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Online UPS 6-10KVA

XPC 6-10KVA is new generation UPS, we adopt the latest R&D achievements and applications experience. With advanced DSP digital control technology, it improves performance and system reliability effectively, and achieves higher level of power density and miniaturization. Besides that, to meet all customers individualized needs, as a high-end small power range online UPS. XPC 6-10KVA series can offer highly reliable power for departmental servers, small local area networks, workstations, industrial machines, small medical equipment, and other small precision electronic devices.

Adopt DSP digital control technology
Adopt advanced DSP digital control technology, it improves performance and system reliability effectively, and achieves higher
level of power density and miniaturization.Besides that, it can meet all customers individualized needs, XPC11 series provide many functions and users can configure the function according their needs.

Wide input voltage range
With wide range of input voltage and frequency, ups can supply power even in remote villages and poor power environment. It reduced the frequency of battery discharge so that the battery life can be prolonged.

Perfect protection
The UPS contain I/P and O/P over protection, short voltage protection, overload protection, short-circuit protection, inverter overheat
protection, battery low voltage warning protection and battery overcharge protection, etc. The aboves function make sure the
load works reliably and stably.The ups will turn to bypass when overload alarm.

User Friendly Display and Communication
The LED mimic diagram gives clear indication of real-time status and power flow through the UPS.The large LCD graphical display provides an array of performance parameters, fault information and historical event log that are useful for troubleshooting.The system provides RS232 signals for remote monitoring, and SNMP (optional) for web-based monitoring.

Intelligent battery management
Intelligent battery management technology extend the battery life and make the battery maintenance convieniently.The battery self-testing technology can find battery problem timely.With battery voltage, overcharge protection to maximize the protection of the battery is not damaged.

Abundant Optional
Friendly LED display (standard) or LCD display (optional).
Four kinds of optional cards provide network communication functions (support dry contact, RS232, RS485 and TCP/IP
communication protocols).

ODELXPC 1106XPC 1106LXPC 1110XPC 1110L
Rated Power6KVA/4.8KW10KVA/8KW
Input Voltage(120±5 to 275±5)Vac
Input Frequency(46±0.2 to 54±0.2)Hz
Input PF>0.99
Bypass voltage(187±5 to 253±5)Vac
Output Voltage220Vac±1%
Output Power Factor0.8
Output FrequencyNormal Mode, same with utility power
Battery mode: 49.9-50.1Hz
THDTHD<3% (linear load); THD<5% (Non-linear)
Transfer TimeNormal to battery mode: 0ms
Bypass mode to normal mode : 0ms
Overload Capability105±5%<Load<135±5%: 1min to bypass;
135±5%<Load<150±5%: 30s to bypass;
>150±5%: 0.1s to bypass;
Charging voltage220Vdc
Charging Current2A/4A(L type)
CommunicationRS-232 + Intelligent Slot
Restart FunctionAfter Turning off due to cut off voltage of battery, UPS will restart
when voltage is in (175±5~285±5Vac) and frequency is in (47~53Hz).
Noise (1m front)<45dBA<50dBA
Operation Temperature0°C to 40°C
Humidity095% non-condensing
Storage Temperature-40°C to 50°C
Dimension(W*D*H mm)248x500x616240x500x460248x500x616240x500x460
Specification is subject to change without prior notice.

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Q:How to choose your own UPS power?
According to equipment power, delay requirement. Make configuration plan. The longer the delay time, the more or more the capacity or quantity of batteries configured.
Q:How does PLC use UPS?
PLC is quite like a microcomputer. You can use UPS directly if you can use it on the city bus and the backup ups with your own socket! About 200--300w or so, configure a 500VA on the OK, can delay a 10--20min!
Q:What is the UPS power supply system?
Input, communication, output and communication, with accumulator as reserve energy, the full name is AC uninterrupted power supply.See Baidu encyclopedia:Http:// you don't understand the technical questions, you can ask me.BS, is it difficult to reach out to the party and Baidu? Don't you know Chinese characters? Can't you describe the problem more clearly?Diathesis......
Q:What is the name of the device that provides the server with power?
The US is the most commonly used backup UPS, such as the four HO series and SD series, it has automatic voltage regulator, power protection UPS the most basic and most important function, although the general conversion period of about 10ms, inverter output AC square wave and non sine wave, but due to the simple structure has the advantages of low cost, high reliability, so it is widely used in computer peripherals, POS, machine etc.;The on-line UPS structure is complex, but the perfect performance, can solve the problem of power supply, such as the four PS series, its remarkable characteristic is to continue zero interrupt output pure sine wave AC power supply, can solve all the problems of the peak surge, frequency drift; due to the need for greater investment, usually in the key equipment and network center the electric power demanding environment application;
Q:What are the burning conditions of UPS?
Proper discharge will help the battery to activate, such as long-term non-stop electricity market, every three months should be artificially broken city electricity, with UPS load discharge once, so that can extend the service life of the battery.6) for the majority of small UPS work, open UPS, boot to avoid load startup, the work should be closed for UPS; the network room UPS, because most of the network is 24 hours of work, so UPS must also be all-weather operation.7) UPS discharge should be charged in time, so as to avoid damage to the battery due to excessive discharge.
Q:A server that maintains power close to 320W and runs over 8 hours of UPS power
500+300+320=1120W can choose 2KVAS UPS power, external 12 12V100AH batteries (can be delayed more than 8 hours), external 18 12V100AH batteries (can delay 12 hours), need to Q me
Q:What does "UPS" and "DPU" mean in power plants?
UPS (Uninterruptible, Power, System), that is, uninterruptible power supply, is a kind of energy storage device, inverter as the main component of constant voltage constant frequency uninterruptible power supply. Used primarily to provide uninterrupted power supply to a single computer, computer network system, or other power electronic equipment. When the power input is normal, UPS electric voltage supplied to the load, the UPS is an AC power regulator, it is also the built-in battery; when the power interruption (outage), UPS will immediately machine battery power through the inverter conversion method continue to supply 220V AC power to the load, the load to maintain normal working load and protection of software and hardware is not damaged. UPS devices usually provide protection against too large voltages and too low voltages.
Q:What are the UPS power supplies and its uses and features?
What is the UPS power supply?UPS is the abbreviation of uninterruptible power system, which is an important external equipment to provide continuous, stable and uninterrupted power supply.In principle, the UPS is a power electronics device incorporating digital and analog circuits, automatic control inverters, and maintenance free storage devices;Functionally, UPS can effectively purify the city power when the city power is abnormal. It can also supply power to the computer and other equipment for a certain period of time when the city power breaks suddenly, so that you can have enough time to cope with it;
Q:What is UPS/EPS?
The UPS is used as a power supply to optimize the power supply of the load equipment and provide protection after power failure, so that the equipment will not cause data loss or other power failures due to power failure.
Q:UPS uninterrupted power supply, how long can you extend the power supply?
Generally speaking, the longest UPS can delay 12 hours, even with more batteries, that is, the first discharge time, a long time to later, slowly on the line, the charge itself is not so big

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