Outdoor Explosion-proof Strong Floodlight

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1.Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland) Brand 

2.Ex-mark:Exd I CT4/T6

3.Number: DGS70/127B(A)

4.Bulb: MH 


6.Material: aluminum alloy 




Outdoor Explosion-proof Strong Floodlight is uitable for flammable and explosive place security work, for a variety of indoor and outdoor workplaces.




1. The highest flameproof explosion-proof grade, can work safety in coal mine inflammable and explosive places.

2. Made by high gas discharge light source, high luminous efficiency, long life, the average service life of up to 10000 hours.

3. The shell adopts a special lightweight alloy material, high strength, impact resistant performance is good.

4. Excellent structure design and the latest surface treatment technology, waterproof, dustproof, ensure lamps in various harsh environment and reliable work.

5. The quality of light, small volume, simple and convenient installation, can use a type, wall hung, ring type to install a variety of ways.


Rated voltage


Insulation class


Protection category


Inlet thread


Drop cable


Distance ratio



Lamp 190*300mm 

Ballast box 310*240*89mm


Lamp 4.3kg    Ballast box 4.15kg

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Q:Does the explosion proof lamp need to be examined?
Check their own, look at the aging of the sealing circle does not, the fire will not generally
Q:Do oxygen storage rooms need to be fitted with explosion-proof lamps?
Needed. Oxygen also belongs to flammable and explosive gas, our usual environment, oxygen content is low, can not feel. It is very dangerous to store oxygen. Electrical equipment sparks or static electricity can easily ignite flammable gases, so be sure to use explosion-proof electrical equipment, so as to ensure safety in production. Safety weightier than Mount Tai!
Q:Huarong pocket explosion proof lamp is full of electricity, what's the matter?
Huarong pocket explosion proof lamp is full of electricityThe battery is full of bad switches. It's not good enough to repair
Q:How to identify led explosion-proof lamp explosion-proof?
LED explosion-proof lamp is through the qualified third party explosion-proof certification, with explosion proof certificate. You can look at the nameplate, there are explosion-proof signs, ask manufacturers to explosion-proof certificate, and then to the issuing authority to check the authenticity of the explosion certificate. As for the quality of explosion proof lamp, it should be judged by experts.
Q:How much is the installation of an explosion proof lamp?
The environment is different from the overhead of the chemical plant and the drilling,The season is different between winter and summer,Class of implements,Ordinary indoor explosion-proof lamp. And installation of explosion-proof streetlights are not the same
Q:How is the glass cover of flameproof explosion-proof lamp fixed?
According to the national GB3836.2 standard for explosion protection, the glass cover and metal joint should be glued or covered with soft metal pads
Q:Common light source for explosion proof headlamp
Traditional white woven lampsGas enhanced white woven lampLED light sourcelight-emitting diode
Q:Is the lamp explosion-proof level high or three?
Which is the highest level of explosion-proof intrinsically safe type, but not the safety lamp;Explosion proof lamp ExdIICT4, Ga explosion-proof level is relatively high;The coal mine explosion proof, explosion-proof symbol is: I, for explosive gas for ExdI flameproof or intrinsically safe type ExiaI. certification test is methane (CH4) with hydrogen (H2) acetylene (C2H2) explosion limit and explosion pressure is much smaller.Explosion proof factory is divided into gas explosion proof and dust explosion proof.Coal mine explosion-proof use in factories, explosion-proof requirements are different, different test methods, different scope of application.Where will you use the explosion proof lamp? What dangerous gases or dust do you have? Targeted response is better.
Q:What LED explosion proof lamp is good at the gas station?
For the gas station should choose explosion-proof lamp shell protection grade in IP65, IP65 lamps are anti flammable gases, and recommend the use of type LED light source 70, lighting angle is dazzling, Scarlett ran anti lighting good I bought dozens of times.
Q:What lights are on when the sea king multifunction light explosion proof lamp is charging?
3, in use, when the battery power is about to run out, the lighting brightness of the lamp will be suddenly weakened or stopped working suddenly, and the battery should be stopped and charged at this time.

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