Magnetic Drive Self-Priming Pump

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ZMD Fluorine Plastic Self-priming Magnetic Pump
It collect the charactreristics of magnetic and self-priming pump. Its has function of self-priming, self-priming height can reach up to 2 meter - 4 meter. And this pump cancel the shaft seal Because they are replaced by magnetic coupling without indirect transmission. The Completely Eliminate the phenomenon of drip. There are the best choices to eliminate pollution and create a energy-saving, environmental protection, leak-free factory.
It can be used to transmit corrosive and expensive liquid in special conditions that the Liquid level is lower than the level of the pump mounting position.
Working Temperature: -20 ~150 degree
Flow: 2.5m3/h~100m3/h
Head: 15m~50m
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Q:Do you need filters and oxygen pumps for small tanks?
No, keep it clean
Q:Is the tire pump a good or a double cylinder?
Parallel bars more pressure on inflation speed down
Q:The mechanic charged the high pressure pump into his colleague's anus and caused serious injuries. Does it constitute a negligent crime?
The mechanic will be high pressure pump into the practical joke colleagues anal inflation caused serious injury, to look at the behavior of the charge if it is intentional, overconfident negligence, constitute the crime of negligence causing serious injury, if the structure of harm to society knowing that their behavior and laissez faire, constitute indirect intentional. According to the actual situation, it is more likely to constitute negligence and cause harm.The crime of causing serious injury by negligence refers to the act of negligently harming another person's body and causing serious injury.China's "criminal law" the fifteenth stipulation: should have foreseen that his act may endanger the society, because of negligence did not foresee, or have foreseen the gullible can be avoided, that the results of criminal negligence.The crime is manifested as negligence in subjective aspect, including negligent negligence and overconfidence fault. The former refers to the result that the victim's serious action should be foreseen in the event that the victim is seriously injured and is not foreseen because of carelessness; the latter is the result of having been foreseen and gullible to avoid the serious injury of the victim. The essential characteristics of the crime of negligent injury lie in the fact that the perpetrator has neither intentional homicide nor intentional injury, but only the result of negligence or overconfidence.
Q:How to use the hand air pump to detect floor heating leakage is how to suppress
If it is only suspected, the pressure can be seen. After a day of pressure, see how much stress is falling. If too much, there must be a problem. If you know it's leaking, get some water in it. After one or two days you can see where it's wet and the problem is near the wet
Q:What brand is good for car mounted air pump?
When choosing a car mounted air pump, it is recommended that you do not hold the idea that you can use it. After all, it is related to driving safety, so you should choose carefully. When we buy should first look at the brand has no warranty and maintenance of customer service, also is the primary factor to consider when choosing the number of pump outlet amount per minute how many litres of gas (L/min), which is related to the rate of inflation.At present, there are many brands of air pump on the market, and it is better to select good reputation and reputation. The more popular brand has COIDO, and he is also the car, the new brand is good, such as k-boxing. With the wind Rimula V600 this model, 195/70R14 tire filling time only 1 minutes and 30 seconds, a work time can be up to 60 minutes, single cylinder type pump is very good.
Q:Can the refrigerator compressor be used as an air pump to drive the nail gun?
The air compressor of the refrigerator can do. But it's very slow charge it will delay things very hard ah, I suggest to buy an old
Q:Can I spray paint without an air pump?
Best not to spray, I borrowed a pump spray yourself a shoe and invisible door on their own, the effect is very poor, if there are ready-made can buy, or buy ready-made, unless you are confident of their own woodworking.
Q:Can the oxygen pump position lower than the fish tank?
Normal use will not be a problem, once the power failure will appear water backflow damage to the air pump, so it is best to match a check valve, fish stores have, 5 hair or one yuan a bar.
Q:How do you use the air pump to inflate the battery tires?
Just press it straight up
Q:How do the fish in the tank keep the fish together?
Turn the suction down a bit or place a net in front.Oxygen pumps do not open for 24 hours all day long! Usually in the morning, afternoon, each charge 2 hours or so, the evening charge for a while, if the weather is overcast, then open a longer time. If you do not have a filter, you should always change the water for the fish, preferably 3 or 4 days at a time, with 1/3 of the total water, but it must be dried! The temperature of the water should be similar to that of the fish tank! Every time you don't feed too much, clean up the excreta in the fish tank.

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