Online UPS 1-3KVA

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Online UPS 1-3KVA

XPC 1-3KVA series UPS is an economical, full featured UPS that delivers cost-effective power protection in a compact package. It adopts advanced MCU technology, delivers high reliability and performance, and has intelligent battery management system. XPC 1-3KVA series UPS is best enterprise-class choice for crucial load.

Green and Save Energy
IGBT rectifier offers an input power factor more than 0.99, input THD less than 3%. Therefore it does not pollute the input utility
supply or other devices which share the same utility source.

High Reliability
Wide Input voltage window and auto detection of input frequency function adaptive to adverse utility power grid enviroment.
Extra wige range of input voltage and frequency is suitable for low quality power grid environment 。Complete fault protection
functions, overload, short circuit, overvoltage, under voltage, over temperature protections.Strong overload capability: 5min for 130% rated load and 60s for 150% rated load Intelligent battery management charging/discharging interval time and keep battery long life.

User Friendly Display and Communication
The LED mimic diagram gives clear indication of real-time status and power flow through the UPS.The large LCD graphical display provides an array of performance parameters, fault information and 220historical event log that are useful for troubleshooting.
The system provides RS232 signals for remote monitoring, and SNMP (optional) for web-based monitoring.

Friendly LED display (standard) or LCD display (optional)
Four kinds of optional cards to provide network communication functions (support dry contact, RS232, RS485 and TCP/IP
communication protocols)
Ideally Suited For:
Professional workstations
Small routers and bridges
Point-of-sale terminals
Other sensitive electronics

MODELXPC 1101XPC 1101LXPC 1102XPC 1102LXPC 1103XPC 1103L
Rated Power1KVA/800W2KVA/1600W3KVA/2400W
Input Voltage(110±5 to 296±5)VAC
Input Frequency(45±0.5 to 55±0.5)Hz
Input PF>0.98
Bypass voltage(80±5 to 286±5)VAC
Output Voltage220VAC(1±2%)
Output Power Factor0.8
Output Frenqency45Hz55Hz, same with utility power; <45Hz and >55Hz, lock 50Hz
Battery mode
THDTHD<3% (linear load)THD<5% (Non-linear)
Transfer TimeNormal to battery mode: 0ms
Between Battery modeand normal mode: <4ms
Overload Capability105±5%Load150±5%30s to bypass;
300ms to bypass;
Battery Voltage36Vdc72Vdc96Vdc
Battery Type7AH/12V× 3pcs7AH/12V× 6pcs7AH/12V× 8pcs
Backup Time (Full Load)>5min(depends on battery capacity for L type)
Charging Current1A/3A4A5A6A7A setable(L type)
CommunicationRS-232 + Intelligent Slot
RestartAfter turing off due to cut off voltage of battery, UPS will restart
when voltage is in (170±5~286±5Vac) and freqency is in (46~54Hz).
Noise (1m front)<45dBA<50dBA
Operation Temperature0°C to 40°C
Humidity095% non-condensing
Storage Temperature-40°C to 50°C
Altitude<1000m>1000m derated1% per 100m
*  Specification is subject to change without prior notice.

