Ipad/tablet/laptop/ Charging Cabinet B302

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60 unit
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10009 unit/month

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Product Description:


Capacity: 30 units

Compatibility:  Charging port compatible,designed for various sized chromebooks,tablets,and ultrabooks.

Security design: Leakage and short circuit protection

Input power:   100-240~50/60HZ 0.45A

Output power :5V/2A(Standard,customize)

Working temperature -15°— 65 °


1.Leakage and short circuit protection.Double protection make charging more safety.



2.The cable channels are on top of each dividers,to recognize and reach the connection easily!


2.We improve our devices! High quality  storage made of molded ABS p2olymer,with cable channels on top to recognize and reach the connection easily.

3. Premium materials  and quality construction ,we care about every details.

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Q:How to properly connect the computer UPS uninterruptible power supply ah?
If the computer running the data to determine the importance of the computer without UPS, if you do not have to set the computer itself; if you can directly use the computer host and monitor the power input plug inserted in the UPS output socket, UPS power input access to electricity can!
Q:UPS power status status: bypass output
AC: NORMAL; AC: normalBattery: ok Battery: OK Status: bypass output Status: Bypass output should be no problem
Q:UPS power host capacity of 10KVA, the battery is 100AH 32 section,
According to the information you provide, the battery is 32 12V 100Ah, the load power of 200W; then the UPS power supply time is calculated as follows: 1.UPS battery discharge when there is a protective voltage (that is, the minimum voltage of a single battery) is 10V, then a group of batteries minimum voltage of 32 * 10 = 320V, the inverter efficiency is generally taken 0.9, then the maximum discharge current of the battery Is 200 / 0.9 / 320 = 0.69A; the average discharge current of the battery is 0.69 * 0.8 (correction factor) = 0.55A 2. Discharge rate = 0.55A / 100Ah = 0.005C; according to the battery discharge curve, the corresponding discharge rate of the corresponding discharge time. General lead-acid batteries are 20 hours discharge rate (more than 20 hours on the abnormal discharge, 20 hours after no discharge curve, and also find the corresponding time): the discharge rate of 0.05C can last 20 hours. The above system has a discharge rate of 0.005C for at least 20 hours. 3. General lead-acid batteries do not have such a small discharge rate to discharge, easy to cause the battery depth of discharge damage to the battery. Recommended battery capacity to reduce or increase the load power, improve system efficiency.
Q:Does the UPS need to be shut down every day?
UPS does not need to be closed every day. UPS uninterruptible power supply works as follows: AC-DC conversion: the grid to the AC power by the autotransformer step-down, full-wave rectifier, filter into a DC voltage, the inverter circuit. DC-AC inverter circuit: the use of high-power IGBT module full-bridge inverter circuit, with a large power margin, the output dynamic range of the output impedance is particularly small, with fast response characteristics. Due to the use of high-frequency modulation current limiting technology, and fast short-circuit protection technology, so that the inverter regardless of the supply voltage transient or load impact or short circuit, can be safe and reliable work.
Q:What does UPS mean?
UPS (Uninterruptible Power System), that is, uninterruptible power supply, is the battery (mostly lead-acid maintenance-free battery) connected with the host, through the host inverter and other modules to convert DC power into the main system equipment The Mainly used for a single computer, computer network systems or other power electronic equipment such as solenoid valves, pressure transmitters, etc. to provide a stable, uninterrupted power supply. When the mains input is normal, the UPS will be powered by the mains supply to the load, this time the UPS is an AC mains regulator, and it also charge the battery to the machine; when the electricity interruption (accident power failure) , The UPS immediately to the battery DC power, through the inverter zero switching method to continue to supply 220V AC load, so that the load to maintain normal work and protect the load soft, the hardware is not damaged. UPS equipment is usually too high voltage or voltage can provide protection.
Q:What is the protective rating of the UPS power supply? How much do you usually do? What can I do?
The second number: 0 no protection against the outside world or no special protection IP-0 1 to prevent the intrusion of water, vertical drops of water droplets (such as condensate) on the lamp will not cause harmful effects IP-1 2 tilt 15 ° can still prevent the intrusion of water, when the light from the vertical tilt to 15 °, the drip on the lamp will not cause harmful effects IP-2 3 to prevent the spray of water intrusion, rain or against the vertical angle of less than 60 ° in the direction of the water sprayed into the lamp caused damage to IP-3 4 to prevent splash of water intrusion, to prevent the water from splashing into the lighting caused by damage to the IP-4 5 to prevent the injection of water intrusion, to prevent the injection of water from the nozzle into the lamp caused by damage to the IP-5 6 to prevent the invasion of large waves, installed in the deck of the lamps and lanterns to prevent the invasion caused by flood damage caused by IP-6 7 to prevent water intrusion when immersed, the lamp immersed in water for a certain period of time or water pressure below a certain standard to ensure that damage is not due to water damage IP-7 8 to prevent sinking when the water intrusion, the indefinite sinking of the lamp early to specify the state of the water, to ensure that damage is not due to water caused by IP-8 Personal understanding: IP rating is based on the site environment and security requirements to confirm. Such as IP20 is to prevent human fingers can be extended into the cause of personal injury, but no demand for water. IP54 is to the dust and water requirements.
Q:UPS power supply alarm, may be normal power supply, how should deal with?
Fault alarm, please contact the dealer to deal with, the warranty period can be free maintenance
Q:What is the power backup time?
The greater the power you bring, the shorter the actual power supply.
Q:Small ups uninterruptible power supply, you can add an external battery?
Manufacturers will not let you do so, the seller is so to sell your battery ,,, Design time is not a lot of time according to your battery capacity count
Q:How long does the UPS power supply last?
General with a backup machine, with a charging machine about 30 minutes, you can also match the standard machine, plus the battery can extend more time. Backup machine: 200 --- 1000 block; standard machine: 2000 or so.

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