Injection Molding Machine LOG-130S8/A8 QS Certification

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$15,061.00 - 20,367.00 / unit
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720 unit/month

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Product Description:

Quick Details

  • Condition: New

  • Type: Preform Injection

  • Style: Horizontal

  • Brand Name: LOG MACHINE

  • Model Number: LOG130-A8

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

  • Plastic Type: Thermoplastic

  • Automatic: Yes

  • Injection Weight: 196g-239g-277g

  • Clamping Force: 1300KN

  • Opening Stroke: 380mm

  • Power(W): 11 Kw

  • Certification: CE ISO9001

  • After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas

  • Voltage: 380V

  • Name: PET Preform

  • Space between tie bar: 410mm*410mm

  • Color: Green

  • Machine weight: 4T

  • Screw Diameter: 38-45mm

  • Machine dimension(L*W*H): 4.6*1.2*1.8

  • Warranty: 1 Year

  • Material: Stainless Steel

  • Machine: Thermoplastic Injection Moulding Machine

international recognized models416/130
Tjeoretical injection volumecm³215263302
Shot volumeg196239274
Screw diametermm384245
Injection diametermpa193158138
Screw L:D ratio 22:0120:0118:01
Scerw steokemm190
Screw rotate speedr/min180
Clamping forcekN1300
Opening strokemm380
Platen sizemm*mm610*610
Space between tie barsmm*mm410*410
Platen Mix strokemm810
Ejection strokemm120
Ejcetion forcekN42
Power/Elcetric Heating
Hydralic system pressureMpa17.5
Pump motorkw12
Heating powerkw7.7
Number of temp.conteol 4+nozzle
Cycle timesec1.3
Tank volumeL200
Machine dimesionsm*m*m4.6*1.2*1.8
Weight of machinekg4000

Packaging Details: 20 GPcabinet Delivery

Delivery Detail: two weeks after get payment


Shot   volumecm³215263302
Shot     weight  (ps)G196239274
Max injection rate cm³/s97118163
Screw  diametermm384245
Plasticizing rateKg/h466075
Injection  pressureMpa193158138
Screw   L:D ratio22:0120:0118:01
screw  speedr/min0~180
Clamping forceKn1300
Opening strokemm380
Platen  sizemm*mm610*610
Space between tie barsmm*mm410*410
Mold  thickness  (Min--Max)mm150~430
Hydraulic ejection strokemm120
Hydraulic ejection forceKn42
Power Unit
Hydraulic system  pressureMpa17.5
Pump motorKw11
Heating capacityKw7.7
Number of temp control zones4+ (nozzle)
Dry-cycle timesec1.3
oil tank capacityL200
Machine dimensionsm*m*m4.6*1.2*1.8
Machine weightkg3550

 Platen Dimensions:

product 1

Common thermoplastic resins include:

  •     Polyethylene  PE

  •     Polyvinyl Chloride  PVC

  •     Polypropylene   PP

  •     Polystyrene   PS

  •     Polyethlene Terephthalate   PET

  •     Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene   ABS

  •     Styrene-Acrylonitrile   SA

  •     Acrylic   PMMA

  •     Polyamide   PA (Nylon)

