High-end Unconventional Rhombic Form Traveller in China

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The front tranverse beam gravity height of unconventional rhombic
form traveller is betwwen the height of rhombic form traveler and
triangular form traveler. Comparing with rhombic form traveler and
triangular form traveler, it has the advantages of low gravity height,
more operational space than triangular form traveler, easy operation,
safety during walking and firm anchorage, etc..

● Low gravity of front trancerse beam

● Applicable to large-scale stay-cable cantilever casting bridge with wide bridge deck

● Safe & easy operation, easy fixing, and safty during walking

● Big operational space under the main frame, and easy installation and removal

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Q:What is the meaning of hanging basket in construction
Refers to the outdoor decoration of the basket.
Q:The difference between cast in place and hanging basket construction
I have not seen the cast-in-place cast-in-place scaffold.
Q:Summary of the hanging basket construction
And so on, which make it develop rapidly.The main feature of the cable-stayed bridge is to use the cable as the elastic intermediate support, which is used to improve Liang Kua.Improve the span of the beam. Of course, the elastic supporting effect of the inclined cable on the beam can only be fully realized when the cable is in a tight state. So it is necessary to pre pull the cable before the load. This pretension can also reduce the stress variation of inclined cables, cable stiffness increase, thereby improving the stress condition of the structure, in addition, axial horizontal component of inclined cables on the girder of the pressure can enhance the crack resistance of the girder, saving the amount of high strength steel. Cable stayed bridge is a composite structure composed of cable, tower and beam. In cable-stayed bridge. The beam and the tower are the main load-bearing components, and the whole structure is formed by the cable group. According to the way of supporting beam, including connection beam and tower or piers, composed of the parent structure of different forms, but all through the beam in the form of inclined cables hanging elastic support on the tower, the intermediate elastic support (inclined cables) to enhance the stiffness of the beam, forming a multi point elastic variable cross section support continuous beam, cantilever beam, single T rigid frame and continuous rigid frame. The 1 main girder according to different material combined into three types of steel, concrete and steel beam with concrete bridge deck. The steel beam is divided into two types: steel truss and solid beam. The section of the beam is shown as follows: the section of concrete beam is as follows:
Q:What's the best form of money or payment to use in Sweden? Traveler's cheques, atm or credit card or Swedish
I always use my ATM debit card at ATMs to withdraw cash and then I use cash for most purchases. You get a better exchange rate that way, plus your bank will charge you a conversion fee every single time you use your debit card from home instead of one fee for withdrawing 1000 SEK, for example. Sweden is really safe and theft isn't terribly common. If you're worried, you can wear a money belt under your clothes and keep your card and large sums of cash in there. I'm assuming you're a foreigner traveling to Sweden, but maybe I'm wrong.
Q:Can you list all the characters form The Time Traveler's Wife?
Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen... er, no, wait Happy, Sleepy, Dopey, Sneezy... er, no, wait sorry, I never read it, maybe YOU should
Q:How does the prestressed tensioning in the construction of the bridge hanging basket?
Simple introduction of hanging basket construction:1 steel cable-stayed bridge construction, most of the factory welding, transported to the site, with the crane as a whole lifting, or block lifting, in place after the formation of high-strength bolts.2 construction of concrete cable-stayed bridge with cast-in-place and precast assembly and other combinations of construction technology.
Q:Construction of hanging basket hanging blue construction
1, should hold a special type of work permit;2, before the job requirements for safety technical disclosure;3, simple and flexible clothing, wear non slip shoes;4, is strictly prohibited drink posts;
Q:On the problem of hanging basket preloading procedure
The previous one carried out the pre pressure of the hanging basket, then the second still need to pre pressure. Should be with an operation
Q:What is the meaning of the bridge basket and bridge system
As for the bridge engineering refers to the transformation of the system, refers to the bridge structure of the force system changes
Q:Management measures of hanging basket
12.1. re education. In the hanging basket construction, pay close attention to all the technical personnel of the technical disclosure and security. Everyone pays attention to safety management. Safety education 1 security inspection system form 012.2. hat. Hanging on the construction site, the line of life and safety, safety and happiness linked to two banners. And hanging into the site must wear helmets warning signs 0

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