Hot Modern Fashion Custom Logo Design Hand Made Wool Mat Rug Carpet

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300 m²
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20000 m²/month

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Hot Modern Fashion Custom Logo Design Hand Made Wool Mat Rug Carpet 

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:HS Code: 57050020 Inner packing: waterproof plastic bag; Outer packing: double-layer woven bags.
Delivery Detail:Within 7 days (For stock); 3-4 months Negotiable (For order)


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aubusson rug
hand made aubusson wool rugs
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Hand made wool  Carpet


Wool Carpet

Yarn Material

100% New Zealand wool

Production Methods

100% handmade flat weave



Size Available(ft)

4x6, 5x8, 6x9, 8x10, 9x12, 10x14, 12x18, etc

Size Available(cm)

122x183, 152x244, 183x274, 244x305, 274x366, 305x427, 366x549, etc.

Factory Price

Customized Order


Payment Terms

T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal

Delivery Time

Within 7 days after received payment (For stock)
3-4 months Negotiable (For customized order)


Inner packing: waterproof plastic bag; 
Outer packing: double-layer woven bags


Small order: By DHL, UPS, EMS, FedEx, TNT

Large order: By Air Cargo

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Q:question about Indo Bijar Rug???
Q:Carpet mushed from high traffic?
The problem you have is caused by low density -- carpet weight is the ounces a square yard weighs not counting the backing, so 18 ounce carpet weighs 18 ounces per sq yd without backing, etc. Most homes are built by price driven builders, so the weight is low. To make it look more plush, these builders specify long nap carpet, and the combination of long nap plus low weight means the fibers aren't close together to offer mutual support. Hence, crushing in traffic areas. You can steam the carpet (there's a small steam machine available for about 12 dollars) and while still damp and soft, you can brush it with a regular hairbrush to help restore the carpet to a less crushed condition. This problem is especially noticeable at the front edge of stair treads. Best fix is more expensive carpet, but steam and brush helps as long as you keep doing it.
Q:Does anyone know how to get a water stain out of the carpet?
Maybe the Carpet Cleaner products would help.. Something like Resolve.
Q:What is the name of the mat laid under the office carpet?
There is generally a layer of sponge pad or rubber pad or pearl cotton pad beneath carpet. Diamond carpet does not need a mat uunder it, directly sticked on the ground by glue.
Q:Filthy carpet?
i would try using 1/2 cap tide laundry soap in your cleaner. i have white carpet and live on a red clay dirt road since i have switched to tide instead of the carpet cleaner solution i have whiter brighter carpet with no stains. works very well. in regards to shampooing too much as long as its good and dry in between cleanings you should be ok. i clean mine about 3 times per month.
Q:how expensive is it to install carpet?
If your putting it in just to sell it, why do you care if it lasts 10 years or not? Materials and labor for under 2000 may be a stretch, especially if you have a large area you want to carpet. If I were you, I would look into carpets that are not as expensive. The people who buy the house may not even like the carpet and rip it out and put hardward or a different color anyway, so lasting 10 years should not be a concern. That is a big part of your expense right there!
Q:do you wash your rugs?
My lightweight Amigo rugs fit in my washing mashine. Use a 30C wash and Nikwak rug wash. I then like to add an extra rinse cycle before washing in Nikwax rug proofer on a 30C wash. ( no need to dry between treaments) I hang them over a rotary airer to dry. The specialist wash liquids cost about £7 per rug whereas local rug cleaners charge £18 to wash and reproof and you do have to reproof turnout rugs. If the rugs are really filthy I do a prewash with non bio wash liquid and then give an extra rinse cycle.
Q:what are the principles of carpet matching?
Not easy to clean, but the living room area is not too large. The irregular shaped carpet is suitable to put under the single chair. wool carpets and silk carpets are the best selections, and now hay can be woven into the carpet, synthetic fiber or synthetic leather has also been widely used, but nylon. Living room is the most frequent place to move around, which has negative impact on health. the out door of the bathroom is more suitable with a small rectangular or oval block carpet, and even bamboo fiber. The indoor corridor is usually laying rectangular channel carpet, moderate blank in the space will make the room more spacious visually. carpet materials are more and more diversified, in addition to artificial materials. In addition, these carpets are easy to store dirt, so don't choose the carpets that are too big, especially when the chair and sofa are different styles. corn fiber. If you want to put a carpet under the sofa. If you consider the comfort and texture, the best choice is wearproof carpet which can highlight the chair itself. the spatial pattern must be considered first. if it at the door, the carpet color should in dark.
Q:Does anyone know how to take candle wax off my carpet?
You don't say if it's sitting on top or whether it melted the carpet? If it's still sitting on top, get some ice and after everything is really cold, use a butter knife and scrape it up. You should be able to vacuum get most of the big bits that way, then, using lots of paper towel and a warm iron, blot straight down with the iron until you see the wax melting into the paper towel. It will take a while but the wax will eventually be soaked up by the paper. If it was coloured wax it may leave some colour behind, there's a product called Winning Colours that will take up the rest of the colour. If it melted the carpet you've got bigger problems.... you may not be able to fix.
Q:hardwood floor or carpet?
carpet. in case you fall off the bed. no joking but its nice to have that comforable feeling.

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