LCD High Frequency UPS 64K Watt

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Product Description:

  • Phase: Three Phase

  • Protection: Unbalanced Loads

  • Weight: 82-30K6

  • Output Voltage: 380/400/415VAC

  • Type: On-line

  • Application: Medical

  • Product Name: LCD high frequency 64kw ups (Centrio 3C3 )

  • Place of origion: China

  • Warranty: 1 year

  • Model: Centrio 3C3

  • Battery type: VRLA(value Regulated Lead Acid)

  • Inverter type: IGBT-based

  • Max. load crest factor: 3:1





3.IGBT technical




1.IGBT based , high frequency rectifier and inverter design to achieve up to 93%-94% efficiency (Mains mode and battery mode),and low input current THD(>3%)

2. ECO mode to achieve up to 98% efficiency for energy saving.

3. Strong over load capability,10 minutes for 125% overload, and 1 minute for 150% overload.

4. wide input range which is suitable for very unstable power supply situation.

5. Generator input acceptable.

6. Power Factor Correction Achieve input PF 0.99.

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Q:Need to supply a large UPS power supply?
The current backup UPS, it should be 500VA / 200W reserve 10 minutes or so, according to 100W, then use a 30 minutes or so. Can be purchased as follows: 1) When selecting a UPS, the user should take into account the individual requirements such as the size of the load, the characteristics of the load device, the importance of the load device, and the degree of impact of the adverse power on the load. 2) first of all need to understand the need for back-up, online, online interactive products such as performance considerations. 3) the most important to pay attention to equipment power, distinguish the actual power and rated power, there is the need for power to delay time to distinguish. 4) in the purchase should pay attention to equipment is not an inductive load, to test the equipment is equipped with centralized or decentralized And other technologies to the fifth: the final consideration is also must be considered is to buy UPS to consider their own brand and after-sales service, which is the most important! UPS is the abbreviation of English Uninterruptiable Power Supply, translated as uninterruptible power supply. From the 20th century, 60 years of rotary generators to the current development of a certain degree of intelligent all-electronic circuit, it is with the electronic technology, especially power devices and automatic control technology and the rapid development of mature. Its basic functions are: Power interruption power supply, can not intermittently power supply; Always provide high-quality AC power to the load, to stabilize. Steady frequency. Suppress the surge. Spike. Electric noise. Compensation voltage subsidence. Long-term low pressure and other factors interfere with.
Q:What is the difference between UPS power and mobile power?
Is the UPS power supply a battery? Or is there a fundamental difference between the two? The ... is the battery .... these two are different, you said the UPS power supply by the UPS host system and battery composition. ... UPS uninterrupted ...
Q:Where is the uninterruptible power supply?
Shenzhen Renda Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is one of R & D Group's main commitment to power and power electronics R & D, production, sales, products cover a full range of UPS power supply, inverter and so on. Products used in government, finance, communications, education, transportation, radio and television, industrial and commercial tax, health, energy, electricity, manufacturing and other industries. Companies with R & D, products, services, capacity scale, and other aspects of the comprehensive advantages, quickly provide customers with a full range of personalized high-end power system solutions.
Q:Is the UPS power supply including precision air conditioning?
I think the problem is not so simple, ordinary UPS can not give air conditioning power supply. You do not have practical significance to calculate it. You have to pay attention to: UPS generally say how much VA is not W. Compressor may only 1KW, but it may require 10KVA UPS to drive. Ordinary UPS support for inductive load is poor. Ultra-large rooms need to use generators to drive large air conditioning units, or use the mechanical UPS (that is, a flywheel).   Said that death is not bad, is generally all blackout, instantaneous current is too large. to be honest: Power = voltage * current * cos angle The UPS provides the maximum current, but if the value of cos is only 0.1, it means that 10 times the current is required to achieve the same power. In general, all sensible and capacitive loads are not suitable for use with ordinary UPS.
Q:Emerson UPS power supply is mainly frequency machine or high frequency machine
Emerson UPS: Model: UL33 (20-60KVA), UL31 (30 to 80KVA), Hipulse U (80-400KVA) UHX (1-10KVA), UH31 (10,15,20 KVA), ITA (1-20KVA), NX series all models (NX are the beginning, 10-200KVA), APM (30-150KVA ), APL (300-800KVA) All modular UPSs are high frequency machines. (Low R & D cost is low, easy to manufacture), bulky, stable operation (internal bus voltage is relatively low, 450V below the DC), impact resistance load capacity is good, not Balanced load adaptability, the whole efficiency is low (less than 90% at half load), the battery hanging bus (battery charging capacity); High-frequency machine small size, light weight, high technical content (not easy to do high-power), bus voltage (700V or more DC), the unbalanced load and impact load tolerance is poor, the whole high efficiency (half The battery needs to be connected to the DC bus through a bi-directional DC-DC converter (ie, the battery converter) (the charging power is limited by the battery converter, up to 15% of the total power); The market is the largest machine sales Hipulse U and UL33, small machine ITA is currently selling very fire, the reason is very simple, buy big machine users focus on stability considerations, buy small machine users is to fight the price, buy cheap The Overall, Emerson's UPS is good, stable, user-friendly, very good quality, the price is on the side.
