10-200kVA 3:3 Phase Industry UPS, Can parallel 8 units UPS

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1.10-200kVA 3:3 Phase Industry UPS 
2.Can parallel 8 units UPS 
3.True on-line static bypass technology 

Superb 10-200kVA 3:3 Phase Industry UPS,Can parallel 8 units UPS


High reliability:
1.True on-line static bypass technology,to provide strong overload and fault protection device
2.Internal manual maintainance bypass further improve the reliability of continuous operation of the load
Network management humanity:
1.Communicate with PC by Rs232 
2.Use SNMP adapter,UPS can realize remote network management function
Optimized battery performance:
1.Intelligent battery management function
2.Automatically convert constant-current constant-voltage charging technology
Parallel redundancy
1.Can parallel 8 units UPS
2.Parallel UPS units can share a battery pack
3.Non-fixed master/slave parallel


Technology  specifications



Rated power10KVA20KVA30KVA40KVA60KVA80KVA100KVA120KVA160KVA200KVA
Input Voltage380VAC(3phsae) or 190VAC (3phase)
Voltage Range304-456AVC or 152~228VAC
Frequency50/60HZ +_5%
Power FactorMore than 0.97
Max.Input Current18A37A55A72A108A130A160A190A245A310A
FrequencySync to input (line mode),50Hzor 60Hz +_0.5%
Waveform Typepure sinewave
Power Factor0.8
THDLess then 3% with linear load 110% for
Overload Capability300mines/125% for 10mines for 150% for 1mine then transfer to bypass &alarm
Crrent Crest Ratio3:1 (Max)
Overall efficiencyMore than 90%
Transfer Time
From inverter to Battery0ms
Bypass voltage rangeadjustable
Recharge Time8~0hrs to 90% of capacity after full load discharge
LED/LCD Indications
LEDBattery level,utility power,inverter,bypass,fault,overload
LCDInput/Output voltage,Frenquncy,Battery Voltage,Load percent,Temperature
interfaceRs232 SNMP (optional)
intelligent slotDry Contact/EPO/SNMP Card (optional)
Working condition
Humidity0~95% Non-condensing
Storage Temperatureminus25%to55%°C
Acoustc Nioseless than 55dBLess than 60dBLess than65dBLess than 70dB
W*D*H mm555*725*1220800*745*14001070*745*14001420*745*1810
S:long Backup


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Q:UPS power supply test problem
The output voltage of the UPS can be tested by the following method: A, when the input voltage is 90% of the rated voltage, and the output load is 100% or the input voltage is 110% of the rated voltage. When the output load is 0, the output voltage should be kept within the range of plus or minus 3% of the rated value The B, when the input voltage for the rated voltage of 90% or 110%, the output voltage of one phase for the no-load, the other two for 100% load, the output voltage should be maintained at or minus 3% of the rated value, its The phase difference should be kept within 4 degrees.C, when the UPS inverter input DC voltage changes positive and negative 15%, the output load of 0-100% change, the output voltage should be maintained at or minus 3% of the rated voltage. This indicator on the surface with the previously described indicators repeat, but in fact it is higher than the previous requirements of the indicators. This is because the control system of the input signal changes in a wide range, showing a significant non-linear characteristics, to make the output voltage does not exceed the allowable range, the circuit requirements are even higher. effectiveness
Q:How to use UPS power supply
Is so used. Will waste a little electricity, not like a few upstairs that less, the specific number of ups that said, but not a lot, such as a month more than a dollar of electricity. That thing is a direct computer, or the power out of you only then how to get it, after the power outage you want to save things to save, shut down. The power of that thing is very short. In fact, the normal home computer with that thing is no need, is more out of a power off after the shutdown time. Do you often have a power outage? The text is generally the work of people with the power, after the power out of the text to cry to save to play again.
Q:Ups is what (computer)
UPS should refer to the uninterruptible power supply (similar to the battery, power failure automatically connected to electricity), such as some computer servers need to use what. Should those big companies have a client in the field or what the company's website needs to be uninterrupted online. If the power outage. The What is the spare?
Q:How to distinguish between the standard power machine and long machine
Standard machine built-in battery, long machine external battery, long machine has a charging board.
Q:Is the power cabinet and the control cabinet separate?
Small room can also be a cabinet inside, separate cabinets are large engine room, equipment, multi-cabinet control switch is also divided into mains input cabinet, UPS input cabinet, UPS output cabinet, column counters and so on.
Q:How to choose UPS power supply
1, first check the rated power of each server, and then calculate the total load power; 2, how to use the environment? Is it in the room? Is there air conditioning? 3, the local grid environment how? Is it stable? 4, whether to consider expansion later? That is, later to increase the server or other load to UPS to bring? UPS manufacturers are now many models, according to the specific use of the situation to be. Such as the environment is good, the quality of the grid Ye Hao, the future does not consider the expansion, the choice of high-frequency UPS, such as the mountain, but the current market, the name of the brand of a lot of UPS brand, fish eyes, pay attention to the selection of Shenzhen Hills, the quality is more secure ; If you want to consider the future expansion, may consider the use of modular UPS, such as GA, should be the current module machine bigger, but the price will be more expensive; such as the use of poor environment, power quality is not stable, then Selection of frequency series of UPS, such as domestic brands Branch Hua, the current industry evaluation is good, stable quality.
Q:Why is the UPS power supply ever alarming?
One is the fault of the other is that you are fake
Q:Computer connected to the UPS power supply has been used in the battery?
This statement is not precise enough. When the mains input is normal, the UPS will be powered by the mains supply to the load, this time the UPS is an AC mains regulator, and it also charge the battery to the machine; when the electricity interruption (accident power failure) , The UPS immediately to the battery DC power, through the inverter zero switching method to continue to supply 220V AC load, so that the load to maintain normal work and protect the load soft, the hardware is not damaged. UPS is the abbreviation of "Uninterruptible Power System", which can ensure that the computer system will continue to work for a period of time after the power outage so that the user can save the file so that the user will not cause the power outage Affect work or loss of data.
Q:What is the difference between UPS and RPS power supply?
RPS power supply (Redundant Power System) is used as an external DC power supply for some switches RPS can be used as a redundant backup power supply for a switch or router: L If the RPS and the power receiving equipment adopt the same AC power supply system, the RPS can continue to supply the DC power supply to the faulty equipment when the internal power supply of the power equipment is abnormal. The equipment will continue to operate normally. L If the RPS and power receiving equipment use different AC power supply system, you can also provide DC power supply to ensure the continuous operation of the equipment when the external AC power supply fails.
Q:Ups model problem
Now the computer is very adaptable, UPS rarely used.

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