150Ton Injection Plastic Machine

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Product Description:

Specifications Of 150Ton Injection Plastic Machine

1,housenhold ware, container,preform, cap etc.

2, injection molding machine

3,pe,pp,ps,pvc etc.

4.heat power:8.2kw


Features Of 150Ton Injection Plastic Machine


Injection Unit:


Double cylinder balanced plastic injection

150Ton Injection Plastic Machine 

Multi-level pressure and speed for injection


High torsion and five-star motor preplasticizing driven


Clamping Unit:


Clmaping quickly and stoping slowly


Automatic gear adjusting


Storage type automatic lubricating & oiling system


Electrical Control:


Controlled by specialized computer for injection machines


Large LCD screen display---clear


Dynamic display of machine movements---visual


Hydraulic Unit:


Differential mold clamping control


Double ratio of of pressure and flow


Optimize combination of world famous branded hydraulic parts


  • 1).Double-cylinder balance injection system

  • 2).Multi-stage pressure speed injection adjustment

  • 3).back-pressure adjustment & control

  • 4).decompreeion

  • 5).high speed mold-clamping device

  • 6).low pressure mold protection 

  • 7).multiple Ejecor style

  • 8).machnical,electrial & hydraulic(according to the product specifications)safety device

  • 9).centralized lubrication

  • 10).proportional pressure & flow control

  • 11).all computer control system

  • 12).data locking function/mould menory system

  • 13).large screen of LCD

  • 14).linear displacement transducer controlling injection,clamping & ejection

  • 15).electronic & hydraulic control components & elements of the world famous brands

  • 16).5 points vertical double toggle mechanism


The components list Of 150Ton Injection Plastic Machine


Main direction valve


American Sunny


Five-star motor


China & Italy adventure


Electric ruler




A/C contactor




Heating relay




O ring


Taiwan Escort


Sealing ring




Stroke switch




Air switch


LG Korea LG








Adventure PHASE


Oil pump


Italian Screw pump


Technical specifications Of 150Ton Injection Plastic Machine












Injection unit


Screw diameter        mm






Shot size(theoretical)   CM3






Injection weight         g






Injection pressure       MPA






Injection rate           g/s






Screw L/D ratio         L/D






Plasticizing capacity     g/s






Screw speed           r.p.m




Nozzle diameter       Srmm




Clamping unit


Clamping tonnage       KN




Toggle stroke          mm




mold thickness          mm




Space between bars   mm




Ejector stroke   mm




Ejector Tonnage        KN




Ejector number         Piece




Hole diameter           mm






Heater power           kw




Max. pump pressure    Mpa




Pump motor power       kw




Valve size               mm




Machine dimension       m




Machine weight(Approximat) T




Oil tank capacity           L





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Q:Injection molding machine melt when the screw speed is particularly slow, what is the reason for the oil pound pressure is small?
First, check the adhesive motor, the small return pipe is not a big return, and if so, the melt motor is broken
Q:How to calculate the cost of plastic injection molding 5
It depends on how much you want to make in a day. First of all, you should calculate the price of the raw material of each product at 7000 yuan / (28 grams of the product and the weight of the material) = the price of the raw material of each product. Then a day can produce many products, said I X, X * = unit price day gross profit, then subtract taxes minus minus minus consumption, the wages of the workers, each product raw material price multiplied by X minus two machine loss = your processing fee for a day to the machine
Q:What products can be produced by injection molding machine?
The injection molding machine is a heating and pressure on inside molten plastic material injection molding to the mold cavity, different products are produced by different moulds can be, according to the choice of injection molding machine, but the size of the products of different tonnage, power consumption of traditional injection molding machine is very large, all electric injection molding machine precision high, but the price is very expensive, like the traditional energy saving injection molding machine, improves the precision,
Q:Injection molding machine products have cloak how to solve?
Or choose something less liquidIf it can not solve the need to start from the mold block, the mold is not high precision, then how to change the material is very resolved
Q:When the injection machine is ejected, does the screw screw rotate?
We call it a battery, and I don't know what you call it
Q:In the plastic injection molding machine barrel, why there are so many bubbles?
There are two kinds of pores in the material. The first one contains moisture, and the raw material should be dried completely before processing, or at least 5% of the drier will be added during processing. The second is the material decomposition, to reduce the barrel temperature, reduce the melt pressure and speed, set the melt back pressure, but not too high; or adding appropriate amount of stabilizer in the raw material, it is not only a refueling.
Q:How many tons is 1000 grams of injection molding machine?
classification(1) classification by plasticizing method;1 、 plunger type plastic injection molding machine2 、 reciprocating screw type plastic injection molding machine3 、 screw plunger plastic injection molding machine(2) classification according to the mode of closing1, mechanical2 、 hydraulic type3, hydraulic - Mechanical
Q:What is the injection molding machine back pressure, back pressure role is what?
The formation of the plastic melting and plasticizing process in the plastic processing of back pressure, melt moving to the front end of the barrel (measurement and indoor), more and more, and gradually formed a pressure driven screw back. In order to prevent the screw from retreating too fast and to ensure uniform compaction of the melt, it is necessary to provide an opposite direction of pressure to the screw, which is the reverse pressure that prevents the screw from retreating.Back pressure is also known as plasticizing pressure, and its control is achieved by adjusting the oil return valve of the injection cylinder. Pre injection plasticizing screw injection molding machine is equipped with the rear end of the oil cylinder back pressure valve, regulating screw back when the injection cylinder oil cylinder speed, to maintain a certain pressure, shift speed screw motor after (resistance) is composed of AC servo valve control.
Q:Excuse me: what are the differences between injection molding and extrusion?
The following answer is very good, I'm adding. 1, injection = injection molding machine + injection mold; extrusion = extrusion + mouth mold, core mold + cooling trough. Among them, the injection molding machine and extruder, almost all of the plastic melt. The difference is in the mold: injection mold, there is the upper and lower mold, together, inside the processing cavity, and that is the same shape as the product. The plastic particles melt into the closed mold cavity, cool down, open the mold and take out the product.
Q:How does the injection machine set up the die segments and the pressure and speed of each segment? Seek advice.
Simple injection molding closed mold process is divided into start - Fast - low pressure - high pressure four processes,Among them, the starting speed should be low speed and low voltage (usually 30% or less 40bar), the distance is about 5-10mm, and then enter the fast closed die process.Medium speed (40%-60%) and medium pressure (30-50bar) should be used in fast closed die. The distance is longer, the distance begins at low voltage protection, and the position is not finished.

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