High Frequeny 4000W 5000W Solar Panel Inverter for Home Use

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Product Description:

High Frequeny 4000W 5000W Solar Panel Inverter for Home Use

Product Description

1.12v DC AC
2.high quality,low defective rate
3.efficiency rate>85%

DC 12V/24V TO AC 110V/220V

2000W continuous power inverter
4000W Peak Power
Efficiency: > 80%
Input Voltage : 10V-15V/21V-30V
Frequency: 50HZ±2
Low battery alarm:10.5V±0.3V,21±0.5V

Low battery shut down: 10V±0.5V 20V DC±0.5V

Over voltage shut down: 15.5V±0.5V or 30.5V±0.5V

Over load shut down :2400W

Over heating shut down>75°C

Over Thermal :shut down the output

Short Circuit: fuse

Working Temperature: Between -10°C and +50°C

Working Humidity: 20%~90%RH non-condensing

Storage Temperature : Between -30°C and +70°C




1.The real short-circuit protection, regardless of how long the short time the products and electrical appliances are safe.                                                                                                  

2.The multi-purpose socket design, it is suitable for any plug.                                                                                                   

3.Under voltage, overload, over current, high temperature and high pressure, short circuit and multiple protection function, to ensure that products and electrical safety.                                                                                                                                         

4.Advanced circuit design, high-quality imported components, low heat and extremely low repeat rates.                                                    
5.Unique SMT + module combination of processing technology, more stable performance.
Range of application: mobile phone charging, laptops, lamps and lanterns, camera, TV, shaver, CD, fan, video game, security, professional tools, instruments of all electrical power. 

High Frequeny 4000W 5000W Solar Panel Inverter for Home Use

High Frequeny 4000W 5000W Solar Panel Inverter for Home Use

High Frequeny 4000W 5000W Solar Panel Inverter for Home Use

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Q:UPS power supply alarm, may be normal power supply, how should deal with?
UPS alarm points in several cases The general alarm is the discharge alarm, that is, when the power outage or mains voltage is lower than the UPS input range, UPS enabled battery power will always be alarmed to prompt you according to the situation before the battery runs out of information and so on. This time can be normal power supply. The alarm brake is released when the voltage is applied to the UPS input range. There are some alarm may be a little problem UPS, such as Hills and APC UPS when the machine problem, it will automatically bypass the output, you can use some of the normal function, but a power failure UPS may not start battery-powered. I hope to help you more information please give me a message consultation
Q:What is the difference between UPS power and mobile power?
Is the UPS power supply a battery? Or is there a fundamental difference between the two? The ... is the battery .... these two are different, you said the UPS power supply by the UPS host system and battery composition. ... UPS uninterrupted ...
Q:What is the power UPS power supply? What is the difference between it and conventional UPS power supply?
the difference: 1, the power UPS itself without a battery pack, directly using the DC screen busbar hanging on the battery pack, so the power UPS can not set the charger. 2, because the DC screen battery bus to the ground insulation detection, so the power UPS input / output must have isolation transformer. 3, power dedicated UPS uninterruptible power supply size is generally 800 * 600 * 2260 standard power cabinet, from the outside through the glass door can see the status of internal switches and lights. Output feeder circuit number and capacity. 4, power dedicated UPS uninterruptible power supply generally by the power UPS host, bypass regulator cabinet, the output feeder cabinet and other three parts of the group screen supply. 5, due to the power plant DCS system load most of the single-phase load, single-phase load distribution line is simple, easy maintenance. So most of the electricity dedicated UPS output single-phase 220V, the capacity is generally within the scope of 80kVA.
Q:Is the uninterruptible power supply UPS included in the total load during load calculation?
Double machine is hot backup, the capacity of each machine should be greater than the total capacity, otherwise it will lose the role of hot backup.
Q:What are the hazards of the harmonics generated by the UPS power supply?
For our long-term use of the UPS power supply, in the end UPS power supply which will produce what harmonics, the current harmonics in the end what will be the harm, the specific hazards are the following: 1, on the circuit breaker, leakage protection, relays and other protection, automatic control device interference, resulting in malfunction. So that the motor generates additional losses and heat, resulting in pulsating torque and noise. So that the power transformer, so that the motor generated additional loss and heat, resulting in pulsating torque and noise. 2, the adjacent communication lines produce static interference and electromagnetic interference. Causing the electrostatic compensation capacitor of the distribution system to occur in series / parallel resonance. 3, due to harmonics, so that voltage changes caused by electronic equipment damage, a malfunction, affecting the normal operation of computer programs. Resulting in data loss, and even damage to the hardware, causing building automation, fire alarm system, security system malfunction, or even unable to work.
Q:Ups power can not external socket?
Said so much to do, directly, you can pick up, but can not pick too much,
Q:Should be equipped with much power UPS uninterruptible power supply?
According to the equipment, the electricity environment and the purpose of power protection to be achieved, you can choose the appropriate UPS; For example, the built-in switching power supply of low-power equipment can generally use backup UPS, in the harsh environment should use online interaction Type or on-line UPS, and can not be allowed to intermittent time or time requirements of sine wave AC equipment, can only use on-line UPS. To determine how much power your equipment is, in general, the average PC or IPC power in the 200W or so, the Mac in 300W or so, the server between 300W and 600W, the power of other equipment can refer to the device's instructions The
Q:Ups model problem
Now the computer is very adaptable, UPS rarely used.
Q:3000W load with a large number of UPS uninterruptible power supply is appropriate, the backup time to 12 hours
With a large amount of ups and the nature of the load is directly related to the start of the inductive load is often greater than the rated value is 4-7 times to start, your load is 3000, according to the minimum starting power multiplier count 3000 * 4 = 12000w, general ups power Is allowed to start super 1-1.5 times, so count, you need to be equipped with a minimum of more than 5000w ups power, the ideal equipment should be 10000w (10kw). If your load is of a resistive type, it is only necessary to match or slightly larger than that. If your inductive load is a number of monomers (such as 300w of 10 total of 3000w) and do not need to start at the same time, just equipped with a 4000 more than enough.
Q:What is the role of UPS?
UPS is an uninterruptible power system (English), is able to provide a sustained, stable, uninterrupted power supply of important external equipment. UPS according to the working principle is divided into backup, online and online interactive three categories. UPS is the name suggests, it is one such machine, it stops the supply of electricity in the time, to maintain a power supply time, so that people have time to save, and then calmly shut down the machine.

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