Campinglight CR-1082F/PA Campinglight CR-1082F/PA

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$45.00 - 52.00 / g
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TT or LC
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1000 g
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200000 g/month

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◆DC 12V cigarette plug charger

Campinglight CR-1082F/PA  Campinglight CR-1082F/PA







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Q:How do you make the solar camping lamp?
Sally Jia solar lighting, specializing in the production of solar camping lights.
Q:What are the requirements for camping lights? What brand is good?
Waterproof, resistant to fall, the choice of file more, it is best to be equipped with flexible mask, to explore the guest 007 of the good
Q:Introduction to camping lights
Camping lights are provided at the camp for lighting, scaring off wild animals, indicating camp locations, etc., and are movable lights.
Q:Can you tell me how to run out of telescopic hand lamp?
Charge, or change batteries. This flashlight is not very reliable, not the outdoor equipment...
Q:Use of camping lights
The product is suitable for home lighting, carport, guard room, dormitory, farmhouse courtyard, planting greenhouses, fishing boats, military post and field duty, camping Village bar, geological exploration.
Q:NIMH or lithium for ordinary led camping lamp (design of battery power supply) will damage the LED?
Battery capacity refers to its ampere hour A.h or ma.h number
Q:Want to buy a smaller camping light, the best solar energy
CASIO PRO TREK is a professional outdoor mountaineering table series, many of them are equipped with CASIO's self-developed solar drive system.
Q:Led how long is the camping lamp No. five lighting?
* / battery capacity lamp current consumption (LED = time and power on camping lights, in addition to the battery capacity).
Q:What do you have for camping equipment? What camping equipment do you need to go with family driving?
Camping generally likes picnics. If it's a picnic, an alcohol burner, or a gasoline stove, you have to. At least you have to burn some hot water and, of course, the charcoal in the oven. Then you have to bring something to eat, such as a kebab, for example. There is some emergency emergency medicine, and what the band.
Q:Maintenance of explosion proof lamp
4, the light source damage, should promptly turn off the lights, notify the replacement, so as not to cause the light source can not start, and the ballast and other electrical components in an abnormal state for a long time.5 lamps used in damp environment, if there is water in the lamp cavity, should be cleaned in time, replace the sealed parts, and ensure the protective property of the shell.6 when opening the lampshade, the cover shall be opened after breaking the power supply according to the warning sign.7 after opening the cover should check the flameproof joint surface is intact, rubber seals whether harden or become sticky, wire insulation is green and carbonization, insulation parts and electrical components are whether deformation and scorch. If these problems are found, they should be repaired and replaced in time.8 the type, specification, size and performance of the light source, parts and electrical components after maintenance and replacement shall be in accordance with the light source, components and electrical elements before and after the maintenance and replacement.9 cover before the application of wet cloth (not too wet) light and transparent lamp light off, in order to improve the light efficiency. In the flameproof joint surface, should be coated with a thin layer of 204-1 replacement type rust preventive oil, should pay attention to the sealing ring sealing ring in the original position, play a sealing role.10 the sealing part of the lamp should not be removed and opened frequently.

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