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Q:How to buy home UPS power
Because the UPS is heavy, and the connection of the large capacity model is more complicated, it is necessary to come to the house to maintain, so we should select the supplier with better after-sales service quality.From the credibility, technical strength, service institutions, maintenance parts and other aspects of inspection, and recommend the selection of nearby UPS suppliers.
Q:What is the difference between backup and online UPS UPS? Who knows?
Online UPSThis UPS has been the inverter in the work of the state, it first through the external circuit AC into DC through high quality inverter to convert DC to high quality sine wave AC output to the computer. The main function of the on-line UPS in the power supply condition is to regulate voltage and prevent radio wave interference. In the power failure, the standby DC power supply (battery) is used to supply the inverter. Because the inverter is working all the time, there is no switching time problem. It is suitable for occasions where the power supply is strictly required. A major advantage of online UPS is different from the backup power supply for a long, usually for a few hours, also have to ten hours, its main function is to allow you to be working as usual, in case of power failure obviously, because of its special function, the price is obviously to a large portion of your. This on-line UPS is more suitable for computers, transportation, banking, securities, communications, medical, industrial control and other industries, because computers in these areas generally do not allow blackouts.General market are backup type UPS, cheap, can use on the line
Q:What does the UPS parameter of the 1500KV power mean?
Brother, you're wrong about this description. There's no 1500KV,It should be 1500VA, and Chinese is called volt ampere,VA is also a unit of power, similar to W, but there are some differences......
Q:What is UPS?
UPS has evolved from the 60s rotary generator to today's intelligent, fully static electronic circuit and continues to develop. At present, UPS generally refers to the static UPS, classified according to its way of work, can be divided into backup, online interactive and online three categories.1. backup type UPS: when the city power is normal, the power supply is directly supplied by the city to the load. When the power supply exceeds the scope of work or the power failure, the power supply is transformed into a battery by inverting the switch. The utility model is characterized in that the structure is simple, the volume is small, and the cost is low, but the input voltage range is narrow, the output voltage is stable, the precision is poor, and the switching time is also available, and the output waveform is generally Fang Bo2. line interactive UPS: in the normal electricity directly by electric power to the load when the power is low or high, through the UPS internal voltage regulator circuit voltage output, when power failure or abnormal, through the switch to battery powered inverter. Its characteristics are: wide input voltage range, low noise, small size and so on, but there is also switching time3. online UPS when power supply is normal, the rectifier provides DC voltage to the inverter by electricity from the inverter to provide AC power load, power anomaly in the city when the inverter powered by battery, the inverter always in working condition, ensure uninterrupted output. The utility model is characterized in that the utility model has the advantages of extremely wide input voltage range, no switching time, stable output voltage and high precision, and is especially suitable for occasions with high power supply requirements, but the cost is higher. At present, UPS with power greater than 3KVA is almost all online UPS
Q:What is the UPS power supply system?
Input, communication, output and communication, with accumulator as reserve energy, the full name is AC uninterrupted power supply.See Baidu encyclopedia:Http:// you don't understand the technical questions, you can ask me.BS, is it difficult to reach out to the party and Baidu? Don't you know Chinese characters? Can't you describe the problem more clearly?Diathesis......
Q:What is the difference between a UPS power supply and a general power supply?
It is working in the electric machine, the electric AC inverter, and stored in their own power, once to stop power supply, it can provide power, using electrical equipment to maintain a working time, holding time may be 10 minutes, half an hour, the delay time of general battery capacity. Continuous - power regulator, purification to eliminate the power fluctuations and pollution - battery management function, prolong the service life of battery - intelligent monitoring function: to effectively solve the power supply maintenance function high reliability uninterruptible power supply, ensure the power of the
Q:What about the UPS power supply, okay?
When the power input is normal, UPS electric voltage supplied to the load, the UPS power supply is an AC power regulator, it is also the built-in battery; when the power interruption, UPS will immediately built-in battery power supply, load to 220V AC negative by the method the inverse transformation of the load, maintain normal work and protect the load of software and hardware is not damaged.
Q:UPS power purchase, you need to pay attention to what? And what does it mean by switching efficiency?
Performance parameter. UPS uninterruptible power supply as a protective power supply equipment, its performance parameters are of great significance, should be our choice when considering the key. The wide input voltage range indicates that the utilization capacity of the power supply is strong, and the output voltage and frequency range are small, which indicates that the regulation capacity of the power supply is strong and the output is stable. The waveform distortion rate is used to measure the stability of the output voltage waveform, while the voltage stability indicates the stability of the output voltage when the Santak UPS power is suddenly switched from zero load to full load.
Q:Excuse me: how long is the service life of the UPS power supply?
Apno's UPS power supply can generally be used for 5-10 years, depending on the UPS power storage environment is different, may be used longer.
Q:Does UPS have the effect of stabilizing?
UPS (uninterruptible power supply) in accordance with the principle of operation, can be divided into online and offline two.The on-line UPS has the certain voltage stabilizing function, regardless of whether the city electricity is normal, its output voltage is produced by the inverter circuit, therefore the output voltage is basically stable.Offline UPS no role of regulator, power supply is normal power output directly, so the voltage instability when the output voltage will be stable only when the power interruption when the inverter circuit immediately start to load power.

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