JD-5 series electro motor integrative protector

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 JD-5 series electro motor integrative protector 

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45 pcs


45 PCS in one carton.

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JD-5 series electro motor integrative protector


1.1 Application:

JD-5 series electro motor integrative protector,applied to AC 50/60Hz, voltage 380V and below the power supply circuit and ac contactor switch circuit of motor control circuit.When the main circuit of the motor phase failure, overload, locked-rotor and so on (the abnormal working status), can timely disconnect switch electric contact,three-phase power motive power,to protect the motor reliably.

1.2 Model definition:

JD-5 series electro motor integrative protector

1.3 Normal working conditions and installation conditions:

1.3.1 Usage environment:Sea level elevation is not more than 2000m;
ambient temperature is not higher than +40℃ and not less than -5℃;the rated supply voltage range is 85%~110% rated voltage;the medium without severe vibration and explosion danger, no enough to corrosion of metal and medium and explosion danger and dust;where no rain and snow to hit.

1.3.2 Vertical or horizontal to install.

2.Structural characteristics and working principle:

JD-5 series electromotor integrative protector based on the characteristics of the motor power,take small cross section,protection with high precision,reasonable structure, perfect function,convenient use,etc design.Protector with symmetry fault (such as overload,lockedrotor) and asymmetry,such as phase failure’s protection function;This protector use current detection technology and the relay output interface,and the entire series adopt wear core type.This protector is simple in structure,reliable action,easy to use and low cost.

3.Technical parameters:

Technical parameters of JD-5,JD-5B,JD-6:

JD-5 series electro motor integrative protector

Performance difference table of JD-5A,JD-5 JD-5B:

JD-5 series electro motor integrative protector

4 .Product appearance and installation dimensions:

JD-5 series electro motor integrative protector

5 .Installation and instructions:

Installation and instructions of JD-5,JD-5B,JD-6:

1. Please read carefully the instructions, according to the wiring diagram wiring correctly.

2. Terminals no. 1.2 for the working power input end of the protector; JD-5,JD-5B:3.4 for the output control end normally closed contacts; JD-6:5.6 for the output control end normally closed, normally open 4.5 for the output control end, wiring method, please refer to the wiring diagram; The output of the ac contactor three cords respectively through the protector of the three white wire hole H1,H2,H3 connected to the motor into the line.(see diagram).
3.Two adjusting knob on the front panel of protectors clockwise rotation to maximum, determine the plug after wiring is correct.Press the start button,motor operation,(normally green light,yellow light is not on phase, overload traffic light) after running normally, then current adjusting knob counter anticlockwise rotation,until the overload indicator lights flashing cool critical position;And observe for 3 minutes, during this period load current or motor are normal overload indicator light is not flashing bright and then will delay knob counter

anticlockwise back, until is greater than the motor start-up time position longer (as appropriate).
4.After the normal motor rotation,overload the light not bright, then artificial of motor load,overload lamp is shining at this moment, the debugging process is completed.

JD-5 series electro motor integrative protector

Detailed images:

JD-5 series electro motor integrative protector


JD-5 series electro motor integrative protector

JD-5 series electro motor integrative protector

The wearhouse:

JD-5 series electro motor integrative protector

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