LED Camping Light High-grade ABS JT-7009B Using Maintenance-free Battery

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Specifications of Camping Light JT-7009B

2.)LED:It has 5(White Led)+3(Night light)pcs Leds.
3.)Material:High-grade ABS
4.)Battery:Using maintenance-free battery 1500mAh-4V
5.)Feature:Solar panel,Crank Dynamo,DC5V-USB output charging,AC power,car charging.
6.)Lighting Time:
     Full Power:about 9 hours,light will be slowly weakens:about 3 hours.                                                                  
     Half Power:about 16 hours,light will be slowly weakens:about 6 hours.
7.)Charing Time:
     Solar charging:About 6`12 hours,according to the sunlight strong or poor. AC100~240V:about 7~9 hours.

10.)Size: 122*115*230mm(Box)   480*395*510mm(Ctn)


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Q:Summer camp is coming. Peaceful, sunny, solar power, camping light?
Dear, as energy-saving famous brand, peace, sunshine, power generation, solar camping lights, how can less? And it's absolutely affordable and easy to use. When you go out to travel and camp, don't forget to bring along a peaceful, power, solar camping light that lights your way and guides you in the direction of your trip.
Q:Are there any good camping lights recommended?
1, portable2, charging function3, mobile power function4, waterproof, anti fall, dust-proof5, brightness adjustable6, lighting time up to 78 hours7, flash mode8, flash photographyThe disadvantage is that the price of ordinary people can not receive, brand: excellent foreign
Q:Want to buy a smaller camping light, the best solar energy
The recently released PRX-8000T, equipped with a solar powered system, watch solar panels solar light, weak light and light into electricity, and then stored in the solar battery capacity, to provide adequate power for watches of other functions.
Q:How long does the new solar camping light last?
Like solar camping lamp, if lit, generally can last 5-6 hours, this product can be in the daytime sunlight, can be placed directly on the ground charging, convenient carrying out camping. You can refer to the following Himin Solar Photoelectric lamp products, product design, lighting for a long time, I hope to help you.
Q:What do you have for camping equipment? What camping equipment do you need to go with family driving?
Camping...... When it comes to camping tent, you have to have a top bar, then you have to go to bed mattress, sleeping bag, after all night. Of course, if in order to facilitate the camping light and far light you get one, of course if it is charging, then charging treasure or something you have to have one, if the use of batteries, battery backup, you must take more. It's better to have another solar powered panel.
Q:What is the explosion-proof lamp?
Explosion proof lamp is a lighting lamp with explosion-proof function. For flammable and explosive places, such as chemical, coal, oil, dust, workshops, boiler rooms and other venues. The main features are flameproof type, increased safety type and positive pressure type. The light bulbs include: LED light source, metal halide lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, electrodeless lamp and incandescent lamp (now basically eliminated). The light source is installed in the lamp, lamp with explosion-proof performance.
Q:Solar energy, camping lights, flashlights, easy to use, use effect?
If it's camping light, it's better to recharge it
Q:What's the USB interface for charging camp lights?
Also, use a data line to connect the interface of the camping light to the mobile phone and to charge the device using the battery of the camping light.
Q:What are the codes for various types of explosion proof lamps?
Manufacturers are not the same, the model is not the same. There are about BCD -200 flameproof explosion-proof lamp, BGL-200 is increased safety type explosion-proof lamp, FGL-200 increased safety type explosion-proof anti-corrosion lamp, FGL-G stainless steel explosion-proof lamp, BXL-100 explosion-proof ceiling lamp and so on,.......... And the explosion-proof light. Explosion proof sight lamp. Explosion proof lamp, explosion proof platform lamp, much better
Q:What about solar charging and multipurpose portable camping light?
See if the battery is dead or out of touch

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