Ipad/tablet/laptop/ Charging Cabinet B302

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60 unit
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10009 unit/month

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Capacity: 30 units

Compatibility:  Charging port compatible,designed for various sized chromebooks,tablets,and ultrabooks.

Security design: Leakage and short circuit protection

Input power:   100-240~50/60HZ 0.45A

Output power :5V/2A(Standard,customize)

Working temperature -15°— 65 °


1.Leakage and short circuit protection.Double protection make charging more safety.



2.The cable channels are on top of each dividers,to recognize and reach the connection easily!


2.We improve our devices! High quality  storage made of molded ABS p2olymer,with cable channels on top to recognize and reach the connection easily.

3. Premium materials  and quality construction ,we care about every details.

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