Campinglight CR-1073A Campinglight CR-1073A

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$40.00 - 61.00 / g
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TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
1000 g
Supply Capability:
200000 g/month

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Product Description:

◆Portable LED Penlight
◆chosen rechargeable battery or dry battery
◆DC 12V cigarette plug charger
◆7W Fluorescent tube

Campinglight CR-1073A  Campinglight CR-1073A







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Q:How do I remove the ceiling lamp?
Remember! Any thing that cannot be disassembled has a way of doing wonders
Q:LED portable products (LED flashlight, miner's lamp, camping lamp, etc.) circuit diagram and working principle
I wonder if you are a producer or a distributor. Could you please explain the situation? Maybe I can help you,
Q:The hand that Decathlon sells camping lamp charger only a car charger
If you have to be specific, I suggest you go to the store and ask the salesperson.
Q:LED rechargeable camping lamp batteries are out of order
As long as the volume, the voltage, and the capacity are the same, it can be replaced.
Q:What are the requirements of warehouse lighting explosion-proof lamp?
According to different dangerous source, choose different explosion-proof grade explosion-proof lamp, for example, have combustible dust warehouse, choose dust explosion-proof lamp, have dangerous gas selection, gas explosion-proof lamp.From Nanyang Zhongtian explosion protection
Q:Is the explosion-proof lamp waterproof?
Explosion proof lamp is not waterproof,Because of the principle of explosion proof flameproof explosion-proof lamp is the light source and explosive gas separated from the housing can not be closed, there is a gap, the gap can play the role of explosion proof hours, because when the flame through the gap is long and narrow, by the resistance, and the heat dissipation, outgoing heat has been less than ignite explosive mixture, which is called gap explosion-proof principle. You require both explosion-proof and waterproof requirements, may indicate that the shell protection level is IP65 or IP66.
Q:What's the function of explosion proof lamp?
In a dangerous place where an explosion may occur, an explosion lamp can be used to avoid the ignition of the lamp and cause an explosion.
Q:What equipment do you need for camping?
Anti mosquito bites are essential medicines, cold, warm clothing, washing utensils, food, self-defense equipment, compass, mobile phones, GPS navigator. If you drive, consider whether the oil is enough.
Q:What are the functions of the multi function LED camping lamp?
You don't know which is the solar camping lamp, if new camping lights, with lighting and charging for small electronic products, the green solar energy into electricity, both energy saving and no need to worry about power depletion.
Q:Does the LED bulb belong to an explosion proof lamp?
Explosion-proof argument LED lighting market, this proof refers to the LED light bulb does not burst, and there is a difference between the LED lamp, LED lamp is used in dangerous places, will not cause the external environment of the explosion, to meet the requirements of GB3836. Submit an answer

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