4W LED Camping Light High-grade ABS JT-9008B Using Maintenance-free Battery

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Specifications of Camping Light JT-9008B

2.)LED:It has 8pcs Leds.                                                         
3.)Material:High-grade ABS                                                  
4.)Battery:Using maintenance-free battery 2000mAh-4V                       
5.)Feature:Solar panel,Crank Dynamo,DC5V-USB output charging,AC power,car charging.                                        
6.)Lighting Time:                                                                               
Full Power:about 9 hours,light will be slowly weakens:about 4 hours.
Half Power:about 18 hours,light will be slowly weakens:about 8 hours.
7.)Charing Time:                                                                                
Solar charging:About 8~16 hours,according to the sunlight strong or poor. AC100~240V:about 7~9 hours.                                                                                                                           
10.)Size: 140*125*265mm(Box)   520*440*560mm(Ctn)


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Q:Summer camp is coming. Peaceful, sunny, solar power, camping light?
Dear, as energy-saving famous brand, peace, sunshine, power generation, solar camping lights, how can less? And it's absolutely affordable and easy to use. When you go out to travel and camp, don't forget to bring along a peaceful, power, solar camping light that lights your way and guides you in the direction of your trip.
Q:How do I remove the ceiling lamp?
Remember! Any thing that cannot be disassembled has a way of doing wonders
Q:Maintenance of explosion proof lamp
4, the light source damage, should promptly turn off the lights, notify the replacement, so as not to cause the light source can not start, and the ballast and other electrical components in an abnormal state for a long time.5 lamps used in damp environment, if there is water in the lamp cavity, should be cleaned in time, replace the sealed parts, and ensure the protective property of the shell.6 when opening the lampshade, the cover shall be opened after breaking the power supply according to the warning sign.7 after opening the cover should check the flameproof joint surface is intact, rubber seals whether harden or become sticky, wire insulation is green and carbonization, insulation parts and electrical components are whether deformation and scorch. If these problems are found, they should be repaired and replaced in time.8 the type, specification, size and performance of the light source, parts and electrical components after maintenance and replacement shall be in accordance with the light source, components and electrical elements before and after the maintenance and replacement.9 cover before the application of wet cloth (not too wet) light and transparent lamp light off, in order to improve the light efficiency. In the flameproof joint surface, should be coated with a thin layer of 204-1 replacement type rust preventive oil, should pay attention to the sealing ring sealing ring in the original position, play a sealing role.10 the sealing part of the lamp should not be removed and opened frequently.
Q:LED portable products (LED flashlight, miner's lamp, camping lamp, etc.) circuit diagram and working principle
It's nothing to hide now, but it's hard to find it hereAdvise you to go to the relevant forum to see it
Q:I want to go camping, want to learn the soldiers,
With a WAL-MART or a good supermarket, with anything
Q:Solar tent camping camping lamp, where is the wholesale?
ECOO solar company production of solar tent, solar lanterns, solar micro kitchen etc. every kind of outdoor camping products.
Q:What equipment do you need for camping?
I said a full point wearing a pair of underwear socks with a long coat charge outdoor trousers outdoor shoes watch belt gloves goggles small knife flint papers get a waterproof belt with these is the body with the need to take a medicine bag backpack kettle (according to personal needs in general is cold medicine antiphlogistic sunscreen good fast hemostatic bandage bandage vitamin tablets berberine eye drops of safflower oil best antitoxic serum) mobile phone (battery) map whistle rescue signal lighter waterproof match hand lamp headlamp camping lamp camera (camera bag towel) tent with intercom personal hygiene hot water oven is toothbrush toothpaste soap and the like to replace these clothes what I need. You know a variety of anti hose small telescope sewing kit pen Book and pen food (compressed biscuits, beef, chocolate, glucose, energy bars) these things can be packed in backpacks, there are many other things, according to the terrain, the most important thing is that the knife does not leave the body
Q:What are the models of explosion proof lamp 5?
Explosion proof lamp model has BAD series, BAX explosion-proof ceiling lamp, BAYD explosion-proof emergency lamp, BAT explosion-proof light, BAY56 explosion-proof anti-corrosion plastic fluorescent lamp and so on.Classification of explosion proof lamps:New revised national standard GB3836.1 explosive atmospheres for electrical equipment are classified as class I, class II, and class III:1 class IClass I electrical equipment used in coal mine gas and gas environmentNote: class I explosion-proof model takes into account the physical protection measures for methane and pulverized coal ignition and underground equipmentWhen the electrical equipment used in coal mine environment except methane can contain the explosive gas should be in accordance with the class I and class II corresponding flammable gas for manufacturing and testing of the electrical equipment should have the corresponding symbol (for example: Ex D I/IIB T3 or ExdI/II (NH3)2 II classClass II electrical equipment for use in addition to coal mine methane gas, its explosive gas environmentClass II electrical equipment is reclassified according to the type of explosive environment it intends to useClass II electrical equipment reclassification:Class II: representative gas propane;Class IIB: representative gases, ethylene;Class IIC: representative gas, hydrogen3 III classClass III electrical equipment for explosive dust environment other than coal mineClass III electrical equipment is reclassified in accordance with its intended use of explosive dust environmental characteristicsClass III electrical equipment reclassification:- IIIA: burning feixu;Class IIIB: non conductive dust;Class IIIC: conductive dust
Q:Camping light outlets looking for solar panels and solar energy
Domestic renewable energy technology Co., Ltd. may also be a friend of mine, the last time I bought a solar panel in that company, and I also went to its production base
Q:Does the LED bulb belong to an explosion proof lamp?
Explosion-proof argument LED lighting market, this proof refers to the LED light bulb does not burst, and there is a difference between the LED lamp, LED lamp is used in dangerous places, will not cause the external environment of the explosion, to meet the requirements of GB3836. Submit an answer

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