Hand Made Carpets and Rugs with Mordern Design

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100000 m²/month

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 1. Description

Material:80% polyester,20% polyamide or 100%polyester, or 20% cotton and 80% polyester.
Color & Design:Our existing colors or customized PANTONE color. Both designs from supplier or buyer are acceptabe. And before mass production, buyer should confirm all colors or designs.
Size:14"*21",15"*20",16"*18",18"*24", 2' * 3', 3' * 5', 5' * 8', accept customization.
Thickness of foam:0.4~25px
Certificate:ISO9001,SGS audit.
Fabric Weight:220gsm,240gsm,260gsm,280gsm,300gsm etc.
Logo:Embroidery / Printed Logo on Wash Tag.
Edge:Own production line or hand made.
Packing:One piece one poly bag, 10 or 20 poly bags in one big bag. Or Bulk pack or individual paper cardboard attached, or Customized packaging.
Washing:No Machine washing except special instruction.
Sample:Free for standard items
MOQ:50 pcs for pure color.
Sample Lead Time:3 days after confirmed.
Mass Production:30 days after deposit received and color / design approved by buyer.
Payment term:30% deposit and balance TT against BL copy or 100% LC at sight.
Loading port:Tianjin, China

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How about delivery time?

35~45 days.


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What's the payment term ?

100% irrevocable LC  at sight or 30% / 20% advance balance TT against BL copy.


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Q:Is a sheet rug + a cotton rug enough to keep my horse warm during winter?
Horses don't need blankets/rugs. Unless they have just moved to a colder climate, or have health problems, or are severely underweight, or you are extremely stingy with hay/forage, your horse does not need blankets. Especially minis, who have so little surface:mass ratio and SO much hair. Please don't create unnecessary problems by putting any sort of rugs or sheets on your mini. They create more problems than they help. Add: I assume you mean mid-teens Celsius? I have kept horses in places with temps much colder than that, with their fuzzy coats and all the hay they want to eat, and they stayed healthy. Try below zero Fahrenheit. If they have their natural coat and are acclimated to the weather, blankets are not only unnecessary but can make a horse sick. The horse has evolved for millennia to adapt to its environment. It can fluff up its coat or lay it flat according to the hourly changes in weather. When you put a blanket on, you interfere with that ingenious design. The horse can overheat and get chilled very quickly. Let your horse regulate its own body temp. If you see him shivering, THEN see about adding layers. Horses are most comfortable around 40* F. This is the temperature at which scientists have measured, it takes the least effort for the horse to regulate its body temp. To start blanketing at that temp is blatant interference with the horse's bodily functions. (Yes, I know lots of people who do that here in the USA too. I used to work at a stable that used that as their standard to blanket for turnout - if they'd even let the poor things go out.) Sorry if these facts don't agree with some of your opinions. My shoulders are broad and my skin is thick; a few TDs from uneducated folks don't hurt a bit.
Q:Invisibility or magic carpet?
So the magic carpet has a very high loiter capability? Being a rug its profile would be minimal,and the radar signature would be almost non-existent. If I could attach weapons hardpoints on it,I would go for the rug.Some stealth wepons would work a dream.
Q:How do you keep an area rug from shedding?
I would take it to a rug cleaner and let them clean residual rug fuzzies out to their best ability. Some rugs will shed even after having this done, but this will eliminate a lot of the fuzzies. Vacuum frequently, daily for a while.
Q:what to do if the carpet smells like beer?
Have you ever had the experience of spilling the beer on the carpet? and if you have done that, then it is probably the residue caused by the delayed cleaning up. If there is no such experience, then it may be the material that is not promptly cleaned up or the bad glue.
Q:Can you stain a carpet?
You can have it dyed. However, if it is an older carpet or extremely worn in some spots, the carpet may not be receptive to being re-colored.
Q:Is saying six foot by six foot rug correct or six feet by six feet rug?
Just another one of those strange English constructions. If I were saying it, I would say that is a six foot by six foot rug, but I could also say that rug measures six feet by six feet, and they are not interchangeable. In other words, I would never say that is a six feet by six feet rug, and it would be unusual for me to say that rug measures six foot by six foot, though some people might use the latter construction. And just to complicate things, it is always a 36 square foot rug (not a 36 square feet rug), but you would describe it as having 36 square feet (not 36 square foot).
Q:Is the living room able to lay a carpet?
Q:Which kind of carpet is suitable to be put under the computer chair?
Generally PU wheel chair is relatively good on the market , its characteristic is wear-resistant, this kind of wheel is generally a double colored, so it will not damage the floor or carpet. if use good wheels chair, smooth. Do not let the carpet to adapt to the chair, but the chair to adapt to the carpet, sliding noise is small, it will cost as much as 50% more than the average cost of a single color wheel, it will not restrict the use of carpet material
Q:Wet carpet due to leakage - remove carpet to prevent mould?
No, don't go tearing out carpet. What I would do is use a wet/dry vac or carpet shampooer and suck up all the moisture first, then go back over it with a hot, soapy, solution with just a small amount of bleach. The bleach shouldn't hurt the color of the carpet if you use trace amounts, but it will kill any mold or fungus that might start forming. The carpet shouldn't have to be torn up, if properly cleaned like the above poster stated.
Q:I am going to buy my horse a rug. but i want a neck, do i get an attactment neck or do i get a fixed neck?
If you get a removeable neck it would be better because then you can remove it in warmer weather and put it back on when it gets colder.

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