Horizontal Double Sution Split Casing Pumps of SN Series

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1. General Introduction

SN series pumps are designed by adopting international advanced technology and excellent hydraulic model, and this new standard series are developed for domestic and overseas market.

2. Main advantages

High efficiency and energy-saving

SN series pumps' efficiency is the highest in pump field. Because high operating efficiency over a wide range of capacities, lower operation cost and smaller motor output are all possible. They are split casing pumps of the highest efficiency and more applicable for saving energy.

Excellent cavitation-resisting

SN series pumps' excellent cavitation-resisting is owing to their special design.

Compared with conventional double suction design, they need small room and save cost of foundations.

Low noise and smaller vibration

By adopting special design, SN series can lower noise, reduce vibration and prolong their service life. They are more economical and environment protection.

Variable combinations of materials

Variable combinations of materials permit wide application for SN series  pumps. 

Select specific combinations of materials according to variable requirements.

Simple structure and easy maintenance

Split casing design permits easy disassembly and easy inspection. It is not necessary to disassemble the main piping, just disassemble the upper casing when inspecting the inside parts.

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Q:Is the energy efficient equipment really working? What is the actual situation after installation? Hope someone can share it with you!
Energy saving equipment, compared to the general equipment, energy consumption should be reduced, of course, may be slightly higher than the initial price. However, after installation, it is more energy efficient.
Q:Is the air heater suitable for use? Which is better than an electric water heater?
Shortcoming one: the price is high: the price of the air heater can be more than 5000 yuan, such as Finney, Midea, GREE, these famous air heaters can even reach more than 8000 yuan to more than 10 thousand yuan. And now the gas water heater, electric water heater prices are generally around 2000 yuan. Such a price gap does allow many consumers to abandon air heaters and choose other products.
Q:How can I print the label on the energy saving lamp? What equipment should I use?
For example, the surface of the mobile phone text and pattern is to use this printing method, as well as computer keyboards, instruments, meters and many other electronic products surface printing, are finished with pad printing.
Q:Electromagnetic heating energy-saving equipment transformation can do those areas?
(1) the plastics and rubber industry: plastic film blowing machine, drawing machine, injection molding machine, granulator, rubber extruder, vulcanizing machine, extrusion machine, cable production (2) pharmaceutical and chemical industries: Pharmaceutical infusion bags, plastic production line equipment, chemical industry and other liquid heating pipeline
Q:Investment in energy efficient equipment in GB19762-2005 is offset by corporate income tax
We have also encountered the problem you said this year, although not a class of GB, but the same nature of the problem. That is, most of the rules and parameters are in line. There may be only certain areas in the national standard that are not in line.
Q:What is the average energy saving rate of the domestic energy saving transformation or energy-saving equipment? How much is the rate of energy saving? What are the general energy saving rates?
Like some places where lighting is needed during the day, the installation of this product does not require turning on the lights during the day, saving electricity and saving energy.
Q:How to arrange water for circulating water in domestic water heater?
If the home is added on the circulating water system, is simply no place in the shower before boiling water case of open circulating water system through the internal circulation of cold water to the hot water pipe (the water heater to the shower pipe) to go back to the cold water inside the tube.
Q:What instruments and equipment are needed for building energy efficiency testing?
Equipment needed: building energy saving test indoor environment: temperature and humidity meter, anemometer, air cover system performance: ultrasonic flow meter, power meter, performance envelope: pitot tube heat transfer coefficient measured by conductivity meter.
Q:Someone recommended to me the electric saver, which is a pressure drop device between the meter and the equipment. Is that against the law?
The line before the meter is not illegal, the problem is that this saver is to reduce the power of the equipment, and did not play a real power-saving role, but also will reduce the efficiency of equipment, it is likely to outweigh the benefits
Q:On the implementation of environmental protection special equipment enterprise income tax preferential list, energy-saving water-saving special equipment enterprise income tax preferential items
First, the purchase of equipment must be in accordance with the provisions of special equipment in order to tax. In accordance with the provisions of the two documents released by these special equipment must be safe production equipment, energy saving and environmental protection equipment and special equipment, the original provisions of the tax law as long as the domestic equipment technical renovation project of the national industrial policy purchase can enjoy income tax exemption policy

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