Sheet Plate Guillotine Shear Machine

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Guillotine shear machine :used to cut tinplate,silicon steel and other metal with high accuracy and high efficiency.

1. main technical parameter:

Applying thickness range:Model R-40:Max 0.5mm                                            




power consumption:1.1kw

size:1300 ×1100 ×1200mm

weight: about 400kg



1.This machine is mainly used to cut tinplate ,iron sheet, silicon steel and other metal with high accuracy and high efficiency.

2.there are 5 models of this sheet plate shearing machine: 0.5 *1000mm , 0.5 *1300mm, 1*1000mm, 2*1300mm, 3*1300mm.

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Q:How to choose suspension spot welder
I wonder if you are a middle frequency spot welder or a power frequency spot welder. Selection of intermediate suspension spot welding should be integrated welder manufacturers to determine if you see, is the main clamp holder (deep throat, throat width) and you need to select the size of current transformer capacity; power frequency point welding machine is generally 160KVA, 150KVA, 200KVA or 180KVA, if you need more than the welding current 11000A, it is recommended to choose 200KVA and 180KVA, of course also depends on the size of the holder, the water resistance is bigger, longer cable energy loss is bigger, the choice of welding machine are too large.
Q:What is the cause of no welding current in AC spot welder?
That machine has a fault, it is recommended that you change a spot, I know there is a very good spot, Shenzhen city Fuweite welding machine Co., Ltd. is the Taiwan total. Product quality is also very good.
Q:Standard for grinding and trimming of mechanical head of suspension type spot welding
Hanging head welding electrode D13 generally have high 50mm and high D16 55mm two specifications, as long as the electrode head not worn after grinding can continue to use, if the electrode head stick above a large number of zinc electrode layer or head to convex grinding, the specific time to be tested by the welding effect
Q:Spot welding machine, electrode cap, spot welding, how many solder joints, replace a new one
This depends on the extent of your wear, the size of the current and the material, thickness, and cooling effect of the workpiece!
Q:Microcomputer precision spot welding power supply light, but the foot down or not welding, what is the reason to help?
Do you have pictures, or machine models, power, etc?.
Q:Control principle of spot welder?
You this is the equivalent of a counter current through the method, considered a record, but the conventional signal acquisition counter voltage value, you can pass the current into voltage does not exceed the value of 30V to counter acquisition equipment above, when the voltage reaches above 5V can be considered to be a high level, a number of the best. You calculate this current size range, across an appropriate resistance, by recording more than 5V times more than by the voltage of this resistance to count. The welding machinery is provided with these machines
Q:Is the spot welder the same as the riveting welder?
Quite different。 Spot welding machine is to use the positive and negative electrode short circuit to produce short circuit current to dissolve metal parts. A riveting machine uses a punch similar to a punch pin to rivet two pieces together in a small package. Two kinds of equipment welding process is different, according to the welding workpiece to decide.
Q:Principle of AC spot welding machine and treatment of common problems
It seems that to solve your problem is to let you understand the principle of the transformer OK, it is mainly controlled by the number of lines, usually expressed by N, that is, through the primary number of bundle and secondary number of changes in the bundle.
Q:With high-capacity capacitor charging and discharging, can you do a spot welder, how to do, please point out /?
The voltage is not too high, below 30V is suitable to use capacitor discharging current, small resistance varieties, Japan has a large current discharge capacitor special, electrolytic capacitor cannot generally be used, easy to lead to interrupt, if found, with multiple capacitor array, parallel capacitor, in addition to the pressure circuit the design for charging the capacitor to adjust the capacitance energy storage size, with different thickness of the workpiece, condenser type spot welder I only met with little dental stainless steel wire, the discharge current is only 0.5 below the welding wire, the specific capacitance of the capacitor, but also forget is not expensive, can use different capacity, different voltage to test a few times, small capacity low voltage to gradually experiment, how have the general voltage from several thousands of micro method, V. From the capacitor to the spot contact line should be thick enough, dental point fine wire, is to use one centimeter in diameter of the brass rod, transformer spot welder I did also, with the brass tube diameter of 6 cm, inside water, little chicken cage with..
Q:Common problems and solutions in welding process of suspension type spot welding machine in automobile welding shop
I am Chery passenger car 2 factory welding 2 workshop of new employees, you say the problem is more common, the electrode arm heating is likely to be spot welder waterway failure, as for the breakdown of the plate may be the welding position is wrong
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1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Jiangxi,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2010
Annual Output Value Below US$1 Million
Main Markets South America 1.04
Southeast Asia 3.26
Africa 7.92
Mid East 8.81
Eastern Asia 0.54
South Asia 2.25
Domestic Market 76.18
Company Certifications Consumer Trustworthy Company;Member of Chiese packaging technology association;Trust-worthy Company

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a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port
Export Percentage 41% - 50%
No.of Employees in Trade Department
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
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Factory Size: 5,000-10,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 6
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Average