High Alumina Ceramic Rollers

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Ceramic roller specifications are as follows:

ceramic rollers

ceramic  roller. alumina ceramic. alumina ceramic a smooth surface. Long service life. a best price.

Do not wear easily, low frictionSuitable for using in textile machine and fine spinning and knitting machine.

Customized produciton is avaiable.

ceramic  roller service:We can supply the products according to customer's drawings, samples and performance requirement.

Physical PropertiesBulk Density(g/cm3)2.3~2.52.5~2.72.5~2.72.5~2.7
Apparent Porosity(%)20~2517~2217~2215~20
Water Absorption(%)8~106~86~86~8
Bending Strength       (Mpa)Room Temp.40~5045~5545~5560~67
High Temp.(1300°C)>20>30>40>40
Thermal Expansion Coefficient                                  (×10-6/°C)(25-1000°C)                 5.5~5.75.7~6.05.6~5.95.7~6.0
Thermal Shock ResistanceGoodExcellentVery goodVery good
Max.Working Temp.(°C)1100120012501300
Chemical  CompositionAl2O3(%)65~6874~7674~7670~72
ApplicationRoller Kiln××××
Glazed Wall Tile××××
Glazed floor Tile××××
Porcelain Tile××××
Tableware ××
Magnetic Ceramics ×
Sanitary Ceramics ×
Hi-tech Ceramics
SpecificationØ21-70mm,Length up to≤ 4500mm


Φ554190-4380Φ35     Φ33.7     Φ322890-3180
3390-3580Φ30      Φ273090-3380
Φ504190-4380Φ25         Φ212790-3080
3390-3580Other size according the request of customers'.

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Q:Cement is not silicate products
There are different kinds of cement: silicate series, aluminate series, sulphoaluminate series, sulfur ferrite system, etc.
Q:Which is better, asbestos free calcium silicate and aluminium silicate refractory fiber?
Aluminum silicate fiber can be divided into many kinds according to the aluminum content, the use temperature range is relatively large, the heat insulation property is good, but the price is more expensive.
Q:The ceiling of calcium silicate board and mineral wool board which is good
The fire performance of third mineral wool board no calcium silicate board,Fourth mineral dampeasily yellow, moisture absorption is not good.The calcium silicate board will not have the above shortcomings, the thickness of 15mm if it is the calcium silicate board 4mm ceiling 600*600 thickness can reach the effect of the biggest advantages of mineral wool board, calcium silicate board also is not a burning fire, moisture absorption is very good, green building materials.
Q:What heat preservation material is used for thermal insulation of steam pipe in power plant? How thick is the bag? Please advise!
Steam pipe in power plant thermal insulation rock wool board thickness, according to the temperature in the pipeline to choose, the higher the temperature insulation thickness is generally 80 to 150 mm.
Q:What are the raw materials of cement products? What's the function?
Cement has a great influence on the properties of concrete. The kinds and quantities of cement containing minerals and the fineness of cement will affect the quality of cement products. The calcium silicate three in cement is an important factor in the coagulation of cement products. The reaction between three calcium silicate and water leads to the production of hydrated calcium silicate, and the hydrated calcium silicate gel acts as a cementing agent for aggregate and aggregate in concrete.
Q:Calcium silicate board white ICI belongs to wood surface paint?
ICI can generally be considered as wall paint (latex paint), and latex paint can be used on this kind of cement board. And lumber is different, it is not suitable to brush latex paint on the surface of wood, it can only be decorated with paint (oil paint).
Q:What are the production methods of calcium silicate board material?
The two reaction method (also called combined method) is the most complete and easy to obtain process of high temperature, light weight and high strength calcium silicate products and calcium silicate boards, but its disadvantages are long process, high energy consumption and large investment.
Q:What kind of insulation material can withstand 350-600 degrees of high temperature?
GB 50264-97 code for design of thermal insulation engineering for industrial equipment and pipelines98T901 cold storage Atlas of piping and equipment
Q:What's the difference between white cement and ordinary cement?
The typical feature of white cement is high whiteness, with bright color, generally used for a variety of architectural decoration materials, painting, sculpture, a typical floor, terrazzo, white cement can be used to produce white and colored concrete, is the largest cement production decoration.
Q:What is the best price for the use of calcium silicate ceiling?
Water will melt or become yellow, mildew. So if you choose their ceiling, you must first deal with the roof leak. Calcium silicate board with artificial and material prices of about 22 square meters, mainly for office space, and residential corridors and other public places decoration. Integrated ceiling is not afraid of water.

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