Campinglight CR-1073A-1 Campinglight CR-1073A-1

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$40.00 - 61.00 / g
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TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
1000 g
Supply Capability:
200000 g/month

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Product Description:

◆Rubberized ABC
◆Over charging & Discharging Protection

Campinglight CR-1073A-1  Campinglight CR-1073A-1







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Q:What about solar charging and multipurpose portable camping light?
Take care of it and ask me for my new one
Q:What are the characteristics and troubleshooting methods of camping lights?
If you want to be bright and bright, the light is on the bike, but it can also be used as a headlight camp lamp, which is the brightest light I have ever seen, with 1200 lumens!
Q:My camping lights, batteries, and iron products are sucked together. Will it affect battery performance and life?
This meeting, general non-ferrous metal, with magnets put together, it will produce magnetism, after a long time will be affected, the battery is affected by the magnetic field, its electrical energy will change. I suggest you don't put it together.
Q:How to connect the explosion proof lampOur new paint cover, inside a lamp.
What kind of explosion proof lamp, general explosion-proof lamp, general electrician can.
Q:Use of camping lights
The product is suitable for home lighting, carport, guard room, dormitory, farmhouse courtyard, planting greenhouses, fishing boats, military post and field duty, camping Village bar, geological exploration.Lighting tools are used at a critical time, so be sure to choose a viable product, in this regard careless, that is, irresponsible for their lives.
Q:What is the explosion-proof lamp?
Explosion proof lamp is a lighting lamp with explosion-proof function. For flammable and explosive places, such as chemical, coal, oil, dust, workshops, boiler rooms and other venues. The main features are flameproof type, increased safety type and positive pressure type. The light bulbs include: LED light source, metal halide lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, electrodeless lamp and incandescent lamp (now basically eliminated). The light source is installed in the lamp, lamp with explosion-proof performance.
Q:What are the requirements of warehouse lighting explosion-proof lamp?
According to different dangerous source, choose different explosion-proof grade explosion-proof lamp, for example, have combustible dust warehouse, choose dust explosion-proof lamp, have dangerous gas selection, gas explosion-proof lamp.From Nanyang Zhongtian explosion protection
Q:General installation explosion-proof lamp what are the requirements?
Prior to installation, the explosion-proof lamp shall be checked from the nameplate and the product manual: the explosion-proof type, classification, grade, group, enclosure protection grade, installation method and fastening requirements for installation.The installation of explosion proof lamp shall be firmly secured, the fastening bolt shall not be replaced at random, and the spring washer shall be complete. Dust proof and waterproof sealing rings should be placed as they are.Cable entry line, the cable and sealing washer should closely cooperate, the cable cross section should be round, and the surface of the sheath should not be convex and concave defects. The excess inlet must be sealed by explosion proof type, and the fastening nut will be tightened so that the inlet seal is sealed.
Q:Do you have any camping lights that are easy to carry?
Now the Chinese solar camping lamp, lighting and charging your mobile phone!
Q:Where is the explosion-proof lamp mainly used?
Products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, military, shipbuilding, coal, tobacco, wine and other industries

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