Halogen Free FT2 Flame Retardant Thermoplastic Elastomer Compound

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Product Description:


plastic granules:
FT2 flame retardant Halogen-free TPE cable compound

plastic granules:

1, Type and application:

USB wires, telecommunication cables, charger wires and HDMI wires

2, Introduction

Environmental friendly halogen-free TPE cable compound, based on styrene elastomer, is made into granular by mixing, plasticization and granulation with special modifier, and other special additives. It has goodresilience, scratch-resistant and flexibility. The products meet various special requirements, such as different hardness, UV stable, fog surface and etc. This material, with exquisite and smooth appearance, has excellent performance of anti yellowing, weather resistant temperature resistance, without halogens, heavy metals, meeting the RoHS, REACH, and other environmental standards.

3, Processing:

The compound can be processed with conventional extruders, and the screw with a minimum 25:1 L/D and a compression ratio of 2.5 is recommended.

The following temperature(°C) profile of extruder is recommended:

ZoneZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4HeadDietemperature °C170±10180±10190±10190±10180±10180±10

 Note:Compound should be dried at 80-90°C before use, which has been stored more than two months.

4, Storage and transport

Packaging:20kg/bag,PE film inside bag, and PP composite outside bag.

Storage and transport: Avoiding in direct sunlight and weathering. The storage place should be clean, cool, dry, and ventilated.

5, Properties:

ItemUnitTypicalE3870E3875E3880E3885E3888AE3888BE3890E3895Densityg/cm31.04±0.031.05±0.031.06±0.031.08±0.031.09±0.031.1±0.031.10±0.031.11±0.03HardnessShore A70±375±380±385±388±388±390±395±3(230°C×5kg)Melt Indexg/10min StrengthMPa1011141013141010Elongation at Break%500400400200300300250300Thermal aging°C*h136°C*168hTS retention≥75%9899101102103100103104EB retention≥75%7779818285818487Hot deformation°C*h150°C*1hVariation≤50%4037343332323116Impact BrittlenessTemperature-60 °CPassPassPassPassPassPassPassPassVolume Resistivity,at 20°C ≥1×1014Ωm2.1×10142.6×10142.5×10142.9×10143.2×10144.1×10144.3×10145.4×1014

6,Company Pictures

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Q:What are the raw materials for plastic products? Resin or oil?
There is no definite classification of plastics at present. The general classification is as follows: 1.. According to the physical and chemical properties of plastics, thermoplastics can be repeatedly heated, softened and cooled to harden in a certain temperature range. Such as polyethylene plastic, PVC plastic.Thermosetting plastics: Plastics cured by heat or other conditions without melting into insoluble material. Such as phenolic plastics, epoxy plastics and so on
Q:Raw materials for making plastic bags
For the identification of PVC plastic bags and polyethylene plastic bags, the following simple methods are used for identification. Polyethylene film (non-toxic) film is milky white, translucent (a few stacked observation especially), feels like a lubricant is coated on the surface of a layer of wax, shaking, crisp sound, fire flammable, flame yellow, burning mucus dripping, and the candle burning smell.
Q:Dissolve in 0.3 of the LDPE plastic raw materials what?
However, according to ASTM's D-1248-84, the density range of 0.926 to 0.940 g / cm3 is of medium density polyethylene (MDPE). A new generation of LLDPE expands its density to a plastic body (0.890 to 0.915 g / cubic centimeter) and an elastomer (<0.890 g / cm3). But the American Plastics Industry Association (SPI) and the American Plastics Industry Council (APC) extend the range of LLDPE to plastic bodies, not elastomers. In the 80s of the last century, Union Carbide and Dow Chemical called their early sales of elastomers and elastomers as very low density polyethylene (VLDPE) and ultra low density polyethylene (ULDPE) resins.
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Q:Chemical, plastic raw materials, plastic raw materials how sub grade?
That's because the raw material used for making plastic barrels is different. Just like the quality of the clothes, the grades of the fabrics used are different, and the products presented are definitely different.

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