Home Office Appliance Cute Single Modified Sine Wave 200 Watt 300 Watt UPS Plug

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Product Description:

*Phase: Single Phase

*Protection: Full protection

*Weight: 3-5kgs

*Output Voltage: 120 VAC or 220/230/240VAC

*Type: Standby

*Application: computer printer fax TV

*Model: Cute plug with ups function

*Voltage Range: 90~145 VAC or 170/270 VAC

*Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz

*P.F.: 0.5




Cute single modified sine wave ups plug

1.200w / 300w, 12vdc

2.288X125X89 mm

3.Multifunction ups plug





Ease-of-use:The plug-and-play functionality of the product allows you to start backing up your equipment the moment you take the unit out of the box. Gain automatic integration with Windows, Mac and Linux with a simple connection to a USB port.


Modern design:The sleek design of the product allows you to display it alongside your high-tech equipment for a sophisticated look. This unit can also be wall or desk mounted for additional space savings.


Premium protection:The high-efficiency design of the product provides premium power protection for up to 10 devices, including those using data lines.

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Q:UPS power frequency machine and high frequency machine difference
Frequency machine is directly used frequency frequency (50hz) the battery DC into AC power, and then transformer transformer 220 volts 50 Hz home AC. (The advantage is simple structure, a bit like a transformer power supply.) High-frequency machine is the first of the battery through the high-frequency booster circuit boosted to high-frequency 220-volt pulse, the filter to 300 volts DC voltage, and then turn it into 220 volts 50 Hz home AC. (The advantage is that the output power can be automatically adjusted, energy-saving effect is good, a bit like switching power supply.
Q:Power supply and ups power which is good?
1, power supply: it is designed for voltage instability, mainly as a back-end equipment to protect the use of equipment protection function is more perfect. General large UPS must also be equipped with a regulated bypass system. The scope of the power supply is very broad, almost need to use the electricity can be used (of course, the premise is the voltage instability). General home with a computer, with a TV, etc., choose high-precision automatic power supply can be, and is the market called SVC AC power supply, the price is real; if it is industrial, then of course, is the high-power AC voltage regulator Power, simple and practical. For the UPS power supply and power supply above are made a good introduction and description, hope that these can understand you for the regulator and UPS can have a very good help, so you in the future life can be very easy to distinguish them , And they can be used better.
Q:Uninterruptible power supply can be used as lighting power
can. But pay attention to the load with ups' capacity ratio of not more than 80%
Q:UPS uninterruptible power supply behind the two network cable socket is what is the use?
I came to tell you, that is called the network cable surge filter, is filtered through the network of high-voltage current, protection routers, switches and other equipment. The specific use of a line for the middle of a cut line, marked with crystal head, one into a.
Q:Ups uninterruptible power supply with air conditioning
From a professional point of view, it is recommended that UPS does not have air conditioning. The reason for the air conditioning for the inductive load, the starting current is very large, so the requirements of the UPS is very high, and the damage to the UPS is quite large. If you really want to use UPS with air conditioning, then recommend UPS choose 3KVA more insurance.
Q:What is the difference between UPS and on-line?
Online do not need to change the time, and the battery, even if the electricity is off all right, and the backup need to convert events, about 4 to 10 milliseconds, backup is not suitable for workstations, but the general user can use.
Q:UPS power supply test problem
 The efficiency of the UPS can be measured by measuring the UPS output power and input power. UPS efficiency is mainly determined by the inverter design. Most of the UPS only 50% -100% load only when the high efficiency, when less than 50% load, the efficiency of the sharp decline in the manufacturers to provide the efficiency indicators are mostly in the rated DC voltage, rated load conditions effectiveness. User selection is best to choose the efficiency and output power curve and DC voltage changes positive and negative 15% efficiency. Two dynamic test 1, sudden or sudden load test First, "power perturbation analyzer" measurement of no-load, steady-state phase voltage and frequency, and then sudden load from 0 to 100% or by reducing the load from 100% to 0, if the UPS output transient voltage between -8% to 10%, and within 20ms to return to steady state, then the UPS of the indicators qualified; if the UPS output transient voltage beyond this range, it will produce more Large inrush current, whether on the load or the UPS itself is extremely unfavorable, then the kind of UPS should not be used. 2, the conversion characteristics of the test This main test by the inverter power supply conversion to the mains power supply or by the utility power conversion to the inverter power supply conversion characteristics. Tests need to store oscilloscopes and regulators that can simulate changes in utility power.
Q:Need to supply a large UPS power supply?
The key of this camera is too wide, a few W to several hundred watts have. 40 LCD, if it is LED, also 2KW. If it is old, about 4KW DVR is also a 200-300W * 14 = 4.3KW Optical do not have to forget, too small. Matrix ... no specific parameters. If it is a terminal camera, each about 3-5W, probably a total of 20-30KVA is enough.   If it is a film camera (estimated not, or else 600 too much): The key is that even 600 cameras every 20W, have 12KW. 20KVA if you need insurance. If it is 200W, you need 200KVA. And the camera is not also need to have a matching mobile shelves, if there is a motor, it is estimated how to use hundreds of KVA only safe. If there are still lights: a camera can take 2.6KW lights, it is estimated that the astronomical figures.
Q:What is the battery life of the UPS power supply?
Domestic warranty 3 years, import warranty 1 year, the general life of three five years so
Q:Can UPS power be used to power off frequently?
It is recommended not to use the computer when the UPS is best off, because the UPS internal battery, if the battery is over a long time will affect the state of life. Off the switch is only a little effort to develop habits to benefit infinite, if it is thunderstorm weather does not cut off the power, the computer may have the risk of lightning, as the loss is even greater. I have the pain of being destroyed by the power. So please the landlord is best to cut off the power as well.
Our products are accredited with CE (EMC and LVD directives) and RoHS standards. We are of experienced engineers with Master Degree, who are committed to provide technical support and after-sales service to our customers around the world.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Guangdong,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2004
Annual Output Value US$10 Million - US$50 Million
Main Markets Oceania 1.00%
Mid East 10.00%
Eastern Asia 5.00%
Western Europe 10.00%
Northern Europe 1.00%
Southern Europe 1.00%
South Asia 5.00%
North America 1.00%
South America 1.00%
Eastern Europe 20.00%
Southeast Asia 30.00%
Africa 15.00%
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Nearest Port Shekou Port,Yantian Port,Huangang Port
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Language Spoken: English, Chinese, Russian, Italian
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Factory Size: 5,000-10,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 6
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered Buyer Label Offered
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