In 1968, the high-tech enterprises represented by Danfoss began to batch produce frequency converters and opened a new era of inverter industrialization.The beginning of 1970s, PWM VVVF (PWMVVVF) speed research get breakthrough, in 1980s after the microprocessor technology is perfect makes the algorithm easier to achieve.In the middle and late 1980s, VVVF converter technology in developed countries, such as America, Japan, Germany and Britain, was practical and the products were put into market and widely used. The earliest converters could have been bought by British and developed by British patent. However, the United States and Germany, with the advantages of electronic components production and electronic technology, high-end products quickly seize the market.Entered in twenty-first Century, the domestic inverter gradually rise, has gradually seize the high-end market. Shanghai and Shenzhen to become the forefront of domestic inverter development, emerged as Huichuan inverter, inverter, AMB inverter, frequency converters and a number of well-known domestic inverter. The AMB inverter was established in 1998, is one of China's first production of inverter manufacturers. Over the past decade, as the cornerstone to AMB rich cultural heritage, to support growth, enterprise quality system ISO9000 TUV earlier passed the certification, was awarded the "national high tech enterprise", has been appraised as "China user satisfaction of the ten domestic brands inverter".
Q:What does "EPCU" mean in a frequency converter?
This is the frequency converter BlueOcean Huateng, they said this code external signal interference, you are not the power line and the signal line to go ah, check the external line, then no problem on the phone to the factory
Q:What are the basis of the frequency converter to choose?
1. the power of the inverter is selected according to the load power. How many power motors should be chosen for a multi power motor?. Size one is ok.2. frequency converter model, different uses, choose different frequency converter. For example, there are general frequency converter, fan, water pump dedicated inverter, a machine tool spindle dedicated inverter. Wait。3. when the load is large, the braking unit and the braking resistor should be selected simultaneously.4. check the motor nameplate current rating (no nameplate rated current). The rated current of the inverter is greater than the maximum running current of the motor
Q:How does MM430 frequency converter always report F003 fault?
To solve the problem, then check the original power of the line is loose, the power cables are quickly burnt, after fastening normal, thank you enthusiastic support, thank you!
Q:Heating inverter commissioning steps
The no-load connection test of the frequency converter will connect the grounding terminal of the frequency converter to the ground 1. 2 the power input terminal of the frequency converter is connected to the power supply through the leakage protection switch. 3 check the frequency converter display window factory display is normal, if not correct, should reset, or request exchange. 4 familiar with the operation key of frequency converter. The inverter has run in general (RUN) and stop (STOP), programming (PROG), P (DATAPENTER), the data confirm the increased (UP, 3), reduce (DOWN, 6) and other key definitions of different inverter operation keys are basically the same. In addition, some inverters also monitor (MONITORPDISPLAY), reset (RESET), inch movement (JOG), shift (SHIFT) and other functional keys.

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