High Frenquency Online UPS with LCD Display 700W, 800W

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Product Description:

High Frenquency Online UPS with LCD Display 700W, 800W

Product Description

Ture on-line double conversion technology
Highest reliability and Maximum performance for power
Super wide input voltage range and fully AVR

High input power factor 
Zero transfer time
Controlled by fully digitized microprocessor
Adanced IGBT power components,enhancing the over all reliability and inverting efficiency of maching
Equipped with maintenance by pass switch to achieve online maintenance 


Model High frenquency online











Rated capacity







 Input wiring

Single-phase,two lines

Voltage range




Frequency range

46-54HZ(regulated by software)

Power factor








Input synchronized the supply frequency(mains mode)   50Hz±0.2% (Battery mode)

Power factor



Current Crest ratio


wave form

Sine wave

Overload capacity

110%-150% lead to by-pass after 30 seconds,150% load hold 30ms





External battery VDC




Transfer time


Communication interface

RS-232 Intellingent slot





10%-90% (without condensing)

Dimension (WxDxH mm)



















Specification only for reference.Subject to change with without  prior notice


High Frenquency Online UPS with LCD Display 700W, 800W

High Frenquency Online UPS with LCD Display 700W, 800W


High Frenquency Online UPS with LCD Display 700W, 800W

High Frenquency Online UPS with LCD Display 700W, 800W

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Q:Need to supply a large UPS power supply?
The current backup UPS, it should be 500VA / 200W reserve 10 minutes or so, according to 100W, then use a 30 minutes or so. Can be purchased as follows: 1) When selecting a UPS, the user should take into account the individual requirements such as the size of the load, the characteristics of the load device, the importance of the load device, and the degree of impact of the adverse power on the load. 2) first of all need to understand the need for back-up, online, online interactive products such as performance considerations. 3) the most important to pay attention to equipment power, distinguish the actual power and rated power, there is the need for power to delay time to distinguish. 4) in the purchase should pay attention to equipment is not an inductive load, to test the equipment is equipped with centralized or decentralized And other technologies to the fifth: the final consideration is also must be considered is to buy UPS to consider their own brand and after-sales service, which is the most important! UPS is the abbreviation of English Uninterruptiable Power Supply, translated as uninterruptible power supply. From the 20th century, 60 years of rotary generators to the current development of a certain degree of intelligent all-electronic circuit, it is with the electronic technology, especially power devices and automatic control technology and the rapid development of mature. Its basic functions are: Power interruption power supply, can not intermittently power supply; Always provide high-quality AC power to the load, to stabilize. Steady frequency. Suppress the surge. Spike. Electric noise. Compensation voltage subsidence. Long-term low pressure and other factors interfere with.
Q:Ups uninterruptible power supply battery pack how to choose?
Recommended cost-effective one: Mountain ARRAY-MP-15KVA, +20 12V100AH maintenance-free battery, A20 cabinet, can meet the power at 9KW, power delay work for two hours. And the load is about 70%, the UPS run the best. Product power: 12KW (kW) Voltage input and output: single in single out External battery voltage: 240V (DC) single block number: 20 blocks Weight: 5 kg (kg) Size: 436 * 775 * 443 MM Application environment: small room Simple calculation: (100 * 20 * 12 * 0.8) /9000=2.13H (hours)
Q:Ups uninterruptible power supply how to maintain?
4. Should try to avoid frequent start and shut down UPS. Frequent opening and closing operation may lead to UPS failure to start, the correct operation is: when the UPS off, wait at least 6 seconds before restarting.
Q:Uninterruptible power supply work process
Control drive: control drive is the core of the completion of the whole function control, which in addition to providing detection, protection, synchronization and a variety of switches and display drive signal, but also to complete SPWM sine pulse width modulation control, due to the use of static and dynamic dual voltage feedback The Greatly improving the dynamic characteristics of the inverter and stability. Uninterruptible power supply works block diagram as shown:
Q:UPS power supply room purchase program
Buy UPS to be divided into several steps: 1. According to the importance of the type of load to determine the structure: the landlord for the server equipment, the need for on-line UPS, if the home computer only need to buy cheap backup UPS 2. According to the load power to determine the power of the UPS section: the landlord of the two server power of 220V * 3.8A +220 V * 5A = 1936W switch + hard disk video recorder power is 200W-300W, so your total load power of about 2200W 3. consider the need for expansion, if you are not ready to add the server in the near future, buy a UPS can only load these loads, if the follow-up is also prepared to increase the service to 4 or more, then try to buy a little more power ups 4. You need to buy the UPS power of 2200W / 0.6 = about 3600W (0.6KW for the UPS's safety carrier load rate), and then remove a UPS input power factor 3600W / 0.8 = about 4500VA, rounded to 5KVA The proposed landlord to buy 5KVA online UPS, according to your application scenarios, the preparation of electricity 4 hours enough, the battery selection 12V20AH * 20 string UPS together with the battery price is expected to buy RMB8000 on the market Kehua Keshi Da Tiandi other brands such as high cost of the UPS Note: This configuration is more upscale, because although your two IBM servers marked with the rated power of 1936W, but according to my experience when the actual work will be less than 1000W (also 800W), plus your switch And hard disk recorders, generally 1200W load, buy a 3000VA / 2100W UPS can also be used, but if the server is unusually large when the power consumption may be due to the machine output power is not enough will be affected, so if the landlord is not bad money, Try to buy 5KVA, after you bring 2-4 IBM server or add 10 office computers together do not affect.
Q:How to choose UPS power supply
When selecting a UPS power supply, you need to know the following information about these devices: The length of time the UPS battery is powered, whether the UPS provides a warning system to the server when using the standby power supply, whether the UPS contains power conditioning functions that can eliminate the input transient noise, how the battery life and how its performance degrades over time When the battery is no longer able to provide backup power when the device is issued a warning, when the need to replace the battery. UPS (Uninterruptible Power System), that is, uninterruptible power supply, is the battery (mostly lead-acid maintenance-free battery) connected with the host, through the host inverter and other modules to convert DC power into the main system equipment The Mainly used for a single computer, computer network systems or other power electronic equipment such as solenoid valves, pressure transmitters, etc. to provide a stable, uninterrupted power supply.
Q:What is UPS uninterruptible power supply? In which areas
Intermittent power supply is now widely used in: mines, aerospace, industrial, communications, defense, hospitals, computer business terminals, network servers, network equipment, data storage equipment UPS uninterruptible power supply, emergency lighting systems, railways, shipping, transportation, power plants All walks of life. Civil use is mainly used for voltage instability, often jump the PC or the server to voltage instability or sudden power failure caused by hardware damage or data loss.
Q:Uninterruptible power supply output of the neutral line (N pole),
The neutral line (N pole) of the uninterruptible power supply output terminal is connected to the N pole of the main power supply. The N pole of the main power supply is grounded on the power supply side, so that the neutral line of the uninterruptible power supply output ) Is connected to the earthing line directly connected to the grounding device.
Q:Is the uninterruptible power supply UPS included in the total load during load calculation?
Double machine is hot backup, the capacity of each machine should be greater than the total capacity, otherwise it will lose the role of hot backup.
Q:How to choose the right UPS
You add the power of these things together and then divided by 0.8, and then look up, so I elected the capacity of the UPS, backup 15 minutes, the standard machine almost something, with a long machine, 15 minutes as you said by the backup 30 Minutes or so to calculate, according to the UPS DC voltage is not the same as the number and size of the battery is not the same .... specific you want to buy what brand of UPS, and then Baidu casually search a company asked to ask the next side Will tell you ... you have to bother to play, I give you count also line ... but the basic data have

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