HUAYUAN High-end Hot-blast Stove

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Product Description:

Specification: 116~1046 KW

Technical features:

1. Adopting invention patent, combustion technology without grate. The temperature of combustion part satisfies biomass combustion temperature requirement. Compared to the tranditional combustion way, pyrolysis gasification has been improved about 18%. Burning any kinds of briquette will not cause black smoke.

2. We use stainless steel  superconducting heat transferring tube with high heat efficiency. What's more, it solves the problem that hot air will cause pollution after long-time use.

3. Equipped with micro pressure protection device. When the boiler's electrical control fails, boiler is over pressured, water will be drained out to reduce pressure, which makes boiler safer.

4. The boiler could be controlled and operated automatically, which will reduce labour cost greatly.

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Q:condensing boiler problems?
The flame is causing the problem of sooting. It should be a nice blue colour and your is probably a yellowy colour This can be a problem with a bit of a blockage in the flue, or the gas valve neds adjusting to give a cleaner flame, or the boiler is not getting enough air flow to the burner. You burn a mixture of gas and air, and lack of air can also ause sooting. Take you choice. !
Q:how much does a new oil boiler cost?
depend on type model an so fort an installation i can give ya a free estimate if you would like i work for the home depot an own a landscaping company
Q:Help!! What boiler do i buy?!?
as a vaillant boiler engineer this is the minimum i can recomend 80000 btu's is approximate to 24 kw if you add water to your heat requirement you will need around this. vaillant appliance suitable to you are - ecotec pus 624 (sealed system) i.e no heaer tank in loft but radiators and water cylinder ecotec plus 424 (open vented) as above with header tank in loft and pump outside boiler ecoted pro 24 (combi boiler) ecotec plus 824 (combi with flap) these are minimum requirements an all these modes have higher powered machines
Q:how to control vapor bubbles in boilers?
In most boiler tube surfaces, you do not want steam to blanket the heat exchange surfaces, it does not cool was well as water, so the tube can heat up and fail. If you keep the velocity of water through the tube high enough, the steam vapor bubbles will be swept along with the bulk water to the steam separation drum. This is done by either pumping the recirculated boiler water in controlled circulation boilers or by keeping the tubes large enough to allow natural circulation to keep up the velocities needed. Some boiler manufacturers have also used tubes that are essentially rifled, so the water swirls as it travels upward, sweeping the bubbles along so they do not blanket the tubes' interior surfaces.
Q:Electric hot water heater piped into the boiler?
Hi Mike, I'm really shocked that with all the professionals giving you advice, no one's hit the nail on the head YET, until me, of course. I live in New England, and see this configuration all the time. We have one heck of a long heating season here. Let me explain the reasoning behind what you have, because it is used constantly in this part of the country. Your electric hot water heater can be expensive to run, and if you have several people standing in line for showers in the morning (like mine), can find itself unable to recover the water temp after a shower or two. Since your boiler will run extensively during the heating season anyway, they are using the boiler to pre-heat your supply even before it gets to your water heater. It evidently has a small tankless water heater that couldn't keep up with the household demand, necessitating additional capacity. The aquastat that is in the main boiler (for the boiler's water heater) is certainly disconnected, so it will only pre-heat when your heat is being run. The free-standing water heater is on it's own in the non-heating season. This is a very green way to exploit as much value as humanly possible from every gallon of oil burned, and you had to run the boiler anyway!
Q:On behalf of my mother...what do you think of the combi boiler?
There are numerous factors to consider. Size of house, number of bathrooms, en suites. Radiators. Distance from boiler to main tap usage. Other gas appliances in house, your meter will only allow so much gas through. Old lead piping on hot supply which will need replacing. Old leaky taps? As a rule of thumb they are perfect for a standard 3/4 bedroom with one bathroom. Usually the better the boiler the better your hot water supply, depending on the water pressure/flow at your property. If you are not sure then get expert advise. You will not find this on here as there are to many factors to consider, each property needs individually surveying.
Q:In pr, what is a boiler plate?
Boiler Plate is just a term to describe a generic form or answer. ex: write a letter to one, then change the name for someone else and so on. The form letter could now be called a boiler plate. Hope that helps.
Q:Peerless vs. Buderus boiler?
Why Just 2 choices and what kind of system is it ? Baseboard , Radiators , In floor ? Mclain still makes a very good boiler , Lockinvar and Munchkin make very good boilers . I would get some more prices and add to your question what kind of system is it heating and domestic hot water ??
Q:Boiler/Hot Water interruption TV?
It could be the amp draw of the boiler. The boilers will ramp up and ramp down, that may have an affect. The boiler is supposed to be wired in on its own independent circuit breaker, that is generally the code here in the states. Have a licensed tech take a look at the wiring. good luck
Q:How can I reduce the pressure on my Heat Line combi boiler?
Sounds like you have a steam boiler, I suggest you post the make and model of the boiler and control so you can get an accurate answer.These controls run on a differential,and cycle the burner on a call for heat from your thermostat.How many floors you have is also a factor.

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