Magnetic Drive Self-Priming Pump

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ZMD Fluorine Plastic Self-priming Magnetic Pump
It collect the charactreristics of magnetic and self-priming pump. Its has function of self-priming, self-priming height can reach up to 2 meter - 4 meter. And this pump cancel the shaft seal Because they are replaced by magnetic coupling without indirect transmission. The Completely Eliminate the phenomenon of drip. There are the best choices to eliminate pollution and create a energy-saving, environmental protection, leak-free factory.
It can be used to transmit corrosive and expensive liquid in special conditions that the Liquid level is lower than the level of the pump mounting position.
Working Temperature: -20 ~150 degree
Flow: 2.5m3/h~100m3/h
Head: 15m~50m
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Q:Fish tank oxygen pump does not have to open all the time?
Yes, not often, but if your fish swim on the water and breathe out, it proves to be oxygen deficient, so if you don't have enough oxygen, you'll have to start the oxygen pump. If the fish do not like the above case of oxygen can be less open, but I personally recommend or open 24 hours, not how much electricity, if it is too noisy sounds can change a submersible pump, smaller in a voice, there is a long time accumulation of fish waste in the water, is harmful for fish, try not to have anything to use fecal accumulation, water pump filter (it is recommended to use less filter will be filled with feces, feces into powder filter to filter, causing water pollution). If you don't want to drive all the time, it's fine for a couple of hours, 30 minutes before and after the meal, at night when you're sleeping (at night, with lower oxygen levels in the water), and a rainy day
Q:Tanks do not open at night filter, do not open the oxygen pump OK?
Do you want to be quiet or use the filter?. Very quiet, the best star. It's really not necessary to pump the pump at night. What if you put it in the bedroom aquarium?. It was very wrong. A fish bowl is best placed in the living room.
Q:What are the parameters to buy an air pump?
The main thing is to look at gas production, 0.8MPa can, 0.1--0.2 cubic on the line
Q:How do you use the air pump to inflate the battery tires?
Yes, you can. Just press it.But be careful, don't be too full. Normally, 4 air pressure is enough.The air pump, also called the air pump, the air pump and the inflator, works by the movement of the motor. It is a pneumatic tool. The working principle of pneumatic pump: motor, pumping, connector is atmospheric pressure impulse valve open, gas into the pump, and to boost the morale of the tire air pressure pump, the valve has been closed, the gas into the tire. The gas pump is also inflated by the principle of atmospheric pressure. Inflatable pump applications: automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, rubber balls, rubber boats and so on.
Q:Does the compressor of the refrigerator pump explode when it is compressed?
There is nothing to do with the points, mainly there is no way to achieve, from a safety point of view, as a qualified technician, my proposal is to buy a high pressure air pump, safety first, money can take time
Q:Is it better to use air blower or air pump hot air gun for mobile phone?
In fact, repair the phone, buy a fan type hot air gun can be!
Q:0.25 can the air pump drive the tire machine?
0.25 of the air pump can not drive the tire machine, at least twice the pressure.Tyre machine is also called tyre cutter and tyre dismounting machine. Is the vehicle maintenance equipment in automobile maintenance auxiliary installation and disassembly of automobile tires, the car repair process can be more convenient to remove the tire smoothly, at present there are many types of tyre dismantling machine, pneumatic and hydraulic from a. The most commonly used pneumatic tire dismantling machine.[structure]1 、 main console: the tire is mainly dismantled on this platform, mainly to play the role of placing tires, rotating and so on.2, separation arm: in the demolition of the tire machine side, mainly used to separate the tire and wheel rims, is the demolition of the tire smoothly.3. Inflating and discharging device: mainly to release the gas of the tyre, to inflate or disassemble, and also to measure the barometer of the air pressure. General tires are at around 2.2 atmospheric pressure. Is equal to 0.2Mpa.4, foot board: in the tire machine below, there are 3 foot plate switch, respectively, as the clockwise counterclockwise rotation switch, separation, stepping up switch, separation of wheel rim and tire switch.5, lubricating fluid: conducive to the disassembly and assembly of tires, reduce the damage during the demolition of the tire pile, so that the tire assembly and disassembly work better completed.6 compressed air interface.
Q:Nail gun with air pump, how much pressure
General from the nail gun are above the pressure calibration, the estimated maximum of not more than 60psi, no, not good.
Q:10Kg air compressor is equivalent to the big air pump
The amount of air determines the size of the air compressor, and the size of the pressure does not determine the size of the compressor.Air compressor: an air compressor is a device for compressing gases. The air compressor is similar to the pump. Most air compressors are reciprocating plugs, rotating blades, or rotating screws. Centrifugal compressors are very large applications.
Q:My air pump doesn't pump up automatically
I suggest you focus on your protector. If there is a correct power supply in the three-phase, then the protector can be shielded and tested. In addition, I do not know your pump brand and model, you can refer to your drawings, look at the protective circuit, this piece has no series of other protection functions. Waiting for your test results.

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