HUAYUAN High-end Hot-blast Stove

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Product Description:

Specification: 116~1046 KW

Technical features:

1. Adopting invention patent, combustion technology without grate. The temperature of combustion part satisfies biomass combustion temperature requirement. Compared to the tranditional combustion way, pyrolysis gasification has been improved about 18%. Burning any kinds of briquette will not cause black smoke.

2. We use stainless steel  superconducting heat transferring tube with high heat efficiency. What's more, it solves the problem that hot air will cause pollution after long-time use.

3. Equipped with micro pressure protection device. When the boiler's electrical control fails, boiler is over pressured, water will be drained out to reduce pressure, which makes boiler safer.

4. The boiler could be controlled and operated automatically, which will reduce labour cost greatly.

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Q:Boiler and pressure vessels Pressure pipes Special equipment Safety supervision Administrative penalties Provisions for safety supervision Administrative penalties
Article 1 In order to standardize the administrative punishment of safety equipment, such as boilers, pressure vessels, pressure pipes and elevators, lifting machinery, factory motor vehicles, passenger ropeway, recreational facilities and other special equipment (hereinafter referred to as equipment), to ensure the effective work of equipment safety supervision
Q:Why does my new boiler make the pipes bang when the unit kicks on?
Your need to purge the air from the lines. Consider having and automatic purging system installed
Q:How do I know if my immersion boiler is gas or electric?
All boilers will have wiring and water lines. Only gas boilers have a gas line. If you have 2 pipes from the unit, it's electric. If you have 3 pipes from the unit, it's gas.
Q:What is the difference between a boiler operating certificate and a class?
Note 2: For the boiler operators who apply for a single furnace type (such as organic heat carrier boiler, vertical hand burner, waste heat boiler, oil field steam boiler, etc.), the contents of the assessment can be focused, and in its "special equipment operations
Q:Does anyone understand​ boilers?
There probably is a leak, cuasing the boiler to have to refill with water. The most effective setting is to get the water hot enough so it does not have to keep running.
Q:In the boiler, how to understand the "atmospheric pressure" and "pressure" these two concepts?
Fuel gas The pressurized hot water boiler is a pressure vessel, which must be fitted with a pressure gauge, a safety valve and a thermometer.
Q:i just added two baseboard radiators to the basement do i need a stronger circulator pump for the boiler?
As you have drained down the equipment you have air in the equipment. Its combating the water from circulating. What you could desire to do is shop at it and once you get one rad warm, turn it off until yet another heats up and turn that off. you have got the potential to bleed the rads each and every time. besides the incontrovertible fact that it rather is air in the pipes it is the problem. shop at it . it gets greater efficient. To instruct that it rather is the problem, the flow from the boiler would be extremely heat while the boiler turns off. if it is so ,i'm superb.
Q:DD170 megaflo boiler not seeming to work?
Thats not a boiler ,thats a pressurized hot water cylinder,for your domestic hot water. If its turned on ,its heating up the hot water.Which is why you have hot water,and the pipe feels hot. Find the boiler ,and turn that on!If its on-turn up the room stat(Ifyou can findit)
Q:What is a boiler room and why is it named that?
a boiler is like a huge water heater. they were used on steam engines (which is why Purdue University's teams are called the boilermakers and their mascot is a train) Boilers were also used on steamships...if youve seen Titanic, the room where all the workers drowned was a boiler room, used to power the ship it might be something else in the movie though...ive never heard of the movie boiler room
Q:Ghost in boiler room?
no, bad pipes

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