Outdoor Explosion-proof Strong Floodlight

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1.Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland) Brand 

2.Ex-mark:Exd I CT4/T6

3.Number: DGS70/127B(A)

4.Bulb: MH 


6.Material: aluminum alloy 




Outdoor Explosion-proof Strong Floodlight is uitable for flammable and explosive place security work, for a variety of indoor and outdoor workplaces.




1. The highest flameproof explosion-proof grade, can work safety in coal mine inflammable and explosive places.

2. Made by high gas discharge light source, high luminous efficiency, long life, the average service life of up to 10000 hours.

3. The shell adopts a special lightweight alloy material, high strength, impact resistant performance is good.

4. Excellent structure design and the latest surface treatment technology, waterproof, dustproof, ensure lamps in various harsh environment and reliable work.

5. The quality of light, small volume, simple and convenient installation, can use a type, wall hung, ring type to install a variety of ways.


Rated voltage


Insulation class


Protection category


Inlet thread


Drop cable


Distance ratio



Lamp 190*300mm 

Ballast box 310*240*89mm


Lamp 4.3kg    Ballast box 4.15kg

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Q:Explosion proof lamps belong to explosion-proof electric products?
Explosion-proof lamps are explosion-proof electrical equipment; but it does not belong to the scope of the implementation of the explosion-proof electric production license, do not obtain explosion-proof electrical production license.From Nanyang Zhongtian explosion protection
Q:How much is the voltage and current of jw7623/hz charger for marine King multi-function light proof explosion lamp?
Ocean King multi-function light explosion proof lamp jw7623/hz charger voltage current isRated voltage: 3.7VRated capacity: 2.2AH
Q:The explosion-proof grade of mobile explosion-proof lamps,
Not intrinsically safe explosion-proof lamp, explosion-proof electrical is: ExiaIICT4 than ExiaIIBT2 high level. T is an explosion-proof electrical temperature group, T6, the maximum surface temperature is not more than 85 degrees, T4 is not more than 135 degrees centigrade, and T2 is not more than 300 degrees centigrade. Exia this type of relatively high levels can be used in Zone 0, zone 1, zone 2; flameproof D, can be used in zone 1, zone 2.
Q:The workshop height is 8 meters, but the design has no requirement, and the explosion-proof lamp is generally installed height
What is the height of the wire in your workshop, and the base of the explosion-proof lamp and the height of the bridge are consistent.In addition, you need to see the angle of your explosive lamp reflector, calculate the effective range of illumination on the ground, and then calculate the interval of the top mounted explosion-proof lamp to ensure that the ground is covered by light. Generally more than 150W, do not need to worry about insufficient illumination.
Q:Can the explosion-proof lamps be applied for UL certification according to ordinary lamps and lanterns?
Generally not, and they apply the occasion is different, so the standard is not the same. However, if you declare that this lamp is used in ordinary occasions, and the control information can prove to be used only as ordinary lamps, you can apply for UL in accordance with ordinary lamps.
Q:Seeking explosion-proof lamp glass cover (transparent) thickness requirements GB data, urgent!
Plane general 10mm, arc surface has no specific requirements, but the impact energy is higher than 4J
Q:Which laboratory spaces require installation of explosion-proof lamps?
In the laboratory, if there is flammable and explosive gas leakage, it is necessary to install explosion-proof lighting.
Q:What do you mean by "MB" in the EXdembIICT4 above the explosion-proof lamp?
Explosion proof signs Exdemb, II, B, T6, Gb, demb, meaning are as follows:Code name, explosion proof type, national standard, explosion prevention measures, applicable areaD flameproof GB3836.2 isolation exists for ignition source Zone1, Zone2E increased safety type GB3836.3 tries to prevent ignition source Zone1, Zone2MB cast sealed GB3836.9 try to prevent ignition source Zone1, Zone2
Q:Want to learn some knowledge about explosion proof lamp industry, where can I study?
Q:How much is the installation of an explosion proof lamp?
Always feel no birds, not good maintenance, not bright enough

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