Gas Boiler,Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler,Boimass Fuel Boiler

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Energy efficiency and Environmental protection, Better Quality and Cheaper Price. We would like to provide every kinds of  'Gas Boiler','Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler','Boimass Fuel Boiler' and looking forward to your kind enquiry.

The Gas boiler has double drums, verticalarrangement and “D” type furnace design with 1 or 2 burners located in thefront wall. there is an air-tight furnace structure with densely arranged tubesand air-proof casing inside. and it is covered with insulation materials andconvex color plates outside. The flue gas takes a U turn. It goes into the 1stconvection tube bank from the furnace, turns after passing the flue, and flowsinto the economizer with finned tubes when leaving the 2nd convection tubebank. The water which goes into the upper drum from the economizer is turnedinto steam by means of natural circulation after passing the convection tubebank and water cooled wall, and then supplied to the user via the main steamvalve.  Upper and lower drums and convectiontube banks are assembled and subjected to a hydrostatic test prior to delivery.The steam boiler has a capacity of 2~75t/h and working pressure of 0.7~5.4Mpa, while the hot water boilerhas a capacity of 0.7~21MW. The feed water and return water temperatures are 95℃/70℃and 115℃/70℃respectively.

The boiler has the characteristics of smallvolume, compact structure, high combustion efficiency, convenient installation, high degree of automation, etc. Adopting micro positive pressure combustionto improve the thermal efficiency and reduce the operation cost. Upper drumadopts Φ 1000 - Φ 1200 diameter to increase the separation height and guaranteethe quality of steam Boiler flue gas partition wall adopt seal membranestructure not only improve sealing and prevent short circuit  but also increase flue gas and improve theutilization ratio of steel and effectively reduce the size of our boiler. holesare pre-opened on membrane wall baffles for timely inspection and repair. Theinspection of convection tube banks is no longer a problem. Convection tubebanks are assembled with special tooling/fixtures, and must pass a hydrostatictest prior to delivery. It not only reduces the installation workload, but alsoensures the boiler quality.

The structure design of densely arrangedtubes and membrane wall with finned tubes ensures that it would never gooverheating outside the furnace tube wall, and the sealing would be maintained.The temperature of insulation and sealing steel plates would not go over 250℃,which ensures the sealing steel plates’ ability of oxidation corrosionresistance.

The design of internal seal casing andexternal embossed casing not only ensures good sealing, but also gives theboiler a better appearance

Our company has various kinds of certificates,such as A-grade Boiler Manufacturing License, A2-grade Pressure VesselManufacturing License, ISO 9001 Quality Control System Certificate, ISO 14001Environmental Management System Certificate and so on . Our company has gaingreat reputation in the Kingdom of Environmental-friendlyBoiler and Pressure Vessel and achieved great success as it has developed morethan 300 kinds of oil/gas-fired environmental-friendly boilers and large amountof non-bidding pressure vessels, which are widely used in every walk of life inthe society. With the excellent performance, high quality and consideration after Sales services, our company gained various kinds of state/province classtechnical advancement awards and led the industry in the technology aspect .Our company has over 5000 customers with the productsspreading everywhere in China and exporting to Southeast Asia, Africa, and Europe.

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Q:how to add a heatpump to a home boiler?
with all honesty... i would go to my local hardware store and expain the question.... (home depot) It would be better to get the answer from some one who workes with this kind of job
Q:Why is Beer and Whiskey mix called a Boiler Maker?
It was probably named a boilermaker because it was popular with blue-collar folks like iron workers...just a guess, I don't really know.
Q:does anyone know how much a bryant bw9 boiler costs w/install?
The boiler would be between $3,500.00 - $4000.00, usually 8 hrs labor - $500 - $700.00 plus what ever materials are needed say $500.00 - $1000.00 so a total of $4700.00 - $5700.00
Q:What is the use of oxygen-rich combustion technology;
Oxygen content in air ≤ 21%.
Q:What is the boiler standard steam?
The meaning of the pot refers to the fire in the water on the water container, the furnace refers to the burning of fuel sites, boilers, including pot and furnace two parts.
Q:Looking for btu's of boiler.?
u either have to clock the gas meter or measure the main burner orifice's along with the gas pressure,,this is something that a tech would normally do,,if u are looking to replace the boiler u would have to do a heat loss on the house and that would tell u what size boiler u would need
Q:zone valve control for gas boiler?
It sounds like the circulator pump may have been making noise. If the red light was on that usually means you have power to the multi-zone relay control box and then for each green light you see lit up, that would be a zone that is calling for heat. Depending on what type of pump you have, it could need oiling too. If it is the large red Bell Gossett series 100 or HV, they need annual oiling. The smaller cartridge style pumps have sealed bearings and you cannot oil them. Also if it is the larger BG pumps you could have an issue with a pump coupler starting to go bad. Nonetheless, I highly recommend ANNUAL cleaning of boilers, furnaces and air conditioners. The manufacturer's specify that the equipment needs to be professionally serviced annually to stay within warranty and once their out of warranty they are more prone to have problems, so once a season is a must. Cheaper to find and fix a potential problem in the preseason than it is to have a system go down in the middle of sub-zero weather. Then you have to worry about pipes bursting. Check out my source page on Home Systems and it will show you a list of routine ANNUAL maintenance and cleaning checkpoints.
Q:how do you bleed air from a boiler system?
get someone whos know what there doing
Q:i need to know about boiler drum level control and the transmitter calibration and commissioning?
A differential-rigidity transmitter adapted to produce a sign proportional to a technique variable consisting of bypass cost in a line carrying out fluid or the point of liquid in a tank, the technique fluid being at a temperature markedly at variance with ambient temperature. The transmitter is constituted by using intense and occasional rigidity sensors that are coupled to the rigidity beam of a rigidity stability transducer so as that the beam knows the version between sensed intense and occasional pressures derived from the technique variable, the transducer being uncovered to ambient temperature. each and every sensor is constituted by using a housing having a properly therein lined by using a sensing diaphragm and an insert seated interior the properly, the face of the insert being spaced from the diaphragm to define a fill chamber containing hydraulic fluid, the sensor diaphragm being uncovered to the technique liquid, wherein warmth pass occurs between the liquid and the hydraulic fluid. The insert is formed of a metallic having a low coefficient of enlargement relative to the fabric of the housing wherein changes in temperature produce variations interior the size of the housing relative to that of the insert and supply upward push to variations interior the quantity of the fill chamber to an quantity compen
Q:What is a safe PSI for a residential cast Irom Boiler?
Your PSI is low ! Average is from 12 to18 Lbs. If cold and at 25 or higher, when it heat up it may get past 30lbs and blow the safety relief valve.

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