Convenient Efficient Bridge Formwork With Timber Beam

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bridge deck formwork

mivan aluminium formwork

permanent formwork systems

Convenient Efficient Bridge Formwork With Timber Beam, Plywood


1. Brief introduction

GB system-A is a kind of formwork especially for the bridge deck construction.

Convenient Efficient Bridge Formwork With Timber Beam, Plywood

2. Competitive advantage

①. Prefabricated connection, convenient and efficient.
②. Light weight but high bearing capacity.
③. Timber is easy resized, so the Tim-formwork is relatively easier to change self’s size and shape. This approved formwork’s economical efficiency.

3. Applications

Convenient Efficient Bridge Formwork With Timber Beam, Plywood

Convenient Efficient Bridge Formwork With Timber Beam, Plywood

Convenient Efficient Bridge Formwork With Timber Beam, Plywood

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Q:What are the specific steps of hanging basket construction and hanging basket construction
First, to navigation, two is the cost of setting up a high bracket. So people think of the bridge in the river is not set up under the premise of the construction of the bridge beam, so hanging basket construction method appeared. Is the use of the construction of the anchor anchor in the shape of the former section of beam and slab concrete above to the beam plate of the next section of beam slab concrete cast-in-place construction. Because the stent is hung in a molding on the concrete, the two bracket also bear after a period of concrete construction of the template function, like a basket, so we hang this called "hanging basket in the concrete pouring molding template has been"
Q:Is hanging basket equipment special equipment? Need to record it?
Special equipment regulations on safety supervision of special equipment is the safety of life, the risk of large boilers, air compressor and the air storage tank, tunnel construction hoisting machinery (construction elevator, tyre crane, crawler crane, gantry crane, tower crane, bridge machine), hanging basket construction equipment etc..
Q:Why from the beginning of cantilever beam pouring cantilever end?
Because if the support from the end, that is, the root of the cantilever pouring, the cantilever is the front end of the pouring belt. After pouring pouring belt is bound to produce a bending stress of gravity, it may lead to the first place with a combination of cracks. However, if there is no such a back bend. Of course, the premise is the cantilever part of the template support structure reliability is guaranteed.
Q:Hanging basket construction steel binding labor costs a ton of money
Two provide semi-finished steel transport B from the steel processing field will be processed to cantilever at
Q:80m hanging basket construction section of how to pull the longitudinal tensile reinforcement
Continuous beam is internal chamber, it is possible to access the internal chamber from both sides of the pier, which is convenient for operation after checking; besides first side span closure to midspan, we at the time of construction, span closure has no inside tooth block tensioned, longitudinal prestress only long the length is at the ends of the tension, and not in Never mind.
Q:How does the prestressed tensioning in the construction of the bridge hanging basket?
After pouring a concrete, such as the strength of the aging period, the tension of a paragraph, and then continue to the next section of constructionSpecific construction process and other prestressed construction process the same
Q:Construction scheme of hanging basket of cable stayed bridge
2, rhombic hanging basket structure and technical parameters2.1 rhombic hanging basket structure and technical parametersThe rhombic hanging basket is mainly composed of a rhombic truss, an upper cross beam, a bottom mould platform, a hanging system, a walking system, an anchoring system, a side mould, an internal mould and a bracket, etc.. Technical parameters: applicable to the largest segment of 400t; maximum segment length 4m; beam height of 4.822 ~ 2.5m; for Liang Kuan 37.4m; walking for walking without balance weight; weight hanging basket (including template and support) is 170t; the hanging basket overturning stability coefficient, concrete pouring for 3.2, walking when 11.
Q:On the problem of hanging basket preloading procedure
The previous one carried out the pre pressure of the hanging basket, then the second still need to pre pressure. Should be with an operation
Q:What is the reference standard for hanging basket preloading
For example, the bridge is a linear change in the loading process, the difference between the maximum and the minimum is only 2 mm. The average deflection is 12 mm. It provides a reliable basis for setting the elevation of the vertical die by preloading
Q:How to define the construction stage of continuous beam bridge hanging basket construction
Continuous beam Shujing indeterminate structure, can solve the internal force of law

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