Safe and Easy Operation Unconventional Rhombic Form Traveller in China

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The front tranverse beam gravity height of unconventional rhombic
form traveller is betwwen the height of rhombic form traveler and
triangular form traveler. Comparing with rhombic form traveler and
triangular form traveler, it has the advantages of low gravity height,
more operational space than triangular form traveler, easy operation,
safety during walking and firm anchorage, etc..

● Low gravity of front trancerse beam

● Applicable to large-scale stay-cable cantilever casting bridge with wide bridge deck

● Safe & easy operation, easy fixing, and safty during walking

● Big operational space under the main frame, and easy installation and removal

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Q:What is the use of hanging basket
Are you talking about the construction of the bridge? Generally refers to the construction of continuous beams do not support the use of a special construction process
Q:What's the best form of money or payment to use in Sweden? Traveler's cheques, atm or credit card or Swedish
I always use my ATM debit card at ATMs to withdraw cash and then I use cash for most purchases. You get a better exchange rate that way, plus your bank will charge you a conversion fee every single time you use your debit card from home instead of one fee for withdrawing 1000 SEK, for example. Sweden is really safe and theft isn't terribly common. If you're worried, you can wear a money belt under your clothes and keep your card and large sums of cash in there. I'm assuming you're a foreigner traveling to Sweden, but maybe I'm wrong.
Q:I would like to ask you how to sort the hanging basket? What is the front fulcrum hanging basket
3, hanging basket construction;4, concrete pouring construction;5, prestressed construction;6, beam body linear control;7, closure section construction and system conversion
Q:The effect of hanging basket
Won a good corporate image and reputation. At the same time, this paper summarizes the experience in the construction and management of the hanging basket, which lays a good foundation for improving the construction quality and management level.
Q:Construction technology of hanging basket construction:
Short platform composite hanging basket construction: short platform composite hanging basket by hanging basket platform, tripod and servo system (including cable system, suspension system, walking system, anchorage system, horizontal support system, fine positioning system) three parts. As shown in the construction of the main girder section, under the condition of the front suspension and the pull rope, it must ensure that the front boom is under tension, and the tension value must be within the scope of the design. To install the dynamometer. Self-propelled front fulcrum hanging basket construction either truss or cable-stayed type are the fulcrum of form for the widespread use of cantilever hanging basket, the basket is a single cantilever force under negative bending moment is large, so the concrete segment length limitation. The front pivot hanging basket can make full use of the action of the stay cable and the negative moment of the cantilever is the force of simply supported positive bending moment. The pouring length and bearing capacity can be greatly improved. 1 hanging basket hanging void, at this point the anti force downward force to the hanging beam hanging basket, hanging basket and the longitudinal beams under negative bending moment.
Q:Hanging basket construction must be both sides at the same time construction?
There are only two or three workers and simple tools and a small amount of material in the basket, the load is very small, do not require simultaneous construction. JGJ202-2010 "building construction scaffolding safety technical specifications" there is no such meaningless provisions.
Q:Composition management of hanging basket
Back anchor system: to master the direction of rock steering wheel to ensure the direction of the double guide beam. The system is made up of 1 tie rods of rock and roll, and the 1 anchors are used to guide the o3.4. beam system: to master the integrity of the upper and lower beams. The system is composed of four beams, and the upper and the lower parts are correspondingly connected with the upper and the lower parts of the bottom plate of the 1 bottom box of the bottom plate of the bottom plate of the box girder of the 1 box beam, and the weight of the concrete bearing and the bearing of the concrete of the bottom plate and the side mould core of the bottom plate of the box beam of the bottom plate of the two box girders are respectively connected with the upper end and the lower end. Under the pull rod to complete the vertical mold 1 release work o
Q:Is it necessary to measure the strain value after prestressing?
Stretching process:(1) post tensioned precast box girder is made of prefabricated field or precast factory prefabricated box girder, and then transported to the site erection; (2) the post tensioned prestressed cast-in-place box girder bridge, is in direct casting box girder and prestressed tension. Cast in situ prestressed box girder, according to the support structure is different, the full frame pouring box beam and hanging basket construction pouring box beam. The hanging basket construction is the use of suspension facilities, segmental mold hanging and binding steel corrugated pipe, installation, concrete pouring, wearing steel strand, stretching and grouting, the completion of a segmental box girder, a segmental box girder, until the completion of the entire construction segment.
Q:What is the reference standard for hanging basket preloading
Before 5.1. preloading, it is necessary to fasten the tension rod of the anchor system, especially the pull rod of the back pressure system and the front cross beam system, so that the tension force can be even.5.2. preloading, with 10 tons for a level two basket symmetrical at the same time, a total of 100 tons of load on each side, each load time must be very carefully observe the guide beam elevation, and paying close attention to the hanging basket system whether there is a significant change
Q:Cantilever pouring construction should pay attention to what
The main equipment of the cantilever method is a pair of walking hanging basket, pull anchor in Zhang and pier has connected mobile beam on the whole hanging basket, lashing reinforcement, formwork, pouring concrete, prestress are carried out on the. After the completion of the construction of this section, the hanging basket symmetrical move forward a section, the next pair of beam section construction, in advance, until the cantilever beam section pouring completed.

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