High Frequeny 4000W 5000W Solar Panel Inverter for Home Use

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Product Description:

High Frequeny 4000W 5000W Solar Panel Inverter for Home Use

Product Description

1.12v DC AC
2.high quality,low defective rate
3.efficiency rate>85%

DC 12V/24V TO AC 110V/220V

2000W continuous power inverter
4000W Peak Power
Efficiency: > 80%
Input Voltage : 10V-15V/21V-30V
Frequency: 50HZ±2
Low battery alarm:10.5V±0.3V,21±0.5V

Low battery shut down: 10V±0.5V 20V DC±0.5V

Over voltage shut down: 15.5V±0.5V or 30.5V±0.5V

Over load shut down :2400W

Over heating shut down>75°C

Over Thermal :shut down the output

Short Circuit: fuse

Working Temperature: Between -10°C and +50°C

Working Humidity: 20%~90%RH non-condensing

Storage Temperature : Between -30°C and +70°C




1.The real short-circuit protection, regardless of how long the short time the products and electrical appliances are safe.                                                                                                  

2.The multi-purpose socket design, it is suitable for any plug.                                                                                                   

3.Under voltage, overload, over current, high temperature and high pressure, short circuit and multiple protection function, to ensure that products and electrical safety.                                                                                                                                         

4.Advanced circuit design, high-quality imported components, low heat and extremely low repeat rates.                                                    
5.Unique SMT + module combination of processing technology, more stable performance.
Range of application: mobile phone charging, laptops, lamps and lanterns, camera, TV, shaver, CD, fan, video game, security, professional tools, instruments of all electrical power. 

High Frequeny 4000W 5000W Solar Panel Inverter for Home Use

High Frequeny 4000W 5000W Solar Panel Inverter for Home Use

High Frequeny 4000W 5000W Solar Panel Inverter for Home Use

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Q:UPS power status status: bypass output
AC: NORMAL; AC: normalBattery: ok Battery: OK Status: bypass output Status: Bypass output should be no problem
Q:How the UPS power supply has failed
Usually the battery failure, the same specifications of the battery.
Q:Uninterruptible power supply is the three major brands
The main thing is Emerson, Eaton, APC, other second and third line brand too much
Q:What is the UPS power supply for the server
Server configuration appropriate ups power, it is recommended to understand the following aspects, because the number of different servers, the power rating of the power is different. There are roughly the following: the number of servers and the total amount of power. What is the required ups power supply time? So as to know how much to the server with ups power and battery. As for the brand, the domestic can choose easy, foreign can choose APC, Emerson, but foreign brands to your side, but the speed of after-sales service than the domestic slow So from the aftermath of the insurance to consider, choose the domestic brand more appropriate.
Q:UPS power supply does not store electricity
First put the electric finished, and no load charge.
Q:Hills uninterrupted power ups how to shut down?
Halo, Lz, it is normal. LZ's UPS is a CPU-controlled models, CPU-controlled UPS in the mains state is basically not shut down! [CPU machines are non-lock switch, boot need to press the switch after a few seconds to boot. No CPU of the machine is a lock switch, press the switch at the same time the machine will boot. To [In addition to the backup machine, all the UPS, such as online machines, online interactive UPS, etc. are CPU control] There are CPU backup machine plug the mains and then press the shutdown key, the machine will generally long, but will not shut down. On-line machine (all of the CPU) in the electricity state press the power button, the machine will self-test, that is, between the electricity and inverter conversion, not long will not shut down, only unplug the electricity to Turn on the key. No CPU of the machine, no matter what circumstances as long as the press the boot button will shut down, this machine is the most in the UPS garbage.  Individual built-in CPU UPS has automatic boot / bypass function, automatic boot is the machine in the shutdown state of a market point will automatically start, bypass function is the machine in the shutdown or fault state, insert the electricity, the machine Output socket has output, output voltage = input voltage.   Good point of the load rate function, such as UPS2000, full load is 1200W, when loaded with 1400W, the buzzer will be anxious, prompting you to reduce the load.   Mountain special star is not a real mountain, the real mountain is the Shenzhen Hill special electronic, Eaton Hill is Shenzhen sub-brand of the mountain, the rest of the XX are just drilling the law of the law control, then the famous fame to eat, although there are Part of the machine is very good, but most are the main cost-effective bargain.
Q:Server what ups power lines
Landlord, hello UPS models and brands are more, personally suggest that you can follow the following approach to start. 1, know all your server or other network equipment power. 2, add all the power you need to protect the power of the equipment to calculate the total power 3, according to the total power of all your equipment to calculate the capacity of the UPS 4, according to your needs to select the UPS brand and the corresponding model (for example: 5, according to your UPS brand, model, backup time you need to calculate the battery size and capacity (by the way you can also choose the battery brand). 6, according to the results of all the above calculated brand selection to find the opposite suppliers to negotiate the right price (you may be in accordance with the above requirements a lot of brands can meet your requirements, you can find the appropriate brand agents to consult, according to the most cost-effective agent Business cooperation). Hope to answer the landlord to help answer,
Q:Ups uninterruptible power supply with air conditioning
Theoretically available. Traditional UPS power supply can not be used to drive air conditioning, because the traditional UPS power supply, technology development is not perfect, can not withstand air conditioning start current. With the continuous development of electronic technology, new UPS power supply products, then overcome a lot of traditional technical problems, can help users solve multi-directional needs. Now high-power UPS power supply products can also drive air conditioning, a 1.5P ordinary air conditioning at least use 5KVA UPS power supply, if the frequency of air conditioning, you can use 3KVA UPS power on it.
Q:Why is the UPS power supply ever alarming?
The second possibility: UPS host failure, UPS need to repair, there will be an alarm prompt It is recommended to look at the alarm panel on the UPS panel, understand the fault phenomenon it represents, in making judgments.
Q:Ups power supply needs 380V output how much V DC battery?
Different manufacturers configuration differences Under normal circumstances 1, AC220V output, configuration 16, each 12 volts, rated voltage: 192V 2, AC380V output, configuration 32, each 12 volts, rated voltage: 384V

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