LED Camping Light High-grade ABS JT-7009B Using Maintenance-free Battery

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Specifications of Camping Light JT-7009B

2.)LED:It has 5(White Led)+3(Night light)pcs Leds.
3.)Material:High-grade ABS
4.)Battery:Using maintenance-free battery 1500mAh-4V
5.)Feature:Solar panel,Crank Dynamo,DC5V-USB output charging,AC power,car charging.
6.)Lighting Time:
     Full Power:about 9 hours,light will be slowly weakens:about 3 hours.                                                                  
     Half Power:about 16 hours,light will be slowly weakens:about 6 hours.
7.)Charing Time:
     Solar charging:About 6`12 hours,according to the sunlight strong or poor. AC100~240V:about 7~9 hours.

10.)Size: 122*115*230mm(Box)   480*395*510mm(Ctn)


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Camping lights are provided at the camp for lighting, scaring off wild animals, indicating camp locations, etc., and are movable lights.
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Electricity can also be charged. Can advance the use of solar energy or electric charge, so that even if the travel day sun suck also never mind.
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See if the battery is dead or out of touch

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