High Frequeny 4000W 5000W Solar Panel Inverter for Home Use

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Product Description:

High Frequeny 4000W 5000W Solar Panel Inverter for Home Use

Product Description

1.12v DC AC
2.high quality,low defective rate
3.efficiency rate>85%

DC 12V/24V TO AC 110V/220V

2000W continuous power inverter
4000W Peak Power
Efficiency: > 80%
Input Voltage : 10V-15V/21V-30V
Frequency: 50HZ±2
Low battery alarm:10.5V±0.3V,21±0.5V

Low battery shut down: 10V±0.5V 20V DC±0.5V

Over voltage shut down: 15.5V±0.5V or 30.5V±0.5V

Over load shut down :2400W

Over heating shut down>75°C

Over Thermal :shut down the output

Short Circuit: fuse

Working Temperature: Between -10°C and +50°C

Working Humidity: 20%~90%RH non-condensing

Storage Temperature : Between -30°C and +70°C




1.The real short-circuit protection, regardless of how long the short time the products and electrical appliances are safe.                                                                                                  

2.The multi-purpose socket design, it is suitable for any plug.                                                                                                   

3.Under voltage, overload, over current, high temperature and high pressure, short circuit and multiple protection function, to ensure that products and electrical safety.                                                                                                                                         

4.Advanced circuit design, high-quality imported components, low heat and extremely low repeat rates.                                                    
5.Unique SMT + module combination of processing technology, more stable performance.
Range of application: mobile phone charging, laptops, lamps and lanterns, camera, TV, shaver, CD, fan, video game, security, professional tools, instruments of all electrical power. 

High Frequeny 4000W 5000W Solar Panel Inverter for Home Use

High Frequeny 4000W 5000W Solar Panel Inverter for Home Use

High Frequeny 4000W 5000W Solar Panel Inverter for Home Use

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Q:What is the role of UPS power supply in the power distribution room?
UPS power supply in the distribution room role: Uninterruptible power supply, to the important match, in the city after the power outage, UPS can rely on the battery for some time, give you enough time to prepare, and will not suddenly power a huge impact. UPS power supply in the distribution room is the principle of AC rectifier into DC, and the battery in parallel, and then through the inverter you become AC output.
Q:UPS power supply, what is good
When the mains input is normal, the UPS will be powered by the mains supply to the load, this time the UPS is an AC mains regulator, and it also charge the battery to the machine; when the electricity interruption (accident power failure) ,
Q:UPS-500 uninterruptible power supply, no, how to store?
Dry storage, the monthly discharge to keep the battery activity just fine
Q:How to choose UPS power supply
The best of course is the APC, but the price is higher, would like to cheap, then you can choose Hill special
Q:What is the role of UPS uninterruptible power supply?
In the mains power supply, it is the role of regulators and filters to eliminate or weaken the mains of the interference to ensure that the normal work of the equipment; in the city when the interruption, it can by its DC power supply part (battery Group, diesel generators, etc.) to provide a perfect AC power supply for the use of the load, which by the electricity supply to the battery power supply is generally 0 time switch, so that the load device does not feel any changes while maintaining the operation, the real To ensure the uninterrupted operation of the equipment.
Q:What is the power backup time?
The backup time is the maximum power supply time that the UPS can provide to the computer and other devices after the utility power is off.
Q:UPS power supply is mainly used in what areas
The need to purchase UPS is a key equipment after the power failure will cause serious losses of enterprises or individuals, for our company, the customer has the following categories: 1. Military: military aircraft, spacecraft, servers, radar and other fixed equipment and ships, tanks and other mobile devices 2. Communication industry: such as mobile, China Unicom, telecommunications, etc., their servers and communication stations to ensure that all-weather work, can not receive the impact of the power grid, we rarely appear to call out because of this. 3. Banking: such as ATMs, servers and so on. 4. supermarkets, gold shops and other shops: If there is no backup power, if the sudden power failure at night, it will inevitably occur robbery. 5. Data center 6. Industry: To ensure the stability of the plant operation, we must ensure that the factory equipment is operating normally, this part of the UPS to the end of the main. 7. Personal PC: At present this part mainly in the low-end UPS-based. 8. Laboratory or high-precision equipment: some high-end equipment as long as the sudden power failure will be damaged, great loss, so equipped with UPS is necessary.
Q:Can the battery of the car be used on the UPS power supply?
I do UPS power supply, the car battery can be used in the UPS power supply, but do not pay attention to different brands, different types of mix can be a ~!
Q:What is the power UPS power supply? What is the difference between it and conventional UPS power supply?
the difference: 1, the power UPS itself without a battery pack, directly using the DC screen busbar hanging on the battery pack, so the power UPS can not set the charger. 2, because the DC screen battery bus to the ground insulation detection, so the power UPS input / output must have isolation transformer. 3, power dedicated UPS uninterruptible power supply size is generally 800 * 600 * 2260 standard power cabinet, from the outside through the glass door can see the status of internal switches and lights. Output feeder circuit number and capacity. 4, power dedicated UPS uninterruptible power supply generally by the power UPS host, bypass regulator cabinet, the output feeder cabinet and other three parts of the group screen supply. 5, due to the power plant DCS system load most of the single-phase load, single-phase load distribution line is simple, easy maintenance. So most of the electricity dedicated UPS output single-phase 220V, the capacity is generally within the scope of 80kVA.
Q:What is the difference between UPS and battery?
The And can only release the voltage of 12v. Just like an ordinary battery. Just big capacity! The

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