Outdoor Explosion-proof Strong Floodlight

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1.Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland) Brand 

2.Ex-mark:Exd I CT4/T6

3.Number: DGS70/127B(A)

4.Bulb: MH 


6.Material: aluminum alloy 




Outdoor Explosion-proof Strong Floodlight is uitable for flammable and explosive place security work, for a variety of indoor and outdoor workplaces.




1. The highest flameproof explosion-proof grade, can work safety in coal mine inflammable and explosive places.

2. Made by high gas discharge light source, high luminous efficiency, long life, the average service life of up to 10000 hours.

3. The shell adopts a special lightweight alloy material, high strength, impact resistant performance is good.

4. Excellent structure design and the latest surface treatment technology, waterproof, dustproof, ensure lamps in various harsh environment and reliable work.

5. The quality of light, small volume, simple and convenient installation, can use a type, wall hung, ring type to install a variety of ways.


Rated voltage


Insulation class


Protection category


Inlet thread


Drop cable


Distance ratio



Lamp 190*300mm 

Ballast box 310*240*89mm


Lamp 4.3kg    Ballast box 4.15kg

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Q:What's the qualification of explosion proof lamp 10
Explosion proof certificate and production license.In fact, the explosion-proof certificate is not the same, some of the national explosion-proof product quality monitoring bureau issued, and some other institutions issued, this credibility is naturally not the same.In addition, we should also look at the size of the enterprise, production capacity, industry reputation, product quality and so on. In general, some large enterprises and institutions access documents are also of reference value, for example, the three major oil companies, China Classification Society, large chemical group and some international certification.In any case, the more trade documents, the more complete, more authoritative, basically also shows that the enterprise in the explosion-proof electrical industry higher status. Of course, corresponding to the price, a price, a sub cargo?. O (a _ U) O haha.Our Jiangsu Ou Ou explosion proof electric limited company is perhaps your good choice, if need to go to ferry.
Q:Will the lighting of the generator room be explosion proof?
Yes, because sometimes the voltage is too high, and the bulb will explode
Q:Is carbon fiber baking lamp an explosion proof lamp?
Paint room paint solvent belongs to flammable and explosive gases, paint room electrical explosion proof electrical, lamps should use explosion-proof lamp, heating, can use explosion-proof electric heater.
Q:What lights are on when the sea king multifunction light explosion proof lamp is charging?
when the battery is fully charged, the light turns green.2, once full of electricity, can be used at any time within 3 months; if not placed for a long time, use 4~6 hours before charging.
Q:Is the water inlet of explosion proof lamp chimney in LNG factory normal? How to deal with it?
How much you contact, our company is a regular explosion-proof appliances, explosion-proof lamps manufacturers, I am here with you carefully analyze what specific circumstances
Q:Basic knowledge of flameproof lamps?
Hear it, the friend should be just involved in the field of industrial lighting, if you are going to do in this industry, first of all is to be familiar with the industry business model, production technical requirements, such as industrial lighting lamp classification, namely mobile professional class, mobile explosion-proof type, fixed type and fixed type explosion-proof professional, which has various categories what are the different products, and what are the scope of.In addition, in the field of industrial lighting manufacturers you have to make a corresponding understanding, such as what the manufacturers support OEM/ODM (lighting, which belongs to the Wenzhou Hengsheng) manufacturers of the industry is doing fine, the brand the loudest (Shenzhen ocean Wang Zhaoming)... Etc., all you need to know and be familiar with.
Q:What qualification does the construction of the explosion-proof lamp require of the construction party?
The construction party has the aptitude of mechanical and electrical engineeringThe selection, position and height of the lamp can be done according to regulation 20.1.5
Q:LED explosion proof lamp, which led explosion proof lamp is good?
Hundred percent lighting, cost-effective, good after-sales service
Q:What is guardrail type explosion proof lamp?
Anti explosion lamp installed by guardrailRefers to the installation pole of explosion proof lampI do explosion-proof lamps
Q:Do dangerous waste warehouses need explosion proof lamps and explosion-proof switches?
After all, the proposed installation is still dangerous

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