Back up UPS with LED Display 1000W XD-UPS1000

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Product Description:

Back up UPS with LED Display 1000W XD-UPS1000

Product Description

Controlled by CPU,serve full service to all end users
Adopting PWM modulation and advanced Mosfet power device,running more stable
Advanced automatic constant charging circuit,prolongs battery life
Perfect protection against battery under-voltage,overload,short-circuit 
Built inside with high quality valve controlled sealed leda-acid battery,provides strong power to users
Cold start of the battery 




Input voltsge range    


 Input Frequency


Output voltsge range    


 Output frequency(Hz) 

50±0.5(Battery mode)

 Output wave form

Sine wave

Transfer time




Battery type


Backup time

10-15 minutes

Typical recharge time

10-16 hours

  Battery protection

protection against over-charge and under voltage





    Package size(mm)  







All specifications are subject to change without prior notice                                                             




1.The real short-circuit protection, regardless of how long the short time the products and electrical appliances are safe.                                                                                                  

2.The multi-purpose socket design, it is suitable for any plug.                                                                                                   

3.Under voltage, overload, over current, high temperature and high pressure, short circuit and multiple protection function, to ensure that products and electrical safety.                                                                                                                                         

4.Advanced circuit design, high-quality imported components, low heat and extremely low repeat rates.                                                    
5.Unique SMT + module combination of processing technology, more stable performance.
Range of application: mobile phone charging, laptops, lamps and lanterns, camera, TV, shaver, CD, fan, video game, security, professional tools, instruments of all electrical power. 

Back up UPS with LED Display 1000W XD-UPS1000

Back up UPS with LED Display 1000W XD-UPS1000

Back up UPS with LED Display 1000W XD-UPS1000

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Q:UPS power status status: bypass output
This display is working in the bypass state, normally working in the inverter state like "load on inverter" There may be several reasons: Inverter (INVERTER) fault Inverter (INVERTER) temperature is too high overload The main power supply is no electricity, the battery discharge cut off after the cut off Man to bypass After the shutdown is not turned on the inverter (INVERTER), according to a similar "inverter start" "UPS ON" button to start You said, "but the UPS seems to have been a period of time, beep sounded, feeling good horror ah, very short look, do not know what reason? Now the panel did not show the" an examination: 1. Enter whether there is a normal power supply 2. If the battery is over-discharged, the internal power is turned off Do not know what brand your UPS brand, so can only come here, and feel your equipment may be broken
Q:Computer connected to the UPS power supply has been used in the battery?
Yes, only in the outside of the mains no electricity or lower than the UPS set by the low voltage value will be switched to the UPS inside the battery-powered, the mains power supply is still the case of normal use of electricity, UPS internal is a breaker To control the switch.
Q:Will uninterruptible power supplies be used for audio?
Ups uninterruptible power supply can be used on the sound. UPS (Uninterruptible Power System), that is, uninterruptible power supply, is the battery (mostly lead-acid maintenance-free battery) connected with the host, through the host inverter and other modules to convert DC power into the main system equipment The Mainly used for a single computer, computer network systems or other power electronic equipment such as solenoid valves, pressure transmitters, etc. to provide a stable, uninterrupted power supply. When the mains input is normal, the UPS will be powered by the mains supply to the load, this time the UPS is an AC mains regulator, and it also charge the battery to the machine;
Q:Hills UPS output voltage is low
UPS output is a square wave output, with a universal meter can not accurately measure the voltage. Can only say that with a multimeter to measure more than 145V are normal. And can drive equipment. So do not worry. If the electricity if the 145V is difficult to drive the equipment
Q:What is the difference between EPS and UPS?
UPS is the abbreviation of UninterruptiblePowerSupply, that is, we often say UPS uninterruptible power supply. Common UPS on the market are mainly on-line (OnLine) and back-off (OffLine) two. EPS emergency power supply system is the abbreviation of Emergency Power Supply, is to meet the special requirements of the fire industry emergency power supply. First, the backup UPS in the normal electricity directly from the mains power supply to the load, when the electricity beyond its scope of work or power outages, through the switch to battery inverter power supply. Its characteristics are: simple structure, small size, low cost, but the input voltage range is narrow, the output voltage stability accuracy is poor, there is switching time, and the output waveform is generally square wave Second, the online interactive UPS in the normal electricity directly from the mains power supply to the load, when the electricity is low or high, through the UPS internal regulator line regulator output, when the electricity is abnormal or power failure, through the conversion Switch to battery inverter power supply. Its characteristics are: a wide input voltage range, low noise, small size and other characteristics, but there are also switching time.
Q:Uninterruptible power supply is the three major brands
According to the latest ranking of CCID: EMERSON, EATON, APC-MGE for the first three, but the big Iraq is about to exceed the old Ai. Fourth, five is: KELONG, DELTA
Q:What is the main purpose of using UPS power supply?
To avoid power failure due to uncertainties, resulting in hardware damage, and data loss.
Q:Can the battery of the car be used on the UPS power supply?
I do UPS power supply, the car battery can be used in the UPS power supply, but do not pay attention to different brands, different types of mix can be a ~!
Q:UPS battery life and maintenance
The initial use of the best charge for more than 12 hours. Usually the normal use of the process can be a regular charge and discharge once. General UPS warranty period of one year.
Q:I would like to ask: UPS power supply life how long?
Allen's UPS power supply can generally be used for 5 to 10 years, depending on the UPS power supply storage environment is different, may be able to use longer.

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