Campinglight CR-1073S-1 Campinglight CR-1073S-1

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200000 g/month

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◆DC 13V cigarette plug charger

Campinglight CR-1073S-1  Campinglight CR-1073S-1 




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Q:The existing 6V 4ah battery a, want to do led camping lamp, who can give a circuit touchais.
Led lights originally very simple, do a constant flow source on the line, to the electronic engineering design website, check, casually download.Here, I want to upload it for you. It's very troublesome. Little still doesn't know how to upload pictures. So many people browse, answer fewer people.
Q:Introduction to camping lights
Camping lights are provided at the camp for lighting, scaring off wild animals, indicating camp locations, etc., and are movable lights.
Q:I want to buy solar camping lights. Where can I find a retail solar camping light in Baise?
Landlord, Guangxi Baise is a solar camping lamp to sell, but travel with a solar energy is bulky, you can try Tonman lamp light camp Mini size, not only can charge mobile phone can whenever and wherever possible, and put the bag with SOS whenever and wherever possible, the international distress signal lamp, infrared sensor lights, remote control, adjustable light with Tonman, the camp lights, let you travel safety.
Q:About camping problems (Chongqing area)
If a copy is copied on the big page, write a simple oneWhen we go out for mountaineering or camping, we need to stay in the field. The list of items below will help you sort out the equipment so as not to forget anything:Camping lamp, backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, moisture-proof pad, fertilizer, light bulbs; towels;
Q:Can I use explosion proof lamp at 80 degrees high temperature?
Look at the instructions. What is the ambient temperature of the lamp?
Q:In the field, camping lights are controlled by light, and will automatically turn on at night.
The photosensitive resistance is good, is the use of photosensitive resistance resistance control, adjustable, variable resistance strong light, weak light resistance becomes large, the optional range of resistance is generally used in outdoor is 18 - 50, 40 - 140, the specific right, according to the results of the test. If the product needs to export, it is necessary to choose the environmental protection of photosensitive resistance is a photosensitive sensor, some manufacturers also said photosensitive resistance, environmental protection, that is a lie, a photosensitive resistance photosensitive sensor in terms of price, they hope to help you.
Q:Can the LED lamp be used as an explosion-proof lamp? Can you pass the fire check?
Hello, LED is the light emitting diode. Fluorescent tubes are traditional fluorescent tubes.Instead of the traditional fluorescent tube, it can be installed in the explosion-proof lamps, instead of LED led.
Q:What are the requirements of warehouse lighting explosion-proof lamp?
According to different dangerous source, choose different explosion-proof grade explosion-proof lamp, for example, have combustible dust warehouse, choose dust explosion-proof lamp, have dangerous gas selection, gas explosion-proof lamp.From Nanyang Zhongtian explosion protection
Q:How long does the new solar camping light last?
Like solar camping lamp, if lit, generally can last 5-6 hours, this product can be in the daytime sunlight, can be placed directly on the ground charging, convenient carrying out camping. You can refer to the following Himin Solar Photoelectric lamp products, product design, lighting for a long time, I hope to help you.
Q:I want to go camping with my friends, barbecue, and buy some lights.
With USB line charging, to charge 6 hours, and there are four stalls can adjust the light, the most surprising thing is that when fourth is red and blue flashing lights, and then go out to drive is also very convenient

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