Micro Silica SOI-2 Powder 88%

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10 Tons m.t.
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3600 Tons per Month m.t./month

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Product Description:

1.88% densified sio2 podwer


2.Stable quality


3.high tempreture to 1600 degree


4.can denisified to 650 kg/m3.


Technical Data:

Index items

Standard Value

SiO2(Silicon Dioxide)

Min. 97.0%


Max. 0.7%

Fe2O3 (Iron Oxide)

Max. 0.1%

Al2O3(Aluminium Oxide)

Max. 0.3%

CaO(Calcium Dioxide)

Max. 0.3%

MgO(Magnesium Dioxide)

Max. 0.2%

K2O(Potassium Dioxide)

Max. 0.3%

Na2O(Sodium Dioxide)

Max. 0.2%

P2O5(Phosphorus Pentoxide)

Max. 0.1%

SO3(Sulphur Trioxide)

Max. 0.2

Cl (Chloride)

Max. 0.1%

Moisture Content(H2O )

Max. 0.5%

Loss on Ignition(L.O.I)

Max. 0.5%

Percent Retained On 45μm (325 sieve)

Max. 0.5%

Bulk Density



Microsilica CAS #: 69012-64-2 

Microsilica Packing: 500kg/jumbo bags or 20kg or 25kg small plastic woven bags. 


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Q:Why is a cement mixer round?
Actually a square mixer would have many cons: cement would get stuck in corners and dry, Only a fifth of the cement originally put in would be able to be poured out because it would dry... depending on the type. If you think about it, as more and more cement dried in the corners it would naturally turn into a round inside. So a round mixer is just the more natural way to go and is much easier to clean and keep working well.
Q:what is the differance between concrete & cement ?
Hi Martina. The difference between concrete and cement. Cement is used to stick bricks together like in houses. Concrete is used to make roads, foundations for houses. and large concrete structures. Concrete has the added benefit of using ballast (ie) small stones for added strength. for strength reinforcing bars are also added. Lorna.
Q:curing cement with a sprinkler?
Concrete curing time is at least 72 hours. Concrete needs moisture in its curing process. It adds to its durability too and minimizes cracking. One way to help it stay moist during curing process is to trap the moisture that evaporates from it during curing by covering it with plastic. If you don't want to do this. what you are doing is fine, keep it wet. good luck!!
Q:installing cement board/hardibacker?
I would say not really - since every screw hole is now a weak point and they form a really good fracture line. In the case where the material willhave some structural support along the screw hole line it's probably fine.
Q:how does cement contribute to greenhouse gases ?
Because cement is derived from limestone. The limestone is quarried certain blocks of this limestone are heated in a lime kiln. The limestone (Calcium carbonate) is reduced to Quick Lime (Calcium Oxide) as a result of the heating of the rock in a kiln driving CO2 off in the process. However, when the cement is mixed with sand to make cement, the addition of water opens up the chemistry to change the calcium oxide to calcium hydroxide. Further than that, the calcium hydroxide, tries to re-incorporate the driven out CO2 back. At the time of hardening, the cement is a different chemical to what it had been at the time the cement was being mixed.
Q:My question to those who are working in cement industry?
There are two possible options. First you need to maximize the strength potential of the cement clinker you are blending with the natural pozzolan to make the pozzolanic cement. This means stabilizing the clinker mineralogy and boosting the alite content. You can do that by lifting LSF or SM dependent on your current clinker chemistry. Another alternative would be to add calcium fluoride to the raw mix. Secondly you could add a cement conditioner to activate the pozzolanic reaction in the cement. Possibly alkali carbonates or potassium sulphate.
Q:Melting pt of cement? Can u tell me why an overpass in Florida due to a oil fire melted & exposed framework?
The cement didn't melt. It heated up, which caused it to expand. Since it had nowhere to expand TO (the concrete itself was hot, concrete around it was not, high expansion, no place to go), it crumbled. If you go to the overpass site now, you'll see a sizable pile of scorched black cement dust and rubble below the fire site.
Q:how about zhuzhou Jingzuan cemented carbide Co., Ltd?
I am working in Zhuzhou Jingzuan! i know exactly what they are. they are a new Chinese Company, set up at 2009. before 2009, they are known as Zhuzhou Jingcheng. they are dealing with cemented carbide products: CNC inserts, mining tips, end mill, carbide rods, and tungsten bar,tungsten board. and from 2009 to 2012, they are only sale within China, after May 2012, they begin open their international markets. and what kinds of info do you want to know? you can write to me Jingzuan.bigel@yahoo.cn
Q:What do you fill a hole in the wall with cement or with putty? And does cement come already mixed?
Is the wall interior or exterior? What's it made of? How big is the hole? How deep is the hole? All these make a difference.
Q:Why does cement curl when you cut it with a saw sometimes?
Because one side is drier then the other. It tends to curl towards the drier side. You can get the same effect from cutting certain types of fruit. This only happens to cement that is approaching hardness.
Relying on many years of a good reputation and good service, we have many customers from at home and abroad. We have established long-term and steady business relationship with them. Our Microsilica products are not only selling well in China, but also exported to the United States, Germany, Australia, Asia, and other countries and regions around the world.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Luoyang, Henan, China (Mainland)
Year Established 2011
Annual Output Value US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
Main Markets North America; South America; Eastern Europe; Southeast Asia; Oceania; Mid East; Eastern Asia
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2008

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Nearest Port
Export Percentage 31% - 40%
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