  •     Styrene-Acrylonitrile   SAN

  •     Polycarbonate   PC



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Q:How can the injection machine be set with parameters?
4. check the cooling pipe for long distance flow, and the oil cooler and barrel end of the cooling water jacket into the cooling water.5. before the injection machine operation, check whether there is lubrication in each moving part, and add enough lubricating oil.6. turn on the heater and heat the barrel. When the temperature of each section meets the requirements, the insulation will be kept warm for a period of time to keep the machine temperature stable. Holding time varies according to the requirements of different equipment and plastic raw materials.7. add enough plastic to the hopper. According to the injection of different plastic requirements, some of the raw material is best to go through drying.8., the heat insulation cover on the cylinder can be covered, so that the electric energy can be saved, and the service life of the electric heating coil and the current contactor can be prolonged.Operation process1., not for convenience, and arbitrarily cancel the role of security doors.2. pay attention to observe the temperature of the pressure oil, the oil temperature should not exceed the prescribed range. The ideal working temperature of hydraulic oil should be kept between 45-50 degrees centigrade, which is suitable for the range of 35-60 centigrade.3. attention to adjust the travel switch, to avoid the machine in the action of impact.End-of-job1. after the injection molding machine operation is completed, the cylinder should be cleaned of plastic, to prevent residual oxidation or long-term thermal decomposition.2. should be open to the mold, the toggle mechanism is in the locked condition of time.3. workshop must be equipped with lifting equipment. When handling dies, care shall be taken to ensure safety in production.
Q:Injection molding machine non sol 20
First of all, you can look at you in the melt, screw rotation, the system pressure gauge to meet the pressure you set, if not achieved, that is, the system pressure is out of orderAnd then you are in the process of melting, whether there is abnormal sound, if there is the adhesive, motor seat inside the bearings damagedNext, look at your material is doped with excessive toner and so onFOMTEC plastic, I hope to help you
Q:What's the difference between an electric injection machine and an oil press?
The operating interface has different places! The electric screen is generally the touch screen parameter input, not color. Manual or press?. Anyway, it's hydraulic and electric.
Q:How to calculate the clamping force of injection molding machine according to the product
Clamping force x09F>=k*P*AF= actual clamping force (KN) x091KG = 9.8NP = cavity mean pressure (Mpa) x091MPa = 9.8KGThe projected area (cubic centimeter) of the A= product on the parting surface x09K = safety factor, usually take 1.1-1.6.x09Injection pressure, x09, injection pressure, =1.5* internal pressureGrade x09 internal mold pressure (kg/cm2)Precision products x09550-700Common product x09350-500Liepin x09250-300
Q:Injection molding machine tuning technology?
Q:110 tons injection molding machine injection quantity is how many grams?
The amount of injection is not only related to the size of the tonnage, but also related to the diameter of the screw. Each brand of injection molding machine is not necessarily the same.The screw diameter 45mm is probably around 215g, and the 38mm is around 200g.This data is not certain, still depends on the specific brand and screw size, to accurate value, only manufacturers can tell you.
Q:How about the low pressure of injection machine? One hundred
Mode of clamping: fast --- slow --- low voltage --- high pressureInjection molding machine for different brands of different clamping structure is different, but also the same; for example (Taichung) adjusted low before high pressure and high pressure to adjust the position, such as the pressure - adjusting the thickness of die OK---- high voltage setting 70BAR high voltage position return to zero, the locking location data is then set - such as 20.5-- with 0.2 locations - set high - low voltage setting depends on the thickness of the product +1.0 cm - low pressure by 0 to start a +1 pressure low pressure test, the clamping motion not close up (low pressure, not recommended more than 8 special mould except) - in turn to see the lock mode low pressure die - if time is 0.8 seconds and 0.2 seconds on this basis, low pressure time is 1 second.Hope to be of help to you
Q:Seek advice! Is there a better low-pressure injection molding machine? After the sale well, which friends can introduce, thank you!
As far as I know, the low pressure injection molding machine produced by Connie Technology Co., Ltd. is especially good and provides full range of technical support, which is rich in New Technology
Q:What should I pay attention to when molding soft and hard PVC material? 50
How do you say this?PVC is indeed divided into hard and soft, relatively speaking, soft PVC good processing, hard PVC difficult processing.If the landlord is the production of lampshade, it is estimated that the use of hard PVC granular extrusion moldingIf the landlord is the production of lamps and accessories, it is estimated that the use of injection molding, then soft, hard, are likely to use. But hard to use more. If it is hard PVC injection molding, first suggested the use of professional PVC injection mold, the surface of chrome antirust polishing treatment, try to increase the adhesive inlet, exhaust hole increase, if mold manufacturers Technology in place, try to let them with a cold well. Granular 65 degrees bake for 2-3 hours and then use.We produce nearly thirty years of PVC new pellets, relatively rich experience, I hope the landlord less detours.Thanks for taking.
Q:Injection molding machine outjected products should be red, why will change
Reasons: 1., the cylinder is not clean, 2. molding temperature is too high, 3. toner is not resistant to temperature, or raw material forming temperature and toner temperature inconsistent. I hope I can help you......

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