HUAYUAN High-end Biomass Burner--581KW

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Product Description:

This burner is 581KW one.


Innovative product in China--biomass burner. Brand: HUAYUAN

Specification: 58~1395KW  Burner over 1395KW can be modularized.

The III generation biomass burner promoted in July 2014:

1. We use the casting modularized hearth. The boiler core is the only thing to be replaced in the post maintenance of burner. It is cheap and easy to change the modular fittings.

2. Generation III biomass burner adopts hyper heat-resistant casting material, replacing I and II generation material, which makes less cost and more stable performance.

3. The actual capacity of traditional burner is 70%, HUAYUAN marks authentic datas on the nameplates.

4.  HUAYUAN product has hyper-high temperature efficiency burnning tar and other harmful substance totally which will not be attached to the tubes to cause block.

5. The flame colour of HUAYUAN product combustion is white and blue, realizing clean combustion.  

6. Solve the problem that no coking fuel could be used in the traditional burner. More biomass fuel could be applied.

7. One-button control system to set fire, feed bunker, and control temperature automatically.

8. Equipped with dust blower system, which could be cleaned after long-time usage. Different size of reducer adapter could be made according to customers' requirement.

9. Widely applied to high temperature required conditions as coal-fired, natural gas-fired and oil burning boiler reconstruction, as well as industrial drying painting.

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Q:What is the characteristics of the pulverized coal stove?
2, the work environment friendly: the whole system closed operation, automatic coal, centralized ash, no dust run.
Q:Before installing the boiler need to go to the technical supervision bureau for what procedures
Installation and renovation notice (in some places open online to inform, business acceptance is the quality inspection bureau special inspection department):
Q:What is the difference between the positive balance efficiency and the counterbalance efficiency of the boiler? What are the parts of the coal-fired boiler heat loss calculated by the low calorific value?
Boiler thermal efficiency of the determination and calculation are usually the following two methods:
Q:The role of superheater and reheater in the boiler?
After heating the reheat steam (then heat again) and then into the steam turbine, low pressure cylinder to continue work, and finally into the condenser condensate into water.
Q:What is the difference between a boiler operating certificate and a class?
Note 1: Class III boiler operators can work with Class II, Class I boiler operators, Class II boiler operators can work with Class I Boiler Operators.
Q:Boiler model: Q40 / 960-16-3.82 / 450 on behalf of what meaning?
Boiler model: Q40 / 960-16-3.82 / 450 in the representative of the unit meaning:
Q:Supervision of boiler regulations
This procedure is the basis of China's boiler regulations and technical standards.
Q:How to choose the boiler
Power boilers include power plant boilers, ship boilers and locomotive boilers, etc., corresponding to power generation, ship power and locomotive power.
Q:What are the internal devices of the drum?
The action of the soda separation device is to separate the saturated steam from the water wall from the water and minimize the small water droplets carried in the steam.
Q:What is the boiler safety management system?
First, the strict implementation of the rules and regulations, obey the distribution, to do an ideal, civilized, disciplined new workers.

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