Q:Modular UPS power supply modular UPS and conventional UPS difference
And the container in the factory began to load the same reason, the rack-mounted modular UPS installation and commissioning is also the beginning of the factory. In order to standardize the module-based UPS, in the product design, production, manufacturing process, you can develop a unified standard, so that all the components of the system can play the best performance, but also to avoid compatibility problems Of the system failure. The rack-mount modular UPS can be configured according to current business requirements and can add more modules at a later time. The optimization capability of such a system significantly reduces the total cost of ownership. Modular design provides great flexibility in reconfiguring power to meet changing business needs. Independent components, standard interfaces, and simple operations save time and save money when installing, upgrading, reconfiguring, or moving modular systems.
Q:Uninterrupted power ups battery and electric car battery What is the difference, can replace
Can not, the principle is not the same, UPS power supply is continuous power supply, and the electric car is intermittent, so not the same, but can be used, but the effect is not very good, thank you
Q:Ups model problem
Rated Capacity? UPS rated capacity of the actual model prevail. General household type: 500VA / 300W; 1000VA / 600w. Medium-sized UPS can be 10KVA / 7KW, large UPS can reach hundreds of KVA or even a few trillion VA. voltage range? The general voltage range of not less than 220 plus or minus 20% Frequency Range? Frequency range is generally 50Hz plus or minus 3Hz above, beyond this range is the battery power supply Output voltage range? General backup UPS output voltage range of 220 positive and negative about 5V, on-line general accuracy within 1V Power factor The power factor is divided into the input power factor and the output power factor. The meaning is the angle between the voltage waveform and the current waveform. The general design of the power factor is better, the general design standard is 0.7 (frequency machine) ~ 0.99 (high frequency machine), the output power factor depending on the load may not necessarily the bigger the better, the general design standard is (0.7,0.8). And so on, how to know and their machine with unworthy? How big is it? General personal use UPS, the choice of backup can be a single PC optional capacity of 500VA, two PC is selected 1000VA. For more power, you should consider the choice of more than 1000KVA online UPS, the specific query to the manufacturers. Recommended to consider the choice of brand-name products
Q:What is the role of UPS?
UPS is for the computer and other equipment after the power outage to provide continuous power supply. To ensure that computer equipment, etc. from power failure. The power supply time is determined by the UPS battery.
Q:The difference between starting the battery and the battery for uninterruptible power supply
UPS (Uninterruptible power system), uninterruptible power supply system, power off to the battery, completely uninterrupted, or within 10 microseconds conversion. Do not need to restart the use of electricity, continue to use. EPS, is the DC switch search AC inverter. EPS (emergency power system) is the Chinese manufacturers themselves about 1998 or so marketing terms. Mainly for power and lighting power in the power off, do not start the generator, and with a straight AC inverter from the battery. No strict conversion time requirements, and even some manual switching. Start with the characteristics of the battery Summary: 1 large current discharge: high current discharge capacity, energy conversion efficiency, process loss is small, high current energy cycle efficiency ≥ 90% 2 ultra-low resistance 3 ultra-resistant wide temperature: ultra-low temperature characteristics, the temperature range of -40 ℃ ~ +70 ℃; 4 long life: the depth of charge and discharge cycles up to 1 to 50 million times, there is no "memory effect."
Our products are accredited with CE (EMC and LVD directives) and RoHS standards. We are of experienced engineers with Master Degree, who are committed to provide technical support and after-sales service to our customers around the world.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Guangdong,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2004
Annual Output Value US$10 Million - US$50 Million
Main Markets Oceania 1.00%
Mid East 10.00%
Eastern Asia 5.00%
Western Europe 10.00%
Northern Europe 1.00%
Southern Europe 1.00%
South Asia 5.00%
North America 1.00%
South America 1.00%
Eastern Europe 20.00%
Southeast Asia 30.00%
Africa 15.00%
Company Certifications copyright Certificate; RoHS certificate; LVD certificate; EMC certificate

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shekou Port,Yantian Port,Huangang Port
Export Percentage 91% - 100%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 11-20 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese, Russian, Italian
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 5,000-10,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 6
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered Buyer Label Offered
Product Price Range High and/or Average