Unmissable ! Led white starlit dance floor for decoration

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Product Description:

Led white starlit dance floor

Technical parameter

Input Voltage36V
Power Consumption300W


7 programs

Consumption per panel

4W(2ft*2ft) 8W(2ft*4ft)

LED Quantity

16pieces(2ft*2ft) and  32pieces(2ft*4ft)

FunctionsTwinkling Effect,Speed adjusted by remote controller

Arylic(Surface), ABS board(middle of the panel), aluminum(undersurface)

LED Color

High-quality W/R/G/B/Y.Single Color

Size per panel

2ft*2ft(604*604*30mm) and 2ft*4ft(604*1210*30mm)


7kg(2ft*2ft) 13kg(2ft*4ft)

With a pure gloss finish and twinkling lights dazzing you and your guest,

you can be sure to make a huge impression with this style of dance floor.

-Suitable for weddings,party,event,and other special show.

-No cables and tools required while setting up.

-Quick and easy to lay.

Signal receiver

Wireless remote

2x4ft panel,2x2ft panel:

Flight case for packing:

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Q:Can you tell me where the red and green laser beam lamps are on the tower? Twenty
That's not a laser, but a power searchlight with a green glass, so thick, a laser beam is bigger than a truck.
Q:How does the Pearl console 2010 allow the beam light to be sequentially bright and then in order of black?
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Beam light is famous for its unique light source. Its unique small caliber cup bubble design and accurate focal length positioning principle make its light efficiency utilization rate extremely high.
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Hello。 Light and lighting are different, a beam of light beam effect, while computer lighting just hit the main effects, but in a small scene mainly to see the site layout of the budget if I suggest you can use light better as what problems can consult Guangzhou special lighting and sound equipment Limited
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5 LED lights are too small, right?Normal surface light requires 8 unitsThere are two lights on one side and 4 on the other4 light beam words, two choice 1, stage front mouth: side two 2, put stage after mouth: center put four.
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The general dimming method is to control the current during turn-on through an additional control circuit inside the electronic ballast, so as to control the brightness. To be detailed, we have to copy it.

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