Metal Guillotine Manufacturer XR-40

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Product Description:


metal Guillotine  

1.cut metal sheet with high accuracy and high efficiency.

2.cut width:40-1300mm

3.with 8 pairs of blade 


main technical parameter:


Applying range


Thickness of plate: 0.14-0.5mm


Width of plate: 40-1300mm


Production capacity




Type of Motor



Rotate speed




Power consumption






1500 ×1100 ×1200mm




About 1000kg




1.This machine is mainly used to cut tinplate ,iron sheet, silicon steel and other metal sheet with high accuracy and high efficiency.


2.this machine will also include a knife sharpener and a handle to adjust machine.


3.we can also offer thickness of 1-6mm metal sheet cutting machine

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Q:Spot welder operation flow
Set the parameters, put the object to be placed in the middle of the electrode, press the button or foot board to weld
Q:What kind of harm does hanging type spot welder (resistance welding) have on the human body?
When the body of the current through the 0.6mA, the body will cause a tingling sensation; through the current 20mA, can cause severe pain and dyspnea; current through the 50mA ANN are in danger; the current through the 100mA Ann above, the heart stops beating can cause paralysis, heart, until death.
Q:When the spot welder is in use, the voltage of the line will be higher and lower. What can be done to solve it?
1, the current and voltage parameters do not match well;2 、 the wire feeding is unstable;3 、 the quality of welding wire is poor;4 、 dry elongation is too long during welding;5 、 the barrel is blocked or the welding torch is too long and bent too much;6, wire feed wheel wear;7, the wire feeding force is not enough or send wire motor failure;8 、 the control cable has short circuit or bad contact;9, welding cable and ground cable is too long or too small, the contact is not good;10 、 welding machine internal plug-in contact is bad or parts damaged;11, welding input cable is too small or too long;12, welding machine input voltage fluctuation is too big or lack of phase.The stability of welding pressure is an important condition to achieve high quality welding. In AC resistance welding, the strong welding current causes the electrode arm to be interfered by alternating electromagnetic force, which leads to the instability of electrode pressure and influences the welding quality.The medium frequency variable resistance welder outputs DC welding current with little ripple, which will not affect the stability of electrode pressure, so it can be finished with smaller welding pressure.
Q:How can the spot welder adjust the voltage and time to secure the wire point? Why is there a yellow circle in the solder joint?
General spot welding process includes: two aspects of heat generation and diffusion of heat, the size of the heat generated is related to the strength of the welding, as long as the heat is not less than a certain value, strength is guaranteed. The heat of diffusion does not help the strength of the solder joint, but it affects the appearance of the solder joint and the temperature and life of the electrode. The longer the soldering time, the more heat it will spread. Therefore, reducing the welding time and increasing the cooling of the electrode can reduce the discoloration of the solder joint. If the energy storage welder can consider improving the welding pressure and change the electrode shape to improve the appearance of solder joints.
Q:What's the difference between a die laser welder and a spot welder?
Laser spot welding is current through short circuit two electrode moment and became the temperature and pressure are very high, the steel is melted, will produce crystallization during the cooling process, the two plates together, the advantage of this method is to make a lot of layer steel plate welding, but also combined however, because of deficiencies are not in good control in the welding process of generating heat and pressure, so after welding steel plate in cooling time takes longer, it is easy to change the thermal stress, it is in order to avoid the occurrence of thermal stress change and reduce its pressure and heat it is easy to generate welding penetration status.
Q:Is spot welder controlled by PLC?
Look at the size of your factory, the general use of time relay on the line, and if it is large, you can control through the PLC, it will become automatic control.
Q:Is it harmful to eyes to work in battery spot welder?
As long as the spark doesn't splash into your eyes, it's OK to wear glasses.
Q:Welding spot welding is not firm, the beginning of welding is possible, to the welding after 50~60 pieces will appear shaky, partition time will be good, how to adjust?
After welding the 50~60 parts of the resistance spot welder, the welding is not stable because of the following:1: welding capacity is too small. Continuous high current exceeds the rated capacity requirements of welding machine, welding machine overload leads to insufficient welding current, weld lead caused by unstable welding.2: welding machine rated output welding current is too low. According to the workpiece material, thickness, welding machine rated output current, machine capacity and other factors, choose the appropriate welding parameters, welding pressure and welding process.3: welding machine load rate is too low. It can reduce the working time of welding machine and increase the time of welding machine break. Of course, replacing high-power welders is the only solution to the problem.4: welding loop bad contact. Lead welding after a period of time, at the junction of heating workpiece. Check loop contacts and secure securely. Click or other contact points appear oxidation, timely cleaning, polished clean.
Q:Can I use a battery as a spot welder? How to do it
Yes, in theory, but it is illegal. It may cause a short battery, a fire or a splash of metal.
Q:How is the secondary current of spot welding (resistance welding) measured?
General machine comes with current monitoring function, if you feel the current monitoring is not accurate, you can test the external welding monitor, the more Miki company is the production of MM-370B, MM-380A, MM-122A and several, can choose according to their own needs to.The measuring principle and current transformer, the secondary circuit let through a coil, the secondary loop through the current will be induced in the circle, through the reduction of monitor control loop, current can get a secondary value.
In area of technic, research and development, We have a batch of professional and technical personnel in product development and manufacture and production management, some of our products have applied patent, so we believe our high technology and high quality products can meet the updating requirements of customers. We always keep "good business by sincerity and honesty, client's profit in first position" as our management principle. And we have been appraised as a corporation that "pay importance on contract, and keep sincerity" by local government for many times.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Jiangxi,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2010
Annual Output Value Below US$1 Million
Main Markets South America 1.04
Southeast Asia 3.26
Africa 7.92
Mid East 8.81
Eastern Asia 0.54
South Asia 2.25
Domestic Market 76.18
Company Certifications Consumer Trustworthy Company;Member of Chiese packaging technology association;Trust-worthy Company

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port
Export Percentage 41% - 50%
No.of Employees in Trade Department
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 5,000-10,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 6
